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Ophelia specializes in selling unlocks. If you're looking for the following, look no further:

Car Kits


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No ones ever given Ophelia Swift a damn thing.

Everything she has, shes had to work for. Growing up, Ophelia didnt have the life of luxury that so many of the spoiled brats in San Paro seemed to have but her father tried to do his best by her. Thing is, theres only so much that a single-parent scrap metal salesman with a small junkyard to the west of the Baylan shipyard can give to his daughter.

Ophelia spent most evenings and weekends tinkering with the same cars folk dropped off at the junkyard; shed take them to pieces, figure out how everything worked together and then put them back together again, factory fresh and with the mist of cheap perfume rising from the dash.

When she was eighteen, she entered a custom-tuned Bishada into the Nantego 500 and won the whole damn race. The fact that her car had been junked as a write-off only months before was a detail the newspapers just lapped up. Ophelia Swift, the junkyard girl, had just won the most important race of the season and made a sideshow out of Patriot and Charge in the process. Swift by name, swift by nature the perfect headline&

A little too perfect for Ophelias tastes.

Perhaps it was because she didnt want to overshadow her fathers good name, perhaps it was just the romantic in her that sensed that, like her Shakespearian counterpart, her good fortune couldnt last that she chose to make a brand of her first name instead. She took the prize money and founded Ophelia Customs, bought up the land adjoining her daddys junkyard and turned it into a tuners paradise. The masterminds at Ophelia Customs have already forgotten more about tuning cars than the suits at Patriot will ever learn. Ophelia got famous fast  the cars, the style, the photo shoots, the mandatory calendar releases that appear on the walls of every grease-monkey this side of the Nantego. Hell, even Kiki Monroe has been described as a close personal friend after the photo shoot with the two of them leaning over the hood of that prize winning Bishada became the most downloaded photoset in SPiNs history. When asked by Effigy about the shoot, all Kiki replied with was a smile and a sound bite: Dont let Ophelias looks fool you. Shes no angel.

Ophelia has combined the looks, the talent, the style and the legend into one of the most successful companies in San Paro. Shes been approached by Justin Teng and Arlon Benjamin for corporate exclusivity deals multiple times and every time shes said: No.

Everyones in such a rush to get their hands dirty with this whole CSA thing. That aint my style. Ill stick to grease and brake fluid, if its all the same to you. Besides, there are plenty of gun-toting hard-asses just itching to get their hands dirty on her behalf and she knows it.

In this game, it pays to be neutral, but Ophelias no fool. When Joker Industries approached her about collaborating on a new distribution center in Breakwater she agreed to front the operation -- for a while, at least. Joker has always been an equal opportunities genocide enabler. So long as Ophelia can continue to remain neutral while at the same time garnering the kind of revenue that helps sustain a growing empire like hers, shell be happy to roll with anyone.