Tiptoe - All Points Bulletin


For Tyron Sennet, second in command of the Blood Rose operation, Mischa Sennets birth was one of lifes dirty little secrets, a secret he wasnt let in on himself for seventeen years. Back when he was still coming up, he made regular booty calls to this one stripper named Heidi  that was her stage name anyway; he never did find out the real one. Sennet didnt care. He wasnt in it for the pillow talk. All he cared about was the way Heidi rode a pole, specifically, his; and for a short while that was all there was to it.

Didnt last long, of course. True love like that never does. When her increasingly expensive cocaine habit finally forced her to skip town, Sennet didnt lose much sleep over it either. The fact that Dempseys was two grand down that same night was a coincidence he did not want to be associated with. Heidi was gone. End of story.

The fact that Mischa managed to track him down all those years later showed real initiative. Hed worked hard to keep himself off the grid. All shed had to join point A to point B was a crumbled old birth certificate and a handful of rumors. It was impressive. Mischa hadnt really known her mom. An overdose when Mischa was still a toddler had seen to that. Instead, she was raised by her aged step-grandmother, though truth be told Grandma went mad years ago, so from about age seven onward Mischa pretty much raised herself and her three younger brothers alone. Years later when the old crone suddenly died of a brain haemorrhage at 93, the care system loomed large. The four youngsters went on the run the next day  street rats surviving however they could, seldom legally, all the way to San Paro.

By the time they caught scent of Sennets Waterfront operation, he was already neck deep in the whole Blood Rose thing. Didnt look to be enjoying it much either. Its hard to keep a cool head when youre taking flak every day from a bunch of whining poseurs  especially when those poseurs are packing the same automatic weapons that youve been supplying them with.

Cue Mischa Sennet&

Hey dad, its me, your long-lost, illegitimate daughter. The birth certificate says it all. Heard you were doing well for yourself over here! Now give me your fucking wallet and put your hands on your head. No sudden moves or youre a dead man.

Tyron Sennet barely flinched in the face of his daughters antipathy. He explained to her that he had no idea she even existed, and his surprise seemed so genuine that she had little option but to believe him. It didnt hurt that he handed her the keys to his own Cisco and told her to consider it a belated sixteenth birthday present either. Hell, he welcomed the whole brood with open arms, said that they had a decade and a half of good times to catch up on.

For his part, Sennet could not believe his luck. His daughter: a handgun toting badass with the classic dead-eye stare, and the same kind of street smarts as his, the kind you only got by rummaging through the gutters once in a while. She was everything hed been praying for: the archetypal loyal foot-soldier, the perfect antidote to the poisonous, gangster wannabes hed been surrounded by for so long.

Before she knew it, dad had relocated Mischa and her brood to Havalynd: somewhere they could keep an eye on his ever-expanding interests for him. His own personal street team. Keep a close watch on club Gaijin in particular, he told them. If any of the Blood Rose crew looks set to make a move against me, I want to know about it first.

Of course, Mischa agreed with the proposal at once. There was money to be made. Fun to be had. With all the black and red colours flying in San Paro these days it wasnt hard to slip discreetly into the Blood Rose way of life. At first she signed up with Seungs crew: Sennet had gone out on a limb for him once, so it made sense. She got ink done. Ran missions. Did everything she was told to do. For the next two years she tiptoed around the whole Bloodrose scene with her sibling brood at her back. They were a tight team, too. Didnt lose a single encounter. True gold-rated players.

Then one night, the playing field changed&

Down at club Gaijin, Thursday night was fetish night. Mischa, or Tiptoe, as shed come to be known, was there on the periphery with her ever expanding brood of elites. Just another bunch of Blood Rose foot-soldiers out on a night of R&R. She was wearing this creepy-looking foreign gas mask shed picked up from fuck knows where, but shed customized the hell out of it. Told the brood it was her death stare. Jeung and Charlotte were there too that night, the three furies trailing behind them as usual. All of a sudden, and apropos of nothing, a drunken Strega Bloodrose took a very vocal swipe at Tyron Sennet  told the world that his days were numbered, and how the whole crew was going to be under new management soon. Sennet wasnt there to speak for himself so no one dared disagree, not with Lilith standing so close behind her. It didnt matter that Tiptoe was wearing a gasmask that night; she could smell revolution in the air like it was gasoline. There was a spark of truth in Stregas drunken tirade. Jeungs clan was about to strike out on its own.

Cue Mishca Sennet&

Tiptoe stepped from the crowd. The craziest-looking S&M bitch imaginable with a six-pack so hard you could have polished marble on it. The beat-down she gave Strega Bloodrose was as savage as it was shocking  no one expected her to survive the onslaught that followed as psycho-ballerina, Lilith Bloodrose, complete with a seven-inch switchblade, charged at her in retaliation.

Thirty seconds later a legend was born. Lilith, the unstoppable force, was unconscious. Her right eye swollen shut. Shed be pissing blood for a week. Jeung, Charlotte, and Pagan didnt dare do shit. Their surprise was palpable, their silence deafening. When the guns finally came out, they were pointing in all directions. A classic movie standoff. The crew was divided. The revolution would not be televised.

Be careful when you speak on Tyron Sennet, Tiptoe rasped through the gas mask. The labored sounds of her breathing cut through the silence beautifully. She couldnt resist the next line: hes my father. Her voice boomed theatrically for all to hear. The bay mist was up. The streets were smothered in it. A minute or two later and she and the rest of her elite brood withdrew into the shadows, their guns still trained on the bewildered faces of all that remained. She left them with a parting shot. Watch your step. Tyron Sennet knows everything about you. Play nice or you wont play at all&

Unlock Emails
Random Rewards
Random Reward Emails
  •   Level Item Category Cost Rating
    Item Icon 2 Radar Jammer Modifications $60,000 195
    Item Icon 3 Valzipram Tablets Modifications $60,000 195
    Item Icon 4 Balkan Varzuga 354 E Vehicles $50,000 85
    Item Icon 5 Tagger Modifications $60,000 195
    Item Icon 6 Hockey Mask Plain Clothing $0 0
    Item Icon 6 Hockey Mask Plain Clothing $0 0
    Item Icon 6 +5 Clothing Inventory Space Capacity $1,000,000 0
    Item Icon 7 Muzzle Brake (Horizontal) Modifications $60,000 195
    Item Icon 8 Balkan Ravan 204 E Vehicles $50,000 85
    Item Icon 9 +2 Themes Inventory Space Capacity $400,000 0
    Item Icon 10 Low-Yield Fragmentation Grenade Weapons $0 195
    Item Icon 11 +2 Songs Inventory Space Capacity $400,000 0
    Item Icon 12 Dolton Broadwing D 410 Vehicles $300,000 85
    Item Icon 13 Hard Landing Modifications $60,000 195
    Item Icon 14 Colby M-1922 Mk2 Weapons $13,500 195
    Item Icon 15 Brick Modifications $60,000 0
    Item Icon 16 +2 Vehicles Inventory Space Capacity $400,000 0
    Item Icon 17 Seiyo Espacio Custom V3 Vehicles $400,000 85
    Item Icon 18 Mobility Sling Modifications $60,000 195
    Item Icon 19 Bishada Rapier Sport S3 Vehicles $400,000 85
    Item Icon 20 Rapier S4 "Brood" Vehicles $150,000 195
    Item Icon 20 N-TEC 5 'Cops-Bane' Stock Weapons $22,650 195
    Item Icon 20 Cop's Bane Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon 20 "Brood" Elbowpads Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 "Brood" Kneepads Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 "Brood" Tactical Glove Left Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 "Brood" Tactical Glove Right Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 "Brood" Devilhorns Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 "Brood" Mask Clothing $1,000 0
    Item Icon 20 "Brood" Elbowpads Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 "Brood" Kneepads Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 "Brood" Tactical Glove Left Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 "Brood" Tactical Glove Right Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 "Brood" Devilhorns Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 "Brood" Mask Clothing $1,000 0
  • Subject
    What Do?

    Hey& U 4 real?

    You wanna step up rite? B part of MY brood? Cuz Im telling you now. If your one of fucking jeung or Charlotts lakkys you can expect to get fucking dropped soon I got eyes evrywere.


    If you are legit then cool I got some good stuff coming your way& the kinda stuff those pussys over in water front wont see for months. Know whut im sayin??? Your running with a real crue now. We gon tear up this city till the whole fucking thing falls apart. Then were gonn kick its fucking teeth out. LOL.

    Tell u whut heers a taster&

    take this radar Jammer and see whut u can go do with it Mutherfuckkers wont see you coming now.

    Time fer a sneek attack


    You down?

    You betta be. I got eyes evrywere.



    Hey check this owt. So Bowse got hold of these fuckin mad crazy pain killers. Fuckin horse tranckwillizas!!!

    Stoopid muthafucker took sum then starts flippin out and gets nailed by a cop car -- Muthafuckker dun bownsed uff the hood. He gets up all like WTF??? Then he pulls this pig outta his ride and pops him good. Better lay low fer a while& like 2mins lol.

    Anyway you gotta try this shit. Makes Ur body go like rubbar. wont stop a bullet though I wreckon but you aint gonna b the roadkill you use to b thats 4 shure.




    K. Gruff sez U dun well 2day. Sez u cud be whut we been lookin for in a while.

    We got some 4 slot varzugas if ure interested.

    K Do Ur thing


    Beware of the dowg

    Carefull!!! Down off merchant Bowse says some gkings got fucking popped bad. Werd is those fuckin tiger pussys got themselves sum army sniper muthafucker up there sumwere. Fucker can shoot like a demon 2. Im talking 1shot and its ova. Keep your dome in chek yhear?

    Oh yeh& that remindx me&

    I need to no what this new modz like maybe the snipers r using it 2. If you clip sum1 with this all Ur buddys will no about it

    pretty fuckin sweet rite???

    Don say I dont do nuthin 4 ya ;p


    lookin pretty boss

    So me an the brood think you look cool and all but mebbe you should invest in some more clothes n shit no whut im sayin??

    U keep wareing the same shit an folk gon see you cumming a mile off rite? Also got this mask for you from Whut. He says whutup btw.

    Paint sumthin on it and go fuck up the SP for me.


    fuck is this thing?

    So Gruff cums back with this boxload of fuckin tube things, all kindszand sez he robbed a gun store crazy muthafuckka

    I dindnt no what they wuz and hes all like are you an iddiot??? So I punched his punk ass in the stummac and he tells me.

    So heres what it do&

    Put one of them on Ur gun and it mostly bounces up when u shoot it. easier to compensate for the next shot no whut im sayin?

    Bowse told me to tell you whutup btw.


    we boosted sum Balkan ravens

    4 slots if you got the green to cuvver it



    Whut needed a new memry card for his mp3 player. He robbed sum electromnics and took a hole fukin box load

    U can hav 1. Send some music to Whut sumtime yheard??


    123 boom!!!

    Guess whut?? I got sum new frags off some asshol in Gresty

    There not as strong as normal frags but therelighter so you can carry 3& pretty fuckin sweet huh???


    we been hakkin!

    So guess whut? We been hakkin all kindsa sites. Well not us but that pussy Byron. dont think he lykes me but wuteva

    Pussy aint gunna do shit

    Anyway guess whut? Use the attachment on here. You got 2 songs more on your accownt now!

    Fuckin sweet.


    tell pagan watch owt

    so pagan blood rose is a fuckin ded bitch

    i posted sum message on the gaijin board and she gets all fuckin up in my shit about how my speelings all bad

    dunt think she new it wuz me tho&

    told her Im gunna rip her a new hole and stik my gasmask in it. fucking college dropout fucktard


    Shes a fucking dead bitch


    Oh yea Bowse got sum Broadwing 4 slots if you got the fundz

    We gonna rob paperbox this week

    Wana cum?


    sporting gudz

    Me n the brood knocked over to that sports store Pro Laps the uther day. Boosted a whole bunch of hiking shit and thought this wuz cool Put it on.

    Now when you drop a ways you wont trip wen u do

    Ur welcum!!


    museam raid

    Yo chek this shit out!!!

    You no the plantagenite bilding rite? The big UFO lookin one?? We got in 2 the top floor. They got this old wood panel room in ther Like some secret society shit going down or sumthing. Fuick it we robbed it

    Gruff kicked this display jelwry case thing open and pulls out this old style fuckin gangsta gun. Fuckin sweet.

    Anyway dunno who the old dude wuz up there but gruff shot him. Fuckin ment to scare him but it was loaded!!! Reckon the old guy wuz rich 2. important. Prolly government or sumthin. Gruff cuda been fucked if we dindnt take care of the camearas b4 we left ther. But we did.

    Anyway guess that makes this evidenss You have it& And the bag were keepin it in

    you wuzznt ther.


    awesome thing 2 try

    Im sending you a hgouse brick

    Why??? I hear you say?

    Well we took one on a job with us.

    I put it on the gas peddle and jumped out the car

    Fuckker g0oes off like a rockit. Vwooosh!!!

    Took out 2 csas and sum bitch on a phone. I got 20 bucks fer the phone. The csa didnt hav nuthin on em tho Guess derren aint payin em enuff.



    Hey sweetheart,

    Hows things looking in Havy


    OH HEY

    TS fixed up anew place to stash are boosted rides. Got you a cuple of spots put by 4 U. key attched.

    Im nice like that.




    boot space ahoy!

    These new espacios got mad room in the back. You got the green you can have one for ur crew

    Gruffs flipping the finger at you. Dunt think he meenz it tho.


    RUN N GUN?

    Im handing out theses slings to all my best asskickas!!

    Put it on and you can move waaaay better with whuteva heat ur packin right now.

    Pretty cool huh??

    3 slot bishadas?


    Bring cash if u r&


    u are that dude!!!

    Alright yor officially part of my brood now you fuckin rock dude ur like my favourite muthafcuker

    THE BEST!!!

    Look I wuz saving all this fer yer bday but you been on fire lately so you can have it erly.

    Im talking the car. The gun. The gear.

    Its like you graduated early or something!

    Oh, and guess what? If you really think that I type like an imbecile, think again. Dont tell anyone, but I aint half as dumb as I make out sometimes. Best to keep people on their tippytoes, know what Im saying?

    This is the age of spell check, baby. A girl can learn a lot that way.

    You busy this weekend? I havent cum in a while. So help a girl out. Its fetish night at Dempseys.

    See you there. Maybe.

  •   Item Category Cost Rating
    Item Icon Epinephrine Injector Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Med Spray Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Boom Box Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Resupply Box (Large) Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Mobile Cover Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Satchel Charge Consumable Items $0 0
  • Subject
  • Name Stages Final Stage
    NOT IN MY BACKYARD 6 Delivery
    REPO RACERS 5 TerritoryControl
    GUN RUN GANG 3 TakeOverDeathmatch
    EXEC EXPRESS 4 TerritoryControl
    BOX-LOCK AND .52 BARREL 6 Delivery
    PIMP MY CRIB 6 Bombing
    SEA MIST 4 TakeOverDeathmatch
    THE HOBBY HOODS 6 Deathmatch
    A TAX ATTACK 6 TakeOverDeathmatch
    CREME DE LA CRIME 10 Delivery
    MAKING A RACKET 5 TerritoryControl
    FAMILY FUN DAY 4 TakeOverDeathmatch
    STEREO TYPES 5 MovingTarget
    GOODY GUNDROPS 5 Deathmatch
    MAH-JONG MONEY 4 Delivery
    ELECTRICAL FAULT 5 TakeOverDeathmatch
    DIRTY WHITE COLLARS 5 MovingTarget
    WHAT GOES AROUND... 4 Delivery
    SEEK AND DESTROY 5 Delivery
    ANTISOCIAL NETWORKING 6 TerritoryControl
    THE CUCKOLD STRIKES BACK 3 TakeOverDeathmatch
    BUTTON MASHERS 3 MovingTarget
    UP THE ARSENAL 5 TerritoryControl
    LET US SPRAY 4 TerritoryControl
    I AM NOT A CROOK 6 Deathmatch
    EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY 7 TakeOverDeathmatch
    BAD INVESTMENT 6 Delivery
    DON'T DRINK THE WATER 3 MovingTarget
    ONLY A GAME 5 Delivery
    SHOCK FOR THE JOCK 3 TakeOverDeathmatch
    A DISH BEST SERVED COLD 3 TakeOverDeathmatch
    THE BIG SCOOP 5 TerritoryControl
    THAT TV'S BIGGER THAN MY HOUSE 5 TerritoryControl
    RUSSIAN REGRETS 4 TakeOverDeathmatch
    OPAL ROUTES 5 MovingTarget
    OPEN AND SHUT CASE 5 MovingTarget
    2,4,6-TRINITROTOLUENE 6 Bombing
    THE WAGES OF SIN 7 Delivery
  • Level Name
    20 aaaag static (25 Joker Tickets)

    oi. Cud u use ur <col: Yellow>radar jammer</col> on sum Enforvers. <col: Yellow>5 shud do.</col>

    fuq wi <col: Yellow>5</col> Enforcers radarz.
    20 get to da choppah (25 Joker Tickets)

    i wunt u 2 tag some enofacorcers. <col: Yellow>10ll do.</col>

    tag <col: Yellow>10</col> forcerz. Ez du it nau.
    20 bit of bangin (25 Joker Tickets)

    srsly i dunno wut u wnt me 2 write. take a fing that goes like a rockit, get some derren types and blow em tha fuq uppppppppp. <col: Yellow>u herd. blow up 5 Enforcerz.</col>

    kabow <col: Yellow>5</col> Enforcers with explosive gunz.
    20 snubscription is ded (0 Joker Tickets)

    I keep herin about how snubscription is ded as a payment model. Itz not ded, itz just restin. <col: Yellow>Kill 25 Enforcers</col> w ur snubby.

    kill <col: Yellow>25</col> doods w a snub nose. lol.