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Chung-hee's an adrenaline junkie. Went to the same school as Orlenz' and most of the others, where he was the school track star, but running track - even with all the San Paro school championship medals he racked up - just didn't give him the buzz he was looking for. Ditto with team games like soccer or football, where he would probably have given Orlenz' a serious run for his money for that quarterback spot. Chung-hee liked to be out there on his own, pushing himself to the limit, seeing just how close to the edge of the envelope he could get. Can't do that, and find out what you really need to know about yourself, when you've got the safety net of a teammate watching your back.

His parents' money, and the easygoing life in Prentiss, gave him what he needed to indulge his passions. On the beach, it was jet-skiing, scuba-diving and wind-surfing. Out on the water, on Nora's father's yacht, it was clay pigeon shooting and seagull target practice, when some of the Tigers started getting a taste for having a gun in their hands. On the city streets, it was drag-racing and hot-rodding with Chiza, which was fun enough, but Chung-hee preferred pushing himself to the limit using muscle and sweat, not chrome and rubber.

Out of the city, in the woods and mountains, it was hunting, orienteering and 'look, ma - no ropes and safety harnesses!' bare-hands rock climbing. When some of the other Tigers came along with him for the hunting, it was rifles with telescopic sights, and nights spent camping out in tents. When he's on his own, he uses a crossbow instead of a rifle, and travels light, using self-taught survival skills and sleeping with nothing between him and the stars. Once, dispensing with the crossbow, he tracked and wrestled to the ground a fully-grown stag, killing it with his bowie knife.

Back in the city, and it's free running, feeling like some kind of comic book superhero as he ghosts across the rooftops of San Paro, The Port Authority area of the Waterfront is just one big playground, the months he spent exploring its escape routes and access points turning out all along to have been pre-Tigers reconnaissance missions. One night, he caught a mugging gang in action against a couple of lost tourists in a street off Shoreside Boulevard. Going to the tourists' rescue - dropping down out of nowhere to start beating the hell out of the muggers - had been fun. After that, he started going out specifically looking for trouble; a regular rooftop vigilante.

When the Tigers asked him to join up, he didn't even have to think twice about it. He didn't care much about the City Security Act, the pros and cons of officially sanctioned vigilante action or the issues of the rights of communities to protect themselves, although the idea of kicking the crap out of faggoty-looking wimps like the Blood Roses sure had a certain appeal.

He just joined up because it sounded like fun; another chance to test his survival skills and see just how close to the edge these new challenges can take him.

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