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Terri Quan

Part of the next gen of San Paro media, and reporter on 211 in Progress, the city's crime-as-it's- happening live news channel - your 24-hour round-the-clock guide to who's caught, who's shot, who's dead and who's not in San Paro. Press the red button on your remote now, for an update on daily crime statistics, and a choice of in-progress events currently being covered by our news cameras!

Terri started by doing voiceover work for the channel's trademark CGIed reconstructions of violent shoot-outs that the station's roving news teams had somehow failed to get to in time. She was an immediate hit with viewers, her breathy voice capturing just that right edge of excitement as CGI bullets drilled in slo-mo into jerking wireframe mannequins. The physical details of bullet wound trauma and forensics analysis of crime scene blood spray patterns always sounded more interesting when narrated by Terri Quan. A face to match that voice and an ambitious streak a mile wide soon put her where she wanted - in front of a live TV camera.

Channel 211 in Progress's official policy is to stay neutral and only report the facts. It carefully plays both sides of the streets, and Terri spent as much time riding shotgun with SPPD patrol cars or sitting in on tac briefings with Praetorian Operations Commander Saul Linklater as she did interviewing shot-up gangbangers ("The paramedics say you might not make it to Bankside General ER - any last words you wanna give to anyone you know who might be watching?") or running stories on CSA vigilante brutality. Still, everyone - especially the station advertisers - knew that it was crime that kept the viewers watching, and criminals that a significant percentage of the viewers sympathised with and even idolised.

She wanted to do a series of stories from inside one of the city's street gangs. Her station manager was unconvinced - he had already lost two reporters that way, and the station's insurance rates had increased accordingly - but Terri's perseverance and an appeal to the account executives of some of the station's biggest sponsors got her what she wanted. Besides, she had already done the groundwork and found a way into one of the gangs.

Arlon Benjamin was well known as a regular critic of the Derren administration and the City Security Act. Terri had interviewed him before, and knew enough about him to know what his generous sponsorship of certain youth projects in some of the city's inner city problem areas really meant. Benjamin thought most of 211 in Progress's output was sensationalist trash, but he also thought Terri's proposition might work in his favour, if he could get some of his G-King kids on TV so that people could see they weren't the demonic street gang monsters the mainstream media painted them as. One private cellphone conversation was all it took for Terri to get inside the G-Kings.

It had started off as an assignment - another big step up the career ladder - but she ended up loving every illicit and exciting minute of it. She hung out with Veronika, went on midnight sabotage raids with Shift, talked street-side revolution with Javez and got an electrifying insight into what goes on inside the head of a kid like Double-B. She got shot at, caught up in the wrong end of a high-speed pursuit and found out what exactly Saul Linklater meant at those Praetorian tac briefings she attended when he talked about "maximum suppression techniques to be brought to bear on street gang insurgency".

Her station manager loved it. The viewers loved it. The Mayor's office made an official complaint about it glamourising street crime, which made the station manager love it all the more. Faces and voices of all the people she filmed were digitally altered, and no real names used, all as per the agreement with Arlon Benjamin, but there's only so much you can conceal when your on-camera interview subject looks like Zombie, and he and the other G-Kings became instant street stars.

The G-Kings were this week's news and media stars, but 24-hour live TV needs to be fed something new all the time, and Terri's station manager already wanted his new star reporter to come up with a list of new projects for his approval. She gave him what he wanted, but her mind was still on the G-Kings.

Arlon Benjamin had been expecting her call for days, when it finally came. He had seen that look in her eyes, and knew what she wanted. She wanted in. To be part of the Gs, and experience more of the wild side of street life. He was happy to oblige. The enemy had plenty of pet media outlets of their own, so it would be useful for the G-Kings to have one too, and her contacts with the Praetorians and other law enforcement wings could give invaluable information on the enemy's plans.

She lives in the Waterfront, in one of the new developments in Little Fin, a location that suits Benjamin's plans to low-key expand G-King operations outside of Havalynd. She still works for Channel 211 in Progress, and she still files reports from both sides of the street, but her sympathies are now firmly on one side of it.

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