Shadow Strike - All Points Bulletin

Shadow Strike

The violently unpredictable rash of urban warfare that suddenly hit San Paro caught everyone off guard.

With the Tigers away on a team-building exercise to the coast, the Shadow Strike 4th Battalion has been called in to manage the mess. While they do, the more mainstream Praetorian contacts have been (forcefully) pulled out of the hotzones.

San Paro has started foaming at the mouth but its not too late to save it - full blown Chaos may be coming, but now is not the right time and all the pieces are not yet in place&

Important Information:

You can buy and sell items at these vendors as you would with the contacts that youre familiar with. All Shadow Strike Elite officers are located in one region of the city with the Bloodrose Assassins in another.

You are encouraged to do battle with Criminal operatives in the city and attempt to wrest control of San Paro from them while competing for the highest score streak and the best survival time.

PLEASE NOTE: Weve created the Anarchy event to allow us to share and test a few systems and potential game features that wed like to expand upon in future. It is not as fully featured as the final version will be but we hope you enjoy it.