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Little is known about the origins of Trick and Treat. Whispers on the wind claim that they are the spirits of dead Criminals and Enforcers called forth on Devil's Night to count the cost of the fallen.

Others claim that they are a pair of local pumpkin farmers, exploiting the superstitious nature of a city at war in order to further their own business interests. Either way, they are here, and have goodies on offer. Just don't be surprised if you feel a sudden, unexplained chill running up your spine - or, for that matter, a craving for pumpkin pie&


Level 2: Spooky Symbols

Level 3: Terrifying Themes

Level 4: Petrifying Pumpkin Mask!

Level 5: Thrilling Titles

Level 6: Wicked Weapon Skin and a Horrifying Headband!

Once you've unlocked the Pumpkin Head, be sure to take part in the APB:Reloaded Pumpkin Design Competition on the forums.

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Unlock Emails
  •   Level Item Category Cost Rating
    Item Icon 2 Ghost Kitty Symbols $0 0
    Item Icon 2 Pumpkin Symbols $0 0
    Item Icon 2 Skull Lord Symbols $0 0
    Item Icon 2 Zombunny Symbols $0 0
    Item Icon 3 Creepy Carnival Themes $0 0
    Item Icon 3 Haunted House Themes $0 0
    Item Icon 3 Hall of the Mountain King Themes $0 0
    Item Icon 3 Pumkin Lab Themes $0 0
    Item Icon 4 Pumpkin Mask Clothing $0 0
    Item Icon 4 Pumpkin Mask Clothing $0 0
    Item Icon 5 Wraith Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon 5 Ghoul Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon 6 Knife in the Head Clothing $0 0
    Item Icon 6 Knife in the Head Clothing $0 0
    Item Icon 6 Glow in the Dark Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon 6 Treat's Homie Unlocks $0 0
  • Subject
    Welcome to Asylum!

    Seasons Greetings!

    My brother and I have set up camp in the old Abington Towers Asylum. We could use some company so feel free to stick around and play! Weve got plenty of good, fun gear for you to pick up but be sure to do it sooner rather than later. We dont have a huge amount of time because, well, were not from around here. Were just passing through.

    The Powers That Be want you to know that this isnt the Final Version of the Asylum. It is, as the Powers That Be want you to understand, a Work In Progress and that if you find anything thats not so lots of fun, that looks a little ropey or youre just plain unhappy with please make yourself and your suggestions known on the forums! The Powers That Be are listening, waiting for feedback over at so head on over there and tell them what you think.

    The most important thing to remember, though, is to have fun! Its good to keep in mind that there are lots of ways through the Asylum so dont be afraid to spend some time getting to know the place before getting yourself into a proper gunfight.

    Have a nice day, now!

    - Treat

    Do you hear voices?

    Tier 3 is where we keep the theme songs. Its a pretty great tier because theyre some pretty great songs made by one of the in house DJs that work with the Powers That Be. Nice boy, that one. Give them a listen and see which one you want to wear around the Asylum. You can, of course, take them back to the regular districts and use them there too so keep that in mind!


    Getting ahead of ourselves.

    You might have noticed by now that my brother and I have pumpkins where our heads should be.

    Its something that weve had to deal with all our lives but I think that, together, weve developed a pretty good coping mechanism of organizing massive slaughterfests once a year!

    Trick and I started thinking about how to spread the pumpkin headed joy and we came up with the idea of giving away pumpkin shaped hats. We spoke to a good friend of ours that works for The Powers That Be and they worked some magic. Now you too can have a pumpkin for a head!

    You can find them in the Wardrobe editor up in the Breakwater Marina just like any other piece of clothing that you own.

    I hear that the Powers That Be are holding a pumpkin carving contest over on the Official APB Forums ( so put some symbols on the pumpkin, make something spooky lookin and enter the contest to see who can make the best pumpkin carving in San Paro.

    You can find full rules, terms and conditions and more there too so youve got no excuse for not entering!

    If these walls could talk...


    I was just thinking about you. Youre doing great work out there and I thought it would be nice to reward you with a token of my appreciation for your good work. A few new titles for you to wear around town to show just how much work youve done this Halloween. I also realized that my time here in Asylum is almost up and Ive not told a single scary story yet. It just wouldnt be the witching weeks without a scary story would it?

    Once upon a time there was a man named Isiah Abington. Hed made his money in the early days of the industrial revolution. He was one of the fine men that helped turn this city into the hub of global trade that it is today. His factories helped give the Nantego its current healthy yellow tinge! Isiah was a man who had money and power. He worked hard for both and was the ultimate self made business tycoon. A real mans man whod pulled himself up by his own boot straps!

    Isiah believed that there was a sickness in the minds of men the world over so he did what any great philanthropist would do: He built a hospital. He housed the homeless, clothed the poor and gave comfort to the insane. But then he realized he was just treating the symptoms rather than finding a cure.

    First he tried electroshock therapy on the inmates. Then vast quantities of new and untested medicines that hed found on his travels around the world. When that didnt work he decided that modern medicine simply didnt hold the key so he decided that trepanning was the only answer. He turned the men, women and children of Abington Towers into brainless zombies.

    It was probably for the best when the Asylum and the Abington family fortune began to crumble. Both the name and the building would be lost to history for decades.

    The Asylum lay dormant for dozens of years, the patients locked in their rooms to die, cold and alone. It was too far out of the city for anyone to be concerned with; too far in the boondocks for it to be a staging post for the Criminal or Enforcer battles that seem to take up so much time these days.

    Abington Towers slowly decayed and turned into the empty husk that youve been spending so much time in recently. Theres so much sadness here. Theres so much pain, anger, rage that its soaked into the walls. Its engrained into the very fabric of reality here. What you can see at the world has been so warped by the intensity of feeling that yours truly has been called in to try and stem the flow of the madness flooding out of the Asylums gates.

    Theres a boy named Terence Piper thats trying to tame Abington Towers. He keeps saying hes the King of the Asylum but we both know this place can never really be ruled. It was given up to the ghosts and spirits that live here full time now, trapped forever.

    Have you ever noticed just how crazy it is around here? There are men with pumpkin heads telling you to what to do. Theres dozens of people working to a mayor that no one knows telling you to kill people. Youre being ordered by voices only you can hear to shoot and burn a city to the ground under the pretense of trying to save it?

    You ever wonder that maybe you were always meant to be in the Asylum? Maybe youve already been here?

    Maybe you were here and you never left?

    Food for thought&

    The End of It All

    The end is near.

    Youve been a huge help to me and mine over the last couple of days which is deeply appreciated. It hurts my heart to tell you though that Trick and I are going to be headed off into the sunset soon because Ive had a huge amount of fun watching you and yours run around blasting them and theirs!

    I want to give you a little present before the end though! Its a new piece of headgear. Its an Aliceband Knife. Its a little bit of fun for the end of Halloween  a knife through the head is fun right?

    Feel free to stick around a while more in Asylum if you want to keep exploring because itll be disappearing for a while soon. Hopefully itll not be too long before its back forever though! Remember, the longer you stay here the more a part of it youll become! One day soon youll start to feel its madness creep inside of you. If you find yourself dancing to some beat no one else can hear& dont be afraid. Just let it take over.

    Happy Halloween,

    - Treat.

  • Name Stages Final Stage
    FIGHT CLUB 1 Escort
    FIGHT CLUB 1 MovingTarget
    FIGHT CLUB 1 TerritoryControl
  • Level Name
    6 Wages of Sin (100 Joker Tickets)

    Kill <col: Yellow>15</col> Criminals. Doesn't matter how you do it, just so long as you get it done. Give the reaper somethin' to do.

    Kill <col: Yellow>15</col> Criminals.
    6 Cucurbitophobia (100 Joker Tickets)

    Dunno if you've noticed but I've got a pumpkin for a head. Some tool thinks it's hilarious and they've dumped a bunch of pumpkins all over the Asylum to remind me of it. <col: Yellow>Destroy 50 Pumpkins</col> for me.

    Destroy <col: Yellow>50</col> Pumpkins.
    6 Lost the Will to Live (100 Joker Tickets)

    You ever wanted something to be over so much that you don't care how it ends? Remember that TV show with the magic island? Yeah, my entire life is like that. Gimme some closure. <col: Yellow>Complete 5 Missions.</col> You don't even have to win them.

    Complete <col: Yellow>5</col> Missions.
    6 Pop Gun Fun (0 Joker Tickets)

    They say the best way to make a ghost is piss someone off before you kill them. <col: Yellow>Kill 5 Criminals</col> with a <col: Yellow>Snub Nose Revolver</col> and we'll test out that theory.

    Kill <col: Yellow>5</col> Criminals with a Snub Nose Revolver.