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Saul Linklater

Ex-SPPD who crossed the street to join the Praetorians as Operations Commander. In fact - in an open secret known by just about everyone - it's Danko who's really calling the shots there, with Linklater standing in as a figurehead to reassure the citizenry that the Praetorians are a professional police force and not a private army. Not that Linklater's complaining about the details of his status, not while he's pulling down more a salary almost four times higher than what he was earning as an SPPD Tac Commander. Not while he daily gets to carry the kind of ops that he could usually only dream off back in his SPPD days.

The Praetorians: less paperwork, less red tape; more money and resources, and a whole lot more ass-kicking. Sounds like a good deal to Linklater.

He isn't alone in thinking that. Linklater's defection has been the cause of a steady drain on SPPD personnel, as more and more experienced officers have followed him across the street to the Praetorians. Justin Teng promised Mayor Derren that the Praetorians would be mainly recruited from the citizenry - a modern-day militia, giving everyone a chance to help defend their city - but it's well-known that Linklater's been putting out feelers to old colleagues within the Department, offering deals and cherry-picking the best of them to come over to the Praetorians.

Linklater's name is mud within the higher echelons of the SPPD. He's a Judas who's stabbed the Department in the back, draining it of some of its best officers just when the Department and the city need them most. Inehower, in Midtown, is especially bitter; Linklater was one of his protégés, a natural-born ass-kicker that he was grooming for greater things. If Linklater's needing any more lessons in ass-kicking, Inehower'll be only to pleased to hand 'em out, if their paths should ever cross again.

Others, mostly outside the Department (although August Carter, in his bleaker moments, may also think likewise) take a more sanguine view. If the SPPD really is going to be eventually replaced by the Praetorians, they tell themselves, then they would rather have the city streets left under the protection of as many ex-cops as possible, rather than military jarheads like Danko and his crew.

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