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Aletta Cadagan

Sometimes it takes a real hard-ass to get things done. A real bitch. As far as the city of San Paro is concerned, that role has always fallen to Mayor Jane Derren: the reason the City Security Act exists at all, the reason that the city is a war zone these days.

Kaspar Danko, operational commander of the Praetorians, thinks that Derrens a pussycat, though  just another emotionally scarred soul trying to wring some measure of retribution from a world that wronged her. Aletta Cadagan, on the other hand, is the real deal.

Perhaps its because she shares his qualities that he likes her so much  shes impersonal. Doesnt like to share small details. Prefers to talk straight. Somewhere along the way she lost an eye, too. Didnt stop her from kicking the worlds ass, though. Hell, she barely seems to consider it a loss  likens herself to Odin, king of the Norse gods, who lost the same in exchange for wisdom. She says she can see whats going on in San Paro clearly enough. Knows exactly what itll take to solve it.

A single glance at Cadagan and Danko can tell shes been through the same kind of warzones he has, the kind that leave most soldiers changed for the rest of their lives. San Paro barely fazes her. She gazes down upon its streets the same way a strict teacher does an unruly class. Whats needed is fear, she says. Fear of punishment. Fear of authority. Fear of death. This last, she adds with deliberate emphasis, watching Dankos face to see how hell react.

Im listening, he says.

Forget the bureaucracy of the judicial system, she tells him. The quickest way to inspire dread among the criminal fraternity is to fill the streets with the bodies of their brethren. The moment regular folk begin to see GKing and Bloodrose bodies being loaded into meat wagons by the dozen, theyre going to think again before going to the same nightspots; or cruising in their low-riders looking for trouble; or picking up a gun and deciding which security van or civilian to point it at.

Nope, Aletta Cadagans not in this for the good of mankind. Shes in it for money, plain and simple. Cadagan is all about the bottom line. Forget justice. Forget right and wrong. All that matters is that we manage to inspire fear. Fear of the kill count. Fear of being on the losing side when the smoke clears. Because when alls said and done, its the winners who get paid.

San Paro is awash with vermin, she says. Before long therell be nothing left. She hasnt come to this town to fight rats for scraps; shes here because she knows that Justin Tengs blue-sky ideals are the same ones that bring profit to hawks like her. In order for the Praetorians to prevail, the rats are going to have to go. The Praetorian project cannot sustain the same level of conflict that it does and still remain viable.

She takes the same rhetoric she learned from her father  a stout Irishman, and owner of Cadagan Private Security, a man with a face like thunder and a temper that could hush a storm to silence  and puts his logic to good use. She tells Danko that her plan will require investment. If shes going to build a pile of bodies high enough to be seen from every criminal hideout in San Paro, shes going to need the best troops and the best gear money can buy: high-ordinance explosives, better armor, faster cars; every gadget, in fact, that Justin Teng can lay his avaricious little hands upon.

Provide me all this, she promises, and I will deliver results.

Danko agrees. Tells her shell have what she needs. Privately, he wonders if he hasnt unleashed a monster upon this city  wonders if hes ever going to be able close Pandoras Box again, or whether the lid has simply blown off for good this time.

He knows he has to go dark on this one. If Teng or Choi, or any of the others catch wind of the purge Cadagans got planned, theyre going to have a shit-fit. Problem is: Cadagan can only keep her word as long as Danko sends her the kind of top-drawer operatives capable of making her plans stick.

Thats where YOU come in.

Youve already got the relevant experience. And by now, Danko knows you can keep a secret. Youre made of the right stuff. You can execute his orders yet keep quiet about what you do and why you do it.

Aletta Cadagan is waiting for you on the Beacon. You can take your orders from her now. Dont cross her. Dont answer back. And whatever you do, make sure you deliver.

Unlock Emails
Random Rewards
Random Reward Emails
  •   Level Item Category Cost Rating
    Item Icon 2 Blowtorch Modifications $60,000 195
    Item Icon 3 Patriot T-25 740 Vehicles $500,000 85
    Item Icon 4 Mobile Radar Tower Modifications $60,000 195
    Item Icon 5 +2 Clothing Inventory Space Capacity $400,000 0
    Item Icon 6 Flare Gun Weapons $17,500 0
    Item Icon 7 Packer Ceresco R40 Vehicles $300,000 85
    Item Icon 8 +1 Themes Inventory Space Capacity $200,000 0
    Item Icon 9 +1 Outfits Capacity $999,999,999 0
    Item Icon 10 Remote Detonator Modifications $60,000 195
    Item Icon 11 +1 Songs Inventory Space Capacity $200,000 0
    Item Icon 12 +2 Clothing Inventory Space Capacity $400,000 0
    Item Icon 13 Muffler Modifications $60,000 195
    Item Icon 14 Nulander Kurai NKA-54 Vehicles $500,000 85
    Item Icon 15 Charge Cisco 1804 Vehicles $1,000,000 85
    Item Icon 16 High Burn Fuel Modifications $60,000 195
    Item Icon 17 +1 Vehicles Inventory Space Capacity $200,000 0
    Item Icon 18 Nulander Pioneer Q134 Vehicles $1,000,000 85
    Item Icon 19 Patriot V20 Super 4A Vehicles $1,000,000 85
    Item Icon 20 Shadowstrike Interceptor Vehicles $150,000 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 Tactical Belt Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 Utility Belt Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 Gasmask Pouch (L) Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 Holster Pad (L) Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 Balaclava Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 Gas Mask Clothing $1,000 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 Turtleneck Clothing $1,500 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 Tactical Belt Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 Utility Belt Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 Gasmask Pouch (L) Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 Holster Pad (L) Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 Balaclava Clothing $500 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 Gas Mask Clothing $1,000 0
    Item Icon 20 ShadowStrike v2 T-Shirt Clothing $500 0
  • Subject
    An introduction.


    It seems as though we have the honor of working with one and other for the foreseeable future. You were recommended to me by Kaspar Danko and he spoke very highly of you but felt that it had been some time since you had worked together. I hope that in that period you have kept your skills sharp and your eyes open. I tend to treat Kaspars word as gospel as he has, so far, proven himself to be a capable leader and has a track record of cleanly executed and reliable operations. He and I appear to be kindred spirits which is not a quality that I expected to find in a company man.

    That being said, I think that its certainly worth us getting to know each other better. Ive seen work and the extreme prejudice that youve shown so far towards the enemy combatants in this city is most laudable but I have bad news for you. You are losing this war and youre losing it badly. The very fact that this war has not yet been won means that it is being lost. Every day that goes by where this war is not over, is another day that we have failed to achieve victory. The sole positive that you can take away from this is that the loss that we are currently experiencing is not because of your failure. There has been a singular lack of effort, will and focus on the part of this organization and this is something that I, with your help, aim to overcome.

    I have been brought in as a consultant to the Praetorians. Ive worked in combat zones around the world, from Bolivia to Laos by way of Baghdad and in every single one of those places Ive followed my orders and walked away with the problem that was there when I arrived solved. One way or another, every problem gets solved.

    Part of the problem with San Paro is that there is a lack of understanding about the enemy. The government here feels that criminals are too close to civilians, that they are too close to the man on the street that the CSA was designed to protect, but I have a different view.

    Another part of the problem is mobility is not as good as it should be. Too many operatives working on foot and too many vehicles being consumed too frequently for demand to be consistent with supply - this is not a problem being caused by the supply chain. This is a problem being caused by demand.

    Please find attached a blowtorch that will help you repair damage that has been done to your vehicle. This modification should, hopefully, redress the balance of supply and demand in terms of vehicles by allowing you to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.


    Aletta Cadagan.

    Quantitative Easing


    My efforts to lubricate the channels of supply and demand have been yielding fruit. The management of this theater are almost pathetic in how willing they are to latch onto anyone with an idea and give them what they want. While I certainly do not feel that this is an entirely negative trait in a client for consultancy, my most recent meeting with CEO Teng has underlined a lot of the suspicions that I initially had about him and the general running order of this project.

    Please find attached to this mail a stub that will allow you to purchase a fully customizable version of the Patriot T-25. This vehicle is ideal for urban exploration and combat, featuring high strength, seating for an entire fireteam as well as reliable handling and performance.

    I fear that this may not be enough for the current operational theater so please expect further equipment updates from me. Ive been impressed with your work so far and expect you to maintain or improve your current position. If you continue to work in such an effective and impressive manner I will most certainly consider you for advancement in the operation that Kaspar and I have created.

    We aim to have this war concluded before the end of the year, one way or another.


    Aletta Cadagan.

    Powers of Observation


    For your attention, please find attached one Mobile Radar Tower modification. Equipping this mod will add an IFF device to your vehicle which will tag enemies on your radar when they move within its operational area. The vehicle will alert you to enemy activity nearby on your radar and on your HUD which should help with defending locations and target acquisition, should you position your vehicle near choke points leading into designated hotzones.

    Your performance recently has been outstanding. I have spoken very highly of you with Kaspar. He certainly seemed to be happy that youd met the targets wed set for you. Everyone has targets, now. Were aiming to make the average Praetorian on the ground far more target orientated as well as more interested in preserving resources rather than expending them as quickly as possible.

    Let me ask you a question. Do you know how you win a war that appears to be at a deadlock?

    You surge. You surge more troops, more weapons and more equipment into a theater than the other guy can cope with and once youve surged once, you do it again. You keep pumping people into a warzone until you win. While drones are becoming a bigger part of warfare on a global scale, you can never fully remove the human element. Boots on the ground, people. Thats what we want to see more of. San Paro is in dire need of a surge and I am going to visit Mayor Derren in City Hall later today to speak about phase one of the surge and how it relates to our grander plan for finally bringing this war to an end.

    Of course, not all details will be shared. Shes a politician. You cant tell politicians everything. They might get confused and try and do something heroic or courageous that they can use for reelection. Only tell them what they need to know as theyre mostly stupid creatures. Public service is for the foolish or the childish.


    Aletta Cadagan.

    Targets surpassed and bonuses allowed.


    I've had several important meetings since our last communication. Ive spoken with Mayor Derren and Ive also met with several of your compatriots about a potential bonus for you, as youve been surpassing the targets that Danko and myself have set for you. Normally, if you were a soldier in an army, your bonus would be a commendation.

    Firstly, you have been working towards the targets that have been set by myself and Kaspar and youve even managed to surpass some of our more unusual estimates for you. As you are closer to a mercenary than most soldiers that Ive had the pleasure of working with in the past, I feel that recompense for your recent good work should be something more akin to what youre used to. As such, Ive put in a request for your clothing inventory to be expanded by two slots, seeing as how fashion is apparently a driving force in this city.

    My meeting with Mayor Derren went well. She has an almost religious zeal about her mission in this city but this has apparently been diluted by her subordinates. She sees herself as a crusader but I wonder just how far shes willing to go with the plan that I hope to bring with her. The first stage of this plan is to ban gatherings of four or more people without an Enforcement operative present. We expect to be able to place Shadow Strike Elites in key locations near common ralley spots before the end of the month. This will also allow us to control larger crowds through kettling. I know that it might offend some of the more liberal members of the city council but you understand why this has to happen? The people of this city have proven that they cannot be trusted and must be controlled - forced ID tagging and GPS tracking is one way to go about getting control of the population of this city. This town has an almost pornographic desire to rip itself open for all the world to see.


    Aletta Cadagan.

    Privacy is dead.


    Did you know there are four times as many security cameras as there are people in San Paro? Were also pushing to pass legislation that will allow us to track every email, every website and every pageview that someone makes while theyre using their cellphone - technically this is a device thats designed for use in public which means that the information thats being displayed there is available in the public domain.

    Safety or freedom, thats the decision that you have to make in my job as a security consultant.

    By way of allowing operatives on the ground to use our new surveillance technology, please find attached a stub that will allow you to purchase Flare Guns. These flare guns will highlight enemies on your HUD to your entire team. It should be noted that this weapon should not be used as a direct damage tool as the explosive power of the flare is not that large. This device is more apt for support than front line combat.


    Aletta Cadagan.

    Hoisted by my own petard


    It seems as if I have been a little relaxed with some of my emails recently. CEO Teng appeared on the nightly news after the liberal media cited some of the plans that I had developed. They were concerned about the new Praetorian hardline and how it might impact their lives in the city, and the freedoms that they so readily enjoyed but were unwilling to protect. They were concerned that panopticon style prisons outside the city limits would be a violation of prisoners rights.

    I cant help but laugh.

    Im sure, by now, youll have seen the other steps in the plan according to the media, but the way that its being represented on the news is simply not accurate. Were rewarding operatives based on targets met rather than enemy combatants killed - were not interested in a wild and undirected bodycount, rather were interested in focused and overwhelming force applied in specific points.

    Were focused on targets. Were focused on specific areas that need to be worked - if that area involves us deploying armed guards outside a school to stop someone from bringing drugs into the building then so be it. If our goal is to prevent Criminals from disseminating information then we prevent people from gathering in groups and monitor online communication. If our goal is to burn down New Cross and start again- well cross that bridge when we come to it.

    The line between civilian and enemy combatant is becoming thinner every day.

    Speaking of the targets that weve been setting, Id like to offer you a little incentive to help you meet the next target that weve set for you. Ive added you to the prefered customer listing for the fully customizable variant of the Packer Ceresco. You should already be familiar with the Ceresco - not exactly the fastest vehicle on the market, it can hold an entire fireteam and plenty of cargo so use it wisely.

    Kind regards,

    Aletta Cadagan.

    Bread and circuses, songs and flashing lights


    Ive been spoken to by Kaspar recently. While I have been publicly admonished as something of a rogue, hardline element within the Praetorian organization, I have been spoken to in private about growing approval for the goals I have recently proposed. It is, apparently, part of the game that we must play in this city that I appear to be a team player, and that I appear to be softer than I actually am.

    As such, I would request that you take a break from killing Criminals, preventing theft and destruction of property. Someone, somewhere out there, believes that actually working to solve the problems that San Paro has is all just a little too stressy and musical therapy should be employed. Ive attached additional theme inventory space for you to employ.

    Good luck.

    Aletta Cadagan

    Further reading in public relations.


    I have been instructed that my recent overtures towards public relations have been noticed and approved of from higher up the chain of command. Its interesting to note that theres a feeling in the organization that we must smile and nod to the community at large. I simply do not agree. Does the surgeon thats removing the cancer feel the need to smile to the patient? Does the father who must scold the child smile as he uses his belt?

    Onto better things though, eh?

    Your recent performance has been outstanding. I have spoken with the Praetorian quartermaster about fixing you with another outfit slot so you may keep another uniform on the ready.

    Thank you.

    Ripped from the headlines.


    One of the classic idioms about warfare is that you should know your enemy. While this is true, in the last thirty years of warfare, its become more useful to know your enemies' ways rather than your enemies themselves. The enemy changes with each change of government and yesterday's freedom fighter is todays terrorist. With that in mind, I think that it would be prudent to share with you one of the latest innovations from Criminals in this city.

    Ive sent you a modification for your vehicle that allows you to install a large amount of explosives inside the chassis that you can then detonate using a remote detonator. This device, while increasing the churn rate of vehicles and increasing the number of vehicles that need to be deployed, will allow for you to, essentially, booby trap choke points by parking vehicles in strategic locations.

    Please keep in mind the location of the other members of your fireteam before exploding your vehicle with the remote detonator. Blue on blue reports have increased since we deployed this and I dont want more friendly casualties - the amount of paperwork required to properly reimburse all victims of FF incidents is crushing.

    King regards.

    Aletta Cadagan.

    Additional targets, further PR work.


    It seems as if this department that I find myself in has all the information retaining ability of a bucket with a hole in the bottom of it. Further private emails have made their way into the news and I am, once again, being called in front of CEO Teng to explain what needs to be done. The will is simply not here in this city anymore for us to finish this fight, I fear. Youre meeting your targets but there are enough Praetorians out there that arent. There are enough of the fixers and showrunners that are simply unable to stomach the grim truth of the matter.

    I would like to reward you for your recent performance with more space to save songs that youve created but I feel that it would be a bit hollow at the moment. Theres just not enough will left in this city for this plan to continue in a way that feels believable.

    Apparently, proposing that certain sections of the city be cordoned off and abandoned so that we can refocus our efforts into areas that are still worth saving isnt in line with the ideals of the Praetorian initiative. Well, Im not a policy maker but I was asked to come up with a plan that would help finish this fight and end this war one way or another and the only way I can see that happening is by creating a series of sustainable and safe blue zones.

    Apparently the truth is too difficult for some people to deal with. The truth is unacceptable to the people at large. They are so unwilling to save themselves. Add to this the fact that Teng seems to be utterly unwilling to do anything that might upset his investors.

    If I asked you, right now, what you would sacrifice to save this city& something tells me that it would not be enough.

    King regards.

    Aletta Cadagan.

    Joined up thinking.


    One of the primary concerns that confronts me on a daily basis is that theres not enough joined up thinking in the Praetorians. The left hand is often at odds with the right, as it were. I recently gave you an extra space for another outfit so I feel that it would be remiss of me to not give you another two spaces to keep individual items of clothing in. This way you can have more clothing as well as more outfits.

    Joined up thinking in action, that is.

    Kind regards.

    Aletta Cadagan.

    A hybrid approach


    There are a lot of things to consider when dealing with an urban warfare environment that you just dont think about until youre actually here and dealing with it. Kaspar Danko has been a very useful in helping me become acclimated to thinking outside the box when it comes to the ancillary problems that were facing here.

    For example, did you know your radar is based on an advanced computer algorithm that stores engine notes from thousands of different vehicles the world over? Its able to calculate the distance from you that the vehicle is being driven by change in tone of the engine and its able to determine the direction its moving in by the tiny change in volume thats caused by the vehicle changing position. Add to that the interface with known Criminal vehicles, last known position scanning and changes in engine audio related to aggressive driving and the radar is a very formidable piece of equipment.

    All that and its scuppered by either a hybrid engine or an engine muffler.

    Hybrid vehicles arent allowed in San Paro because their engines dont sound the same as other engines. They cut out too frequently and give way to the electrical engine that is such a big deal to hybrid users.

    Engine mufflers are the new big thing for enemy combatants. They equip them and it muffles the pitch of their engine to such an extent that, so long as theyre not accelerating, they wont show up on radar. I believe they say if youre coasting, youre ghosting.

    Ive mailed you one such engine muffler. You should investigate it at once. Maybe even try it out in your own vehicle.

    Kind regards,

    Aletta Cadagan.

    Wolves all around me.


    First of all, Id like to thank you for consistently meeting the targets that weve set for you. Please note that you have been added to the Nulander preferred customer listing for the new 4th generation Kurai.

    I was told very recently by Miss Choi that if Teng fired me now, it would look like hed made a mistake in allowing me to be brought on board. In a few months time, itll look like Ive made the mistakes and hell be fine to let me go. It seems that further documents that Ive mailed have been leaked to the press and Im singularly unhappy with whoever it is thats carrying out this campaign against me. The biggest problem with it is that I dont even know who it is thats leaking these things. Im considering making some radioactive information and tracing that back but, then again, Im not sure if Im going to be here in a few weeks time so it might not even be worth chasing up.

    I just wish theyd have the courage to do it to my face, say that they didnt agree that the ends justified the means and we could discuss it like soldiers but, instead, we have people within our group that cant even summon the fortitude to stick up for what they believe. Thats what grinds me so much about this; Ive never worked with people that refuse so vehemently to do whats needed and still complain that nothings being done. Im not saying that we should round up civilians on buses and ship them out of the city. Im saying that we cordon off certain areas of the city and treat the criminality and the war that seems to be unstoppable here like a virulent infection - stop people coming in and out of those zones, search people that want to travel, and restrict contact with infected individuals.

    Apparently thats too much for some people to consider. We have to maintain the facade of this city still being a place that people are capable of living and working in. Life as normal, even as the bullets fly by.

    Maybe theyre unwilling to acknowledge how broken things are here. Maybe theyre just unwilling to try and do anything about it because its been like this for so long. Either way, Im getting more than a little tired of it.

    It would be a shame if someone just dropped a million dollars worth of artillery fire onto New Cross and called it an accidental misfire from an offshore destroyer, wouldnt it?

    Kind regards,

    Aletta Cadagan.

    Fast times in San Paro.


    I must do my duty to my subordinates. Prizes for jobs well done, just like in elementary school.

    A stub for procurement of a fully customizable Charge Cisco. A simple, mid-range sports car and effective in inner cities. You can place four vehicle modifications in this one so keep that in mind.

    I would just like to say, right here and now, that I believe Ive found the leak thats been causing me so many troubles. With that in mind, I would like to usher in a new era of openness and communication between myself and my operatives starting with the unveiling of phase three of the plan to save San Paro. We will be expanding the death penalty to non-capital crimes.

    Chew on that for a while.


    Burn notice.


    Praetorian research and development have been working hard on creating a new form of fuel for your vehicle that will not burn, even at high temperatures or while under fire. This new form of gasoline offers similar performance to regular fuel but means that, even when under direct fire, your vehicle will retain structural integrity. While I havent personally tested it, Ive been told that it allows vehicles to be used permanently as cover so this is clearly worth the investment if you find yourself taking cover behind high sided vehicles frequently. One thing to consider, however, is that it has not yet been tested under fire from explosive weapons so results may vary depending on the weapon that the vehicle is exposed to.

    Kind regards,

    Aletta Cadagan

    Smarter thinking.


    Please find attached a stub that will allow you to store an additional vehicle in your personal garage. This should help as I have two more vehicular rewards should you continue to meet your current targets.

    Please stand by for further communication about upcoming information dispersal.

    Thank you,

    Aletta Cadagan.

    A difficult discovery.


    I recently tried handing out radioactive information to different members of the Praetorians, including yourself. The note that we sent recently regarding the expansion of the death penalty to non capital crimes. This is not something that were going to pursue but was there as a tempting piece of information to leak.

    Im sorry for the duplicitous behaviour. By way of an apology please accept this requisition clearance form. You should now be able to purchase a fully customizable Nulander Pioneer. This is a top of the line four seater vehicle and my personal vehicle of choice.

    Despite handing out individual pieces of information to different suspects, there has been no new leak. I am at a loss as to who it could be thats disseminating this information out to the public at large and- well- its getting harder and harder to actually make any headway in what I need to do. So many of my decisions are being questioned in the court of public opinion that theres very little chance of me being able to push forwards.

    Dont misunderstand me on this - I still have faith in my plan and I still believe that its the only way that this war will end but I know for a certainty that, for this plan to work, there needs to be larger support for it than there is now. Consider me troubled by these developments.


    Aletta Cadagan

    The wolf in the fold


    Im sorry that I ever doubted you. Im sorry that I ever doubted anyone that actually fought, killed and risked their lives for the Praetorians. I should have seen it coming sooner.

    When Danko brought me into this city there was a look in his eyes that suggested to me that hed opened Pandoras box on this city. He knew how I operated and he wanted me to try and do what he no longer could. What he didnt expect was for me to start building an army of soldiers, such as yourself. He knew the entire plan, and he knew what I was working towards. Between making large gatherings illegal, cordoning off areas of the city and starting to evacuate the civilian population he could see that I was serious about what was happening. He could see that ID tagging would be next followed by the eradication of people that still wanted to live outside the system.

    He wanted peace? I would have delivered that peace. He thought I would soften, I did not. He thought that the decadence and decay of this city would make me take a pause and think better of burning out the elements of this city that were more interested in themselves than the greater good. He didnt want this city to prosper in the way that I wanted it to.

    I suppose, now that I know that Danko was the leak and the one that ruined everything, that he regretted bringing me into this city. I also suppose that I might as well try and get it done before the end. One last frenzy before the blizzard breaks, hm? I suppose I have dead womans licence and can get away with saying more than I had previously. Ill still be in this city and Ill still be working but consider my role here as entirely perfunctory. I cant wait to get back to a proper warzone where they understand that the ends justify the means.

    I suppose, also, that I can just start handing out these rewards for the targets that wed set like candy now too, hm? Ive seen you eying up those top of the line, fully customizable Jerichos recently. Detach the stub from this letter and youll be placed on the preferred customer listing for that vehicle.

    I, also, have a feeling that this might be the last email that I send to you. I would offer you one piece of advice before Im pulled offline.

    Trust no one.

    Kind regards,

    Aletta Cadagan

    Out of Office Automatic Mail: Aletta Cadagan


    Im not able to reach a terminal at the moment and will be unable to reply for the foreseeable future. Please address further emails to Kaspar Danko, head of Shadow Strike operations in San Paro.

    Please find attached one preset vehicle, symbol and outfit from my personal collection. I named them the Betrayed Set.

    Kind regards,

    Aletta Cadagan.

  •   Item Category Cost Rating
    Item Icon Epinephrine Injector Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Med Spray Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Boom Box Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Resupply Box (Large) Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Mobile Cover Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Satchel Charge Consumable Items $0 0
  • Subject
  • Name Stages Final Stage
    THE CHOP SHOP SHOW 5 TerritoryControl
    DIRTY BUSINESS 4 Delivery
    THE HIDDEN MENACE 8 BombDisposal
    COLD CASE CHECK UP 4 TerritoryControl
    CASH ON THE CURB 5 Delivery
    FIRE AND BRIMSTONE 5 Deathmatch
    BOOKIE ON THE RUN 5 Delivery
    BUGS AND DRUGS 7 Delivery
    INTERNAL AFFAIRS 6 TerritoryControl
    UNDERCOVER RUNNER 7 MovingTarget
    COVER UP 4 TerritoryControl
    DARING DEEDS 5 Deathmatch
    BUGGING OUT 4 MovingTarget
    CARD-HACK ARREST 7 TerritoryControl
    POLITICAL FAVOR 6 MovingTarget
    DIAL-A-DETONATOR 6 Delivery
    BANG FOR YOUR BUCK 7 TerritoryControl
    CAUGHT 'NAPPING 8 Delivery
    MANILA VICE 6 MovingTarget
    DEFUSING THE SITUATION 3 TakeOverDeathmatch
    RAID AND RECOVERY 5 MovingTarget
    ON THE FENCE 4 TakeOverDeathmatch
    SEEK AND DEFUSE 4 Deathmatch
    PICKUP PICK-UP 5 TakeOverDeathmatch
    FEELING INSECURE 3 TakeOverDeathmatch
    SAFEHOUSE CALLS 4 MovingTarget
    URANIUM IS SHOWING 4 TakeOverDeathmatch
    THREATENING CALLS 5 TerritoryControl
    IMMIGRANT STORY 4 TerritoryControl
  • Level Name
    20 Blown Away (25 Joker Tickets)

    Murder People with a Blowtorch

    Murder People with a Blowtorch
    20 Keep em Rolling (25 Joker Tickets)

    Make sure your fireteams vehicles are kept in top condition. Repair 2000 damage to vehicles with a blowtorch. Thatll save everyone some cash and youll get a reward.

    Repair <col: Yellow>2000</col> damage.
    20 Indirect Victory (0 Joker Tickets)

    Remember how I told you not to use your flare gun as a direct fire weapon? I want you to use your Flare Gun to kill 3 Criminals. What can I tell you, Im a woman of contradictions.

    Kill <col: Yellow>3</col> Criminals with a Flare Gun.