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Lilith Bloodrose

The first of the trio known variously around the Waterfront scene as The Brides of Dracula, The Harem or The Three Furies. Part eye candy who accompany Jeung and Charlotte around the clubs, part bodyguards for the pair of them, and part hit squad to be unleashed upon those who have earned the Blood Roses' enmity. There are also other rumours about them - mostly concerning the various possible sexual equations and how-many-bodies-in-a-bed entanglements that can occur along the combined Jeung/Charlotte/Harem axis - that it's best not to mention in front of any of them, even if the stories form part of the Blood Roses' glamorous mystique.

Lilith is the poor little rich girl gone totally off the rails. Respectable Virginia Gardens family, father something big in Havalynd, mother who collects worthy charity cases and up-and-coming young modern artists for a hobby. In an infamous crime case over a decade ago, both parents were hacked up one night in their duplex apartment, while little Amanda Kurtz -then only nine years old - slept in her bedroom just along the hall. The crime rocked San Paro moneyed society, and everyone still remembers that front page photograph on the cover of the San Paro Standard, showing a young child, still dressed in her pyjamas, looking wide-eyed in bewilderment as a policewoman tenderly escorts her out of the apartment building. San Paro moneyed society immediately demanded the murderer be found, and the blame was quickly pinned on a young Montebank artist who had briefly been one of Mrs Kurtz's favourites (and, some of the gossip pages hinted, her lover) before being dropped for the latest season's new hot young prospect. The guy had a drug habit, a motive - he said Mrs Kurtz never made good on promises to fund his work - and had been in the apartment on various occasions; it wasn't difficult for the SPPD to build a case against him.

A junior hotshot detective called Inehower, thought otherwise. There was no forensic evidence to suggest the guy was the killer, and there were various uncomfortable anomalies in the evidence that Forensics had collected so far that his superiors were trying hard to overlook in their rush to clear the case. Starting a reputation for uncompromising awkwardness, Inehower starts asking the questions a lot of people don't want answered. An off-the-record conversation with the Department's chief CSI tech and a visit to the house of the Kurtz family now looking after poor little orphaned Amanda, where he talks with the girl for the first time, are enough to start the process.

The same process that ends, a few months later, with Amanda Kurtz being found guilty of her parents' double murder. Daddy spent all his time at the office, and didn't bring her nice enough presents when he came home from business trips. Mummy ignored her in favour of the smelly, badly-dressed artist people she brought home. The press had a field day. Child psychologists got rich off the media exposure they received commenting on the case. Inehower cemented his reputation as a first-class detective and major Departmental pain-in-the-ass, but he's still haunted by what that blank-eyed little girl told him that day, and the gleeful way she used the dolls she was playing with to show him what had happened that night in that apartment.

And little Amanda? Too young to be prosecuted, she was made a ward old court and confined to a private mental hospital, to be held there until she came into her majority and efforts could be made to determine what to do with her as an adult. Privately, the doctors agreed that the safest thing would be if she was never to leave the place. Inehower, who visited her once over the years, could only agree. At sixteen, the dark hungry thing he had glimpsed behind the eyes of that little girl was now starting to fully emerge.

Two years later, the facility was destroyed in a devastating fire, killing thirty nine patients and staff. Amanda Kurtz was among them, just one of almost a dozen victims whose remains were never found among the ashes.

And then, two years later, Lilith Bloodrose starts turning up at the Banshee club, and quickly earns her Blood Rose name and scar tattoo by using a nail-file to carve up the face of a guy who fed Byron some faulty backdoor passwords into the Port Authority computer systems. No-one really knows who she is, and no-one really cares. Who can tell what she really looks like, underneath all that wild dyed hair and crazy high-fashion tribal makeup? Who even remembers that Charlotte Bloodrose was once the neighbour and school-friend of little Amanda Kurtz?

Lieutenant Inehower always swore he'd never forget the look in that kid's eyes, a look that was always there, but then San Paro's a big place, and he and Lilith Bloodrose have yet to cross paths.

Unlock Emails
Random Rewards
Random Reward Emails
  •   Level Item Category Cost Rating
    Item Icon 2 Montane III "Oni" Vehicles $6,000 30
    Item Icon 2 Fireproofing 1 Modifications $10,000 30
    Item Icon 3 Macchina Calabria 227 Vehicles $10,000 10
    Item Icon 4 Sentinel LT 2 "Occulta" Vehicles $6,000 30
    Item Icon 4 Fast-Fix Chassis 1 Modifications $10,000 30
    Item Icon 4 Charge Mikro Vehicles $40,000 40
    Item Icon 4 "AngelGirl" Skull Hockey Mask Clothing $166 0
    Item Icon 4 "AngelGirl" Strega's Boots Clothing $15 0
    Item Icon 4 "AngelGirl" In Memorium Band Clothing $15 0
    Item Icon 4 "AngelGirl" Red Studded Wristband Clothing $17 0
    Item Icon 4 "AngelGirl" Angel Punch Crop Top Clothing $65 0
    Item Icon 4 "AngelGirl" Hoodie Clothing $50 0
    Item Icon 4 "AngelGirl" Villainy Tutu Clothing $90 0
    Item Icon 4 "AngelGirl" Official BR Stocking (L) Clothing $45 0
    Item Icon 4 "AngelGirl" Official BR Stocking (R) Clothing $45 0
    Item Icon 4 "Binary" Blood Rose Tie Clothing $115 0
    Item Icon 4 "Binary" Low Rose Belt Clothing $15 0
    Item Icon 4 "Binary" Leather Jacket Clothing $95 0
    Item Icon 4 "Binary" Seung's Goggles Clothing $240 0
    Item Icon 4 "Binary" C-Section Sneakers Clothing $100 0
    Item Icon 4 "Binary" Pirate Shirt Clothing $65 0
    Item Icon 4 "Binary" Eliza Bathory Jeans Clothing $65 0
    Item Icon 4 Angel Girl Batbabe Symbols $0 0
    Item Icon 4 Cat Sun Symbols $0 0
    Item Icon 5 T-25 SPC II "Jumper" Vehicles $10,000 30
    Item Icon 6 Mikro JC12 "Heretic" Vehicles $14,000 30
    Item Icon 6 Extra Cargo Capacity 1 Modifications $10,000 30
    Item Icon 7 Han Veo 120LX Vehicles $10,000 30
    Item Icon 7 Espacio 92 "Splinter" Vehicles $14,000 30
    Item Icon 7 Dolton Fresno D 100 Vehicles $60,000 30
    Item Icon 8 Charge Sentinel CS901 Vehicles $35,000 30
    Item Icon 8 Ramming Plate 1 Modifications $10,000 30
    Item Icon 8 Charge Cisco 1801 Vehicles $80,000 30
    Item Icon 9 Dolton Montane D 130 Vehicles $35,000 30
    Item Icon 9 Kurai NO2 "Mazuma" Vehicles $10,000 30
    Item Icon 10 Steel Plating 1 Modifications $10,000 30
    Item Icon 10 Patriot Vegas G20 Vehicles $40,000 20
  • Subject
    Have fun!!!!

    I liked that thing you did. They said youd mess it up, but I knew you wouldnt, so Im giving you a present.

    I get presents from Jeung when he says Ive been good. The last time was after I drew pretty red pictures with my nail file on this mans face after he gave Byron some bad computer passwords.

    That was fun. I like it when Im allowed to do fun things.

    Thats what being a Blood Rose is all about. Having fun!

    -Lilith Bloodrose

    Dancing, dancing, dancing.

    Do you like dancing? I do. We go to Banshee and Beltane and Gaijin all the time.

    Once we caught a Tiger  not a real one, one of the Prentiss kind  and made him dance. We poured stuff over him and he went all on fire and danced around shouting and waving his arms. It was really funny!

    And we took pictures and sent them to the other Tigers so they could see how funny it was too!

    We should definitely go out dancing one night. (But not like I did with the Tiger!)

    -Lilith Bloodrose

    All about me

    Have you met my friends Pagan and Strega? People call us the Furies. (They used to call us other things too but then I did that thing to that person who called us one of those names and everyone stopped.)

    We hang out a lot. Charlottes my special friend too. Me and her used to play together when we were little. Then I did that thing to mom and dad and I had to go away to the other place for a long time.

    Then that place burned down and I came back here. I like here better. Its more fun than the other place.

    -Lilith Bloodrose

    Don't go to Midtown

    Im not allowed to go to Midtown because thats where the big policeman is.

    He was the one who knew it was me that did the thing to mom and dad. No-one believed him but then they gave me some dolls and asked me to play at what happened and I did that and then they sent me away to the other place.

    He told the doctors it would be safer if I never got out but I did get out and now Im back hahahaha.

    I see him on TV and hes older now. Maybe I will have to go kill him one day but not right now.

    -Lilith Bloodrose

    Shhhh, secret

    Do you like my name? Charlotte picked it for me. Charlottes good at stuff like that.

    I used to have another name but Im not supposed to tell anyone it. Its probably okay to tell you though.

    I used to be called Amanda back when I did that thing to mom and dad. Charlotte says people still remember the thing I did and might still be looking for me.

    So now Im called Lilith and I look different because Im a Blood Rose so I guess Im probably safe now.

    -Lilith Bloodrose

  •   Item Category Cost Rating
    Item Icon Frog Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Unlock: Threaten Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Scribble 3 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Scribble 4 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Paint Block 1 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Paint Block 2 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Paint Block 3 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Painted Corner 1 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Soundwave 1 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Soundwave 2 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Scribble Loop Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Painted Corner 2 Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Finger Drips Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Handprint Unlocks $0 0
    Item Icon Epinephrine Injector Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Med Spray Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Boom Box Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Resupply Box (Large) Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Mobile Cover Consumable Items $0 0
    Item Icon Satchel Charge Consumable Items $0 0
  • Subject
    Biography: Fourche Bank (Part 1)

    There has been some kind of fortified outpost on or near the site of Fourche Bank almost since the foundation of San Paro. Indeed, archaeological excavations conducted a few decades ago by John Holland University, and funded by the Haverall Foundation, revealed that a fortified hill village may have existed there as far back as the late Bronze Age. To the earliest San Paro colonists, the wooden-palisade fort on the hill above them must have been a comforting site, with its commanding views overlooking the approaches to the mouth of the Nantego, but also looking inwards toward the hinterland beyond the river, and the hostile tribes hiding in the dense forests there. In times of danger, whether it came from land or water, the sentry bell - now proudly on display in the foyer of the City Council building - would be rung, and the colonists would take shelter inside the fort until danger was over.

    The fort at Fourche Bank has been destroyed three times in San Paro's history, twice by wartime, and the last time barely more than a century ago, when it was stormed by an angry mob of citizens looking for redress against a recently impeached corrupt mayor who had taken shelter there. By that time, the once windswept hill that the fort was built on had long been urbanised and incorporated into the growing city. In the earliest days, the homes of wealthy San Parians were clustered round the slopes of the hill, under the walls of the fort, for protection. Even after the fort had gone, the tradition continued, and the small but select residential district, with its fine views across the city and the Nantego, has always had a quiet air of genteel exclusivity about it.

    When radio arrived, the Bank became the location of the city's first main radio broadcast mast, and when war came again it was once more pressed into service, but as a radar station and military communications installation, a function it continued to serve for decades afterwards. Where there was once a watchtower looking out to sea for signs of any hostile sails on the horizon, now there was a 150 feet high radio tower, capable of eavesdropping on conversations carried by the ether from half the planet away. Technological leaps forward saw the size and complexity of the Bank's array of powerful radio masts and satellite dishes increase further - the surrounding neighbourhood was quickly nicknamed 'Microwave Heights' by those who still couldn't afford to live there - and the site was already being used as the hub for San Paro's civilian communications network several years before defence cuts and the shifting strategic situation saw the end of its use by the military. As the military moved out, the SPPD moved in, a small garrison being stationed there to safeguard the site after an opportunistic attack on it by one of the city's growing-in-confidence criminal gangs caused millions of dollars of damage and blacked out a major part of San Paro's radio, TV, phone and internet communications.

    As the city's crime problem escalated, it was realised that the Bank's location - elevated, central, easily defensible - made it ideal as the staging point for an elite rapid reaction force that could be scrambled in minutes and helicopter-inserted into any sudden trouble spot around the city. Extensive work was begun on the facility - barracks, an armoury, a defensive perimeter, all constructed and ready for use - but the city's crippling budget deficit and a change of policy at the SPPD saw the plan abruptly cancelled.

    Mayor Derren, several years later, brought it back to life again. The City Security Act had now been passed, and new law enforcement organisations - everything from armed neighbourhood watch groups to radical ideologues and corporate-sponsored professional mercenaries - were out on the city streets now, and problems were already becoming evident. There was friction between some of the new groups - and between the SPPD and virtually all the others - and a lack of communication and coordinated planning was already threatening to hand the initiative back to the criminals. What was needed, Derren decided, was something to ensure that all the Enforcement groups were pointing their guns in the same direction and away from each other.

    Biography: Han Motor Corporation

    Han Motor Corporation

    The Han Motor Corporation is the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world. Currently based in Seoul, Korea, they plan to move their headquarters to Incheon by 2013, with construction beginning in 2010. The company was formed by its current CEO, Lim Seung-chul, a wealthy industrialist, and Kwan Park, a maverick auto designer from Charge National's R&D divison. Having developed a revolutionary smelting process eight years before, Seung-chul had made a fortune from patents held in the steel industry, though bad business investments and several high-profile labour disputes had ruined the fortunes of Atland Steel, his original holding company. Struggling to rebuild his personal fortune, Seung-chul took a gamble on Kwan Park's innovative automobile designs, primarily - he freely admits - because Park had recently married his daughter. The rest is history. In 1988, Han Motors entered an alliance with Cheval R.S. of France using the partnership to increase its manufacturing and distribution base. And in 1993 the company set a first year record for selling automobiles into the American market - well over 200,000 vehicles. In the last 10 years, both quality and sales have dramatically increased and the reputation of Han Motors has gone from strength to strength.

  • Name Stages Final Stage
    GANGLAND ANNEXATION 4 TerritoryControl
    NO SERVICE? NO STORE! 4 Graffiti
    SPARE WHEELS 4 MovingTarget
    CASH FOR CLUNKERS 4 TerritoryControl
    R. O. A. R. 3 Graffiti
    WAR OF THE WAGGLE 4 Escort
    ALL IN A TWIZZY 5 Escort
    GUN RUN GANG 3 TakeOverDeathmatch
    THE BIG CONTE 5 TerritoryControl
    DOUGH FOR THE DOORMAN 5 MovingTarget
    DINNER DATE 4 TerritoryControl
    EXEC EXPRESS 4 TerritoryControl
    IT'S A STEAL! 5 Deathmatch
    BLIND JUSTICE 4 Graffiti
    DELIVER THE LIVER 5 MovingTarget
    LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME 4 TakeOverDeathmatch
    PAY UP OR BLOW UP 6 Deathmatch
    TIGER TROUBLE 5 Deathmatch
    SEA MIST 4 TakeOverDeathmatch
    THE HOBBY HOODS 6 Deathmatch
    A TAX ATTACK 6 TakeOverDeathmatch
    CREME DE LA CRIME 10 Delivery
    MAKING A RACKET 5 TerritoryControl
    FAMILY FUN DAY 4 TakeOverDeathmatch
    STEREO TYPES 5 MovingTarget
    GOODY GUNDROPS 5 Deathmatch
    MAH-JONG MONEY 4 Delivery
    THE PRICE OF FAME 5 MovingTarget
    POWDER TRAIL 3 Deathmatch
    POP3 A CAP 5 TakeOverDeathmatch
    BUTTON MASHERS 3 MovingTarget
    UP THE ARSENAL 5 TerritoryControl
    LET US SPRAY 4 TerritoryControl
    I AM NOT A CROOK 6 Deathmatch
    EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY 7 TakeOverDeathmatch
    KLEPTOMANIA 5 TerritoryControl
    A BLOOD ROSE WITH A BADGE 5 TerritoryControl
    DO THE GAS CASH MASH 4 MovingTarget
    SHOCK FOR THE JOCK 3 TakeOverDeathmatch
    A DISH BEST SERVED COLD 3 TakeOverDeathmatch
    THE BIG SCOOP 5 TerritoryControl
    THAT TV'S BIGGER THAN MY HOUSE 5 TerritoryControl
    SPRAY TO PLAY 3 TerritoryControl
  • Level Name
    10 How Very Alarming! (10 Joker Tickets)

    Nothing like the sound of a body hitting the bumper to wake you up in the morning. Hey, can you record the noise of <col: Yellow>2 Enforcers getting run down</col> for me? I need something to get me up in the morning and I've been told to lay off the coffee.

    Run over <col: Yellow>2</col> enemies with your vehicle.