Harmon Benjamin - All Points Bulletin

Harmon Benjamin

Arlon Benjamin's other child, and the black sheep of the Benjamin family. If Bonita Benjamin has had it easy her entire life, then Harmon had to work for what little his father has chosen to give him. Sometimes, he tells himself the old man's just trying to show him what real life's about - remind him how he rough had it on his way to the top - and trying to instil some the same values in his son that he picked up along that same hard road.

Other times, he thinks the old man's a mean-spirited cocksucker who just hates his guts and enjoys seeing him fail.

Sure, he's made mistakes - getting kicked out of college, partying a little too hard for a little too long, rehab check-ins - but that stuff's all in the past. And can anyone blame him for some of it? Look at the way the old man treats him in comparison to Little Sis.

While Little Sis was travelling round Europe, he was getting his hands dirty in the family business, hauling garbage and working in the recycling plants. While Princess Bonita was hanging out at those $10000-a-plate charity fundraisers their father organised, he was down in the Projects, working in a needle exchange clinic that those fundraisers helped pay for.

Little Sis gets the highlife part of the Benjamin family business. All he got was the garbage it's built on. But he still to prove to the old man that he's another one of his pet charity projects. The old man gave him a shot, but - as usual - it came with strings attached.

So he's been exiled to the Waterfront, away from his familiar turf in Havalynd, and the temptations of his old party-hard crowd there. But that's okay. Midtown's cool. Lots of opportunities there for a guy who knows where to go looking for them.

Little Sis is above him in the chain of command, of course, and reports directly to the old man, while he has to go through Grayson Fell. But that's okay. Harmon's used to being treated like this by the old man. Fell's a hired suit, but he's as predictable as everyone else that lines up to kiss the ass of Big Money.

A recruitment drive out into the Waterfront, that was Harmon's brief. G-Kings are a Havalynd operation, so that means having to fight to establish a foothold elsewhere. Little Sis, all she has to do is flash her ass and the new recruits from Gresty come running. She's got it easy, as usual.

Harmon's got money, and money always helps, but he's got something else that - for once - Little Sis doesn't. Something he picked up hauling garbage, and working in the recycle plants and the needle clinics, or sitting waiting in the drunk tank for the old man to finally send someone down to bail him out. He's got street smarts, and he's going to need 'em, operating lone wolf down at the Waterfront.

Everyone expects him to fail, but he's going to prove them all wrong, and then the old man's going to have to finally give him the respect he's been looking for all his life.

Unlock Emails
Random Rewards
Random Reward Emails
  •   Level Item Category Cost Rating
    Item Icon 2 Colby PMG 28: TROJAN X-II Weapons $11,926 30
    Item Icon 2 Bullet Bracelet (R) Clothing $1,990 0
    Item Icon 2 Shoulder Knife Harness Clothing $450 0
    Item Icon 2 High-tech Earpiece Clothing $1,350 0
    Item Icon 2 Yin-Yang Earring (L) Clothing $990 0
    Item Icon 2 Yin-Yang Earring (R) Clothing $990 0
    Item Icon 2 Military Cap Clothing $200 0
    Item Icon 2 Gun Holster (Thigh, L) Clothing $550 0
    Item Icon 2 Hunting Vest Clothing $590 0
    Item Icon 2 Utility Belt Clothing $990 0
    Item Icon 2 Knife Shoulder Holster Clothing $450 0
    Item Icon 2 High-tech Earpiece Clothing $1,350 0
    Item Icon 2 Yin-Yang Earring (L) Clothing $990 0
    Item Icon 2 Yin-Yang Earring (R) Clothing $990 0
    Item Icon 2 Walking Boots Clothing $450 0
    Item Icon 2 Military Cap Clothing $200 0
    Item Icon 2 Gun Holster (Thigh, R) Clothing $550 0
    Item Icon 2 Slim Bulletproof Vest Clothing $3,000 0
    Item Icon 2 Utility Belt Clothing $990 0
    Item Icon 3 Clotting Agent II Modifications $20,000 30
    Item Icon 3 Happy Landings 2 Modifications $20,000 30
    Item Icon 4 JG-842: Firecracker EX Weapons $12,496 30
    Item Icon 5 Colby RSA Weapons $4,126 1
    Item Icon 5 "Dead Eddie" Do-ragged Skull Mask Clothing $166 0
    Item Icon 5 "Dead Eddie" Out to Stud Belt Clothing $12 0
    Item Icon 5 "Dead Eddie" Chiro's Parlour Shirt Clothing $15 0
    Item Icon 5 "Dead Eddie" Solder Soldier Bracelet Clothing $15 0
    Item Icon 5 "Shift It" Rockaberry Belt Clothing $32 0
    Item Icon 5 "Shift It" Enforce This Belt Clothing $25 0
    Item Icon 5 "Shift It" Double-Bold Mask Clothing $15 0
    Item Icon 5 "Shift It" NCSP Sock (L) Clothing $15 0
    Item Icon 5 "Shift It" NCSP Sock (R) Clothing $15 0
    Item Icon 5 "Shift It" Acid Rain Cap Clothing $90 0
    Item Icon 5 "Shift It" Zoosh Retro T Clothing $25 0
    Item Icon 5 "Shift It" Hoodie Clothing $50 0
    Item Icon 5 "Shift It" Sk8r Pryde Shoes Clothing $90 0
    Item Icon 5 "Shift It" Don't Cross Me Skirt Clothing $40 0
    Item Icon 5 "Dead Eddie" Sk8r Pryde Shoes Clothing $90 0
    Item Icon 5 "Dead Eddie" Shorts Clothing $65 0
    Item Icon 5 "Dead Eddie" Hoodie Clothing $50 0
    Item Icon 5 Undead Pony Symbols $0 0
    Item Icon 5 Panda Graffiti Symbols $0 0
    Item Icon 6 N-HVR 762b "Akula V2" Weapons $12,600 30
    Item Icon 8 Obeya CR762.2 "Artic Blaze Mk-II" Weapons $12,750 30
    Item Icon 9 SHAW 556 II "Wolf" Weapons $12,750 30
    Item Icon 10 N-TEC 5b "KasatkaV2" Weapons $12,038 30
  • Subject
    Good news and better news!


    Things are looking good. Usually I get the cast-off personnel that Daddys Little Girls already passed up on, but I guess she made a big mistake overlooking you.

    Too bad for sis, huh?

    About time I got a break. Sometimes I think they sent me here just to see if I fuck things up as much as they seem to expect me to. Ive messed up in the past  Ill admit that  but Im really starting to feel things are coming together now.

    Good times ahead!

    Harmon B

    Good news and bad news.


    Nice work there. Good news. Appreciate it.

    Now the bad news; you think you got it made now that you're in with one of the Benjamins

    Sorry. You got the wrong Benjamin kid. The only offspring that matters in this family is Princess Bonita.

    Don't worry, though. Kid sisters not going to get everything her way. I got my own plan for the future. You keep giving me results like this, and you might just be a part of it

    Still sorting the details, but keep the faith.

    Harmon B

    Thanks for doing so well.

    We must be doing something right, because were getting more resources allocated our way. Little sis is going to be mad about that.

    I was sent here to crash and burn  Black Sheep Harmon fucks things up again  but we proved them wrong.

    Were not getting squeezed out by the gangs already here, and were spreading the G name into a new market.

    Dont have to come up from the streets to know theres a whole bunch of angry people out there looking to get behind something different.

    As I said, glad youre along for the ride,


    Glad you're along for the ride.

    We must be doing something right, because were getting more resources allocated our way. Little sis is going to be mad about that.

    I was sent here to crash and burn  Black Sheep Harmon fucks things up again  but we proved them wrong.

    Were not getting squeezed out by the gangs already here, and were spreading the G name into a new market. ?Dont have to come up from the streets to know theres a whole bunch of angry people out there looking to get behind something different.??As I said, glad youre along for the ride,??Harmon?

    Give 'em hell!

    Hey, nice work out there. Seriously.

    Been dropping your name to Grayson Fell, and we both agree youre really bringing something new to the Gs. Wish we had more like you.

    Graysons okay... for a hired mercenary business suit whose lips are never too far away from the ass of Big Money.

    My dad talks big, but he still needs guys like Grayson to get things done.

    Think I got this thing locked here, so thanks for your help. You ever meet up with little sis Bonita out there, tell her Harmon says hi...


  •   Item Category Cost Rating
    Item Icon Eagle Head Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Unlock: Chicken Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Unlock: Dance Comical Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Straight Drip Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Splat 1 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Splat 2 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Splat 3 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Splat 4 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Splat 5 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Splat 6 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Splat 7 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Brush Stroke 1 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Scratches 2 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Brush Stroke 2 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Brush Stroke 3 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Diamond Heart Necklace Clothing $5,990 0
    Item Icon Crown Pendant Clothing $4,990 0
    Item Icon Epinephrine Injector Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Med Spray Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Boom Box Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Resupply Box (Large) Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Mobile Cover Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Satchel Charge Consumable Items $0 0
  • Subject
    Biography: Corporations

    Corporation is perception. That's why some corporations are so visible. Hungry? There's a TastyBurger on every corner. Thirsty? Why not pick up a refreshing can of Boomer or Agent Orange, with their new improved flavours? Horny? The third series of 'Prison Farm' starts tonight at 8pm on Pattern 3. Or maybe 'In the Flesh' on WP Unleashed, or 'My Daughter's Keeper' on Daybreak. You have choice; the illusion of choice.

    Modern life is a complicated business. But you're animals; you like food and warmth, security and sex. They sit in high towers and they study you, like lab-rats. They are chemists and physicists, expert in the science of suppression.

    Is the world making you nervous? Then don't think about it. Distraction is a part of the game. You don't want genocide or famine. You want misery on a scale you can understand, that's non-fatal, that's happening to someone else.

    Don't worry about payment. They've arranged that too. All you have to do is turn up on your hamster wheel, same time every morning, try not to get shot on the way in. AnsaCredit, Best Global, one of them will handle the details.

    These are the names you'll hear, but there are corporations that would rather not be visible at all. Argo Systems, DDS, Stonewell. Their market isn't you. Defence accounted for nearly 40% of the national budget. Tax dollars fed into a voracious machine. Not just tax dollars. If the gangs want weapons, they can have them. That mess on the ground is made of money; let the whole place burn. Granger can pick up the contracts, build it all again with more tax dollars. No, you've never heard of them, but you're paying their rent, and they fashion the bullets that will end your lives.

    And if you do get shot, they've got drugs. Don't worry, it's all paid for. Tax dollars through the health programs, prescription payments from you. Take your medicine, trace it back; Lindochem, Daitoda, more quiet ones, hiding in high towers.

    You want to hear the news. Put it on; it's always the same. The government every bit as obedient as the people, so there are good guys and bad guys; the whole pantomime rolls on into forever.

    Predators, they only turn on one another when there's not enough food. But there's always enough food; pliant and self-replicating, and with nowhere to run.

    Not predators. They look after you, feed you, clothe you, entertain you.

    All masks, all part of the game. A game that predates civilisation, predates humanity. And the one thing that makes this game uniquely human; they hunt their own. You are the prey. Coming ready or not.

    Biography: Colby Security & Safety

    Colby (Colby Security & Safety)

    Founded in 1850, Colby Security and Safety is a company that revolutionised firearms manufacture during a period of major expansion into the American Midwest. General Randolf Carter Colby's repeating revolver became a byword of reliability and much of what people associate with the 'cowboy western' owes a lot to his compact hand guns. A range of 'buffalo rifles' soon followed along with a famous free-standing gatling gun, so advanced in its time, that Colby was forced to sell all rights to the American government lest details of this 'devastating weapon of war' found its way to foreign powers, but received in return a call to Congress and exclusive rights to manufacture. Colby went on to supply the American army with most of its weaponry and firearms for the next forty years, amassing a huge personal fortune, before branching out into foreign markets. The business prospered until the end of the Cold War in the 1990s, when a flood of black-book, ex Soviet weaponry led to a slump in the munitions markets. By 1995, Darryl Finzano, the CEO of Colby Munitions, was forced to close various Colby plants including the 'New Cross' ammunition production line in San Paro's, E Havalynd. Production delays and labour problems led to falling quality and several key contracts were re-assigned to competitors (notably Obeya). Today, Colby is fighting to regain its commercial footing, though the SPPD remains one of Colby's largest customers in San Paro.

    Biography: Luke Waskawi (Part 3)

    Played like a fool. A patsy. A puppet, to be used and then eliminated. It was the last time Luke Waskawi would ever play such a role again.

    There was a trial, of course, but the result was a foregone conclusion. His age protected him from the prosecution's demands for the death penalty, so he served the first few years of his life sentence in a variety of youth institutions. These institutions were little more than state-funded gladiator academies, every one of them, training an almost feral and atavistic generation of young criminals. On the day of his eighteenth birthday, he was transferred to an adult prison. In the juvenile facilities, Waskawi was a curiosity, the teenage political assassin, his intelligence testing almost off the scale. In adult prison, he became just another lifer to be locked up and forgotten.

    That suited Luke Waskawi just fine. The deaths of his father and of John Derren had set him on this path, but his years in prison -years which he quietly, calmly put to almost unimaginably patient good use - was to be the making of him.

    He disappeared into the system. He absorbed himself into it, becoming part of it. His powers of manipulation and subtle coercion came to their full realisation. He attracted followers and bodyguards to himself, first for self-protection, and then later to project his own power out into the rest of the prison. He immersed himself in knowledge, consuming entire prison libraries. He quickly took over the smuggling pipelines into the prison, making himself the beginnings of a small fortune. Through outside intermediaries, he used the money to play the stock markets, making himself the beginnings of a far larger fortune. In everything he did, he was guided by one thing; Luke Waskawi had seen the future, and knew that his destiny was to help bring that future about.

    San Paro was doomed, was too diseased to be allowed to survive. Its police and political and business establishments were hopelessly corrupt, totally failing the people they purported to serve. Its criminal establishment - the old men who had set Waskawi to kill Derren - were also part of the problem. Constantly fighting among themselves, thinking - like the corporates - of only how much more they could bleed out of the city and its people - they too were part of San Paro's stagnant status quo. He wasn't concerned too much about them, though; in the juvenile institutions, he had seen at first hand the new generation of street criminals who would soon supplant these old men, with their tired old ideas.

    Luke Waskawi still believed in the ideals of his father - that San Paro should be a place fit for decent people to live in - but he knew that no crusading would ever achieve this task. The damage ran too deep. To change, the city, its institutions - its police, its government, its criminal and business oligarchies - would have to be completely swept away and replaced with something else. Something far better. Luke Waskawi believed that he was the man to deliver that future.

    San Paro changed for the far worse in the years he was in prison, just as he knew it would. The political establishment, thrown into turmoil by John Derren's death, fought over the scraps of his power, failing to deliver on any of its many high-minded promises to the electorate. Thirly hung grimly onto power in the police commissioner's office, moving from one paymaster to another, offering his loyalty to anyone who could provide the money and power needed to stave off the many threats of official investigation into the decades of police corruption that he had presided over. The corporates grew and grew in power, favouring whatever faction in the city's criminal and political power structures most suited the balance sheets at that particular moment. The same corporates who backed the owners of the Dyler power plant and funded Derren's campaign - and who probably funded Vincent Waskawi's murder - happily sat down and broke bread with the same criminals who had been their enemies in the power plant strike. The corporates maintained an attitude of detached interest to the power struggles going on elsewhere in the city. They thought that, no matter what happened, they would survive. Luke Waskawi knew better. Their time was coming. It might just take slightly longer to arrive than the eventual fates of the political and criminal establishments.

    The criminal establishment was the first to go, just as Waskawi knew it would be. They could not compete with this new frightening generation of criminals that the city's economic and social problems had given rise to. The old men always claimed to own the streets, but they were too busy feuding and plotting against each other to pay any attention to what was actually happening on those streets. Frightened and confused by this sudden change in the city's criminal landscape, the survivors retreated to brood and plot behind the safety of walls of their mansions in The Concession.

    The new owners of the city streets were disorganised and disjointed, just as Waskawi knew they would be. They fought all comers; police, each other and old criminal establishment. They were fearless and violent; they were uncaring and totally amoral. Most of them would never realise it, but they were the means by which Luke Waskawi would change San Paro forever and - he intended - for the better.

  • Name Stages Final Stage
    ORDERS FROM ON HIGH 4 TerritoryControl
    CONSUMER RIGHTS 4 Graffiti
    SKIDMARKS 4 MovingTarget
    CASH FOR CLUNKERS 4 TerritoryControl
    OBJECTION! 4 Escort
    GUN-KINGS 5 Escort
    GUN RUN GANG 3 TakeOverDeathmatch
    YOU'RE FIRED! 4 TerritoryControl
    THE MAN KNOWS HIS JEWELRY 5 TerritoryControl
    ONE NIGHT IN SOFIA 5 MovingTarget
    EVERYBODY COMES TO RICK'S 4 TerritoryControl
    EXEC EXPRESS 4 TerritoryControl
    IT'S A STEAL! 5 Deathmatch
    BLIND JUSTICE 4 Graffiti
    DELIVER THE LIVER 5 MovingTarget
    BURN TO EARN 4 TakeOverDeathmatch
    AN EXPLOSIVE TRIAL 6 Deathmatch
    IN, OUT, SPRAY IT ALL ABOUT 4 TakeOverDeathmatch
    TOUGH LOVE 5 Deathmatch
    SEA MIST 4 TakeOverDeathmatch
    THE HOBBY HOODS 6 Deathmatch
    A TAX ATTACK 6 TakeOverDeathmatch
    CREME DE LA CRIME 10 Delivery
    MAKING A RACKET 5 TerritoryControl
    FAMILY FUN DAY 4 TakeOverDeathmatch
    STEREO TYPES 5 MovingTarget
    GOODY GUNDROPS 5 Deathmatch
    MAH-JONG MONEY 4 Delivery
    POWDER TRAIL 3 Deathmatch
    POP3 A CAP 5 TakeOverDeathmatch
    BUTTON MASHERS 3 MovingTarget
    UP THE ARSENAL 5 TerritoryControl
    LET US SPRAY 4 TerritoryControl
    I AM NOT A CROOK 6 Deathmatch
    EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY 7 TakeOverDeathmatch
    KLEPTOMANIA 5 TerritoryControl
    BADGE OF DISHONOR 5 TerritoryControl
    THERE'S NO EYE IN TEAM 5 Delivery
    SHOCK FOR THE JOCK 3 TakeOverDeathmatch
    A DISH BEST SERVED COLD 3 TakeOverDeathmatch
    THE BIG SCOOP 5 TerritoryControl
    THAT TV'S BIGGER THAN MY HOUSE 5 TerritoryControl
    TAGGED AND BAGGED 3 TerritoryControl
  • Level Name
    10 Assault Rifle Training (10 Joker Tickets)

    Got something nice and simple for you right now. I need you to <col: Yellow>kill 5 Enforcers with assault rifles.</col> Nice and simple, but it keeps the balance sheet straight. Not glamorous, I know, but I get a feeling you'll enjoy it anyway.

    Kill <col: Yellow>5</col> enemies with an assault rifle.
    10 But This One Is Mine (10 Joker Tickets)

    Bonita gets to spend her time at dinner parties and with her flavor of the month boyfriend and I get to help out on the streets and actually doing shit that's useful. How about you make yourself useful for me? <col: Yellow>Kill 5 Enforcers</col> with a rifle.

    Kill <col: Yellow>5</col> enemies with Marksman weapons.