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Suji comes out of the Tokyo youth tribe scene, where music, clubbing, fashion, technology capitalism and crime all run together into one amorphous culture-shifting mass. The youth cult chroniclers try to hang convenient names on it - Nu-Bushido, Ronin Style - but the scene's rules change faster than anyone outside of it can possibly keep track of, and only the kids on the inside can really tell you what it's all about.

Suji was a DJ on the scene, making a name for himself in the clubs of the Shibuya district and then hanging out after-hours on the fringes of the bushido gangster scene that revolved around there. Suji liked gangsters, and gangsters liked Suji. They fed off each other, one providing the other with club scene kudos, and the other reciprocating with the kind of criminal chic that fed into the sounds Suji played.

The club scene is international, and Suji was one of the Ronin Style sound's chief exponents. A fawning profile piece in Effigy magazine led to guest spot invites at from some of San Paro's hottest clubs. Suji liked San Paro, and decided to hang around, but the big money party scene happening down in Havalynd bored him. What he was looking for was only to be found at street level. The Havalynd party circuit pays well, but on his nights off he was hanging out at the nascent warehouse scene down at the Waterfront.

It's there he hooks up with Jeung Bloodrose. Jeung knows the Shibuya club scene. Jeung digs Ronin Style, and lifted plenty of ideas from it - the look, the technology, the attitude - when he created the Blood Roses. Suji digs what Jeung's trying to do, and comes onboard, acting as part style advisor, part partner-in-crime. He quits the residency gigs in Havalynd and opens up his own club there - Gaijin - with Jeung bankrolling it as a silent and secret partner. Gaijin is part listening post, and part recruiting station, as well as being a profitable concern in its own right. Havalynd is enemy territory - G-Kings territory - but the club gives the Blood Roses a secret foothold in the place, and - Jeung hopes - a base for them to operate from as they start expanding out into the rest of the city. In the meantime, Suji keeps an eye on who's coming through the door. Lots of people want to be Ronin Style gangsters. Suji sorts out the wheat from the chaff. Likely candidates are tested, and the best of them are sent down to the Waterfront for Jeung's approval or are held in reserve in Havalynd; foot soldiers, for the intended expansion plan.

Neither Michael Simeone nor Tyron Sennet known anything about Jeung's involvement with Gaijin or the covert recruitment policy that Jeung and Suji are operating there.

Or, at least, that's maybe what Simeone and Sennet want Jeung to think.

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