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Lynette Casey

Guilt can be a funny thing -- more funny fucked-up, than funny ha ha', but funny nonetheless. Back in 2005, when Darryl Kent and Jenna Casey walked into what used to be the Coffee Crib in Prentiss, guilt hadnt made much of an impact on Lynette Caseys life yet. 5 Minutes later, it would shape it for her.

After the incident, the rumour mill went into full effect, and for way longer than the police investigation did. The cops drew a big fucking blank on the whole thing, so of course everyone just had to run their theory on it. Turns out the girls responsible had customised their shit beyond all recognition. It was regular whodunit. Probably Bloodroses, though  hell, it was definitely Bloodroses  but try proving that. And how in the fuck did a 6 foot 5 one time line-backer avoid catching so much as a scrap of flying glass from that hail of machine gun fire  the same rounds that practically decimated a 5 foot nothing prom queen wannabe? Jenna was so fucking pretty. So smart. So sweet. Probably the best girl ever. What a fucking waste.

Lynette was eighteen when it happened. She lost her best friend that day, not just her sister. Jenna could be a massive bitch sometimes. A real cunt. But she was still her best girl. They told each other everything. Everything...

Big sis didnt tell her about Darryl, though. Of course she didnt. It was shared knowledge that Lynette had a big thing for Mr Kent.

But, Lynette, Jenna would say, hes a fucking jock. Not cool, sis. The hypocrite.

The day she died, Lynette found out Jenna had been dating him. Obviously, she had a fucking conniption. You are not my sister! That kind of thing. You fucking whore. You bitch! Im never talking to you again! The full works. And rightly so. Right?

Shouldnt have wished for her to die though& Shouldnt have told her that. Some things you just cant unsay, and, boy, does fate ever pick its moments to be ironic. Pretty funny, huh? Ha ha.

Lynette councillor tells her that its ridiculous to be blaming herself still. She claims she cant help it. She cant focus. Its why she dropped out of college and started running with a loser crowd, hoping to catch wind of the same bitches that gave her this guilt. Of course, she turned up nothing except drugs and alcohol and for a time she began to forget. One memory at a time.

One day, though, she has this dream about her sister  meets her on a busy street dressed all office-y and successful. Jenna smiles and walks on, and Lynette wakes up in her bullshit, Gresty apartment, wondering what the hell shes doing with her life. She hears about Orlenz Morettis little enforcement club. Hears that Darryl Kents a big part of it. Small wonder there. She calls him up and they meet. The two guiltiest motherfuckers in the world. Its a tough conversation. She tells him she wants in. And with one or two conditions, he capitulates. He doesnt dare say no.

Lynette Casey is all Tiger now. She knows that Darryls keeping her on the side-lines. Shes benched, at least until she has the skills to run her own game. Kents not going to be responsible for her death as well so hes got his sister, Miranda, keeping close tabs on her, sending her all the best stuff. Meanwhile Byeong Lee insists he needs someone to fill a fixer role down at the Waterfront. She can live with that, for now. As her councillor says: You have to use you guilt. Do something with it. Turn it into something positive. One of these days she will. Shell find out who shot up that coffee shop. And when she does, theres going to be a reckoning.

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