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Most people in San Paro dream of finally getting out of the place. Incredibly, some people actually still want to visit the place on vacation.

The Waterfront area is one of the places they often end up visiting during their stay. Or, at least, the more quaint and gentrified parts of it. Chiro used to be a G-King gangbanger, fighting in the first wave of turf wars that started even before the concrete was dry on the New Cross Skatepark. Born and raised in Gresty, he didn't really know - or want - anything else.

Now, older and wiser, he's moved on and set himself up in business over on Waterfront. A small tattoo parlour on the fringes of the Clearview Marina development. Phoney as hell, but a lot better than the SPPD holding cells and backrooms of Gantry project apartments where he first taught himself tattooing. He's got an apartment in Little Fin where he stays with his girlfriend and their kid; again, it's not much, but it's a hell of a lot more than he ever had as a kid, and he's determined to keep this good thing going.

His custom's varied enough to keep the work interesting. G-King kids make the journey over from Havalynd, looking to get their first gang tat from the same guy that did most of Zombie's skinwork, and there's plenty of walk-in trade from the other gangs all across the city. Chiro's heart will always be with the G-Kings, but he's savvy enough to remember the rent needs to be paid every week, and his work's good enough that everyone generally respects the unofficial agreement that Chiro's tattoo parlour is neutral territory, where you check your beefs with any other crews in at the door. The nearby working port provides plenty of traditional custom from ship's crews, of course, and there's always plenty of kids from the Waterfront boho scene looking to get themselves inked up in the latest skin-art styles.

On slow days, he takes his shirt off, picks up his board and goes outside to practice some moves. There's kids down the NCS who are half his age and twice as good on a board, he knows, but he can still put on a show when he wants to. The moves and the skin-art on him - some of it his own, and his best work; the artist as his own canvas - is usually guaranteed to draw a crowd, and he's happy enough to pose for photographs with tourists, especially if he can sell them a Chiro's Famous San Paro Tattoos T-shirt into the bargain.

It might not be much for a lot of people, but it's a lot more than he ever expected to have in life.

He's strict about his joint being neutral territory, but all sorts come in the door, rapping about this and that, and he keeps his ear to the ground. Useful guy to know, Chiro. Always something going on down there at that Waterfront tattoo shop of his.

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