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Stu Phoenix

When Byeong Lee came aboard, the Prentiss Tigers were a mess. They were scoring hits on the opposition, but they had no real organisational structure, no mission plan, no sense of their long-term objectives. They were everything they appeared to be; a bunch of well-intentioned if wild kids running around and having a hell of a time kicking ass in the name of fighting crime. Byeong whipped them into something resembling a disciplined, organised team, and has been overseeing them ever since, but he can't do it all alone. He needed someone to be there when he couldn't; someone who could understand what he wanted and make sure the kids understood it too; someone tough enough to keep the kids focussed and on-mission when things got rough. Hell, he even needed someone just to keep ahead all the paperwork that came with being one of the new organisations authorised by the City Security Act.

He found all the things he needed in Sergeant Stu Phoenix of the SPPD.

Phoenix came courtesy of August Carter, who realised the uphill struggle his former colleague and sometimes verbal sparring partner faced with the Tigers, and was willing to pay back a few old favours. Phoenix was just about to retire after thirty years in the SPPD, and was considering leaving San Paro for somewhere a whole lot quieter and safer. He had done just about every kind of duty the Department had to offer in those thirty years, including a memorable spell as guard at the Block, the city's infamous penitentiary, where he once almost single-handedly quelled a prison riot by over two hundred of San Paro's most violent criminals. For the last five years of his police career, he had been manning a desk at the Keep, dealing with the mountains of paperwork generated by any large city police department

With Carter's help, Byeong persuaded Phoenix to stay on in San Paro after his retirement. Juggling the Tigers' budget - another task else he looked forward to passing onto someone else - Byeong was able to find a house in Prentiss for Phoenix and his family, something that would previously have been well out of their income range.

Once Phoenix started work, the next vital task was to find a permanent base of operations for the Tigers, somewhere that would serve as a barracks, an armoury, a communications centre and a jailhouse. Scouting around together - and guided by Orlenz's local knowledge - they quickly zeroed in on the old abandoned wartime fortifications around one of the Prentiss beachfronts. Generations of kids had - including plenty of the Tigers - used them as make-out spots and places to get drunk or high away from the eyes of parents, but Byeong and Phoenix blew most of the rest of their budget turning the largest of the bunkers into the Tigers' new headquarters, now nicknamed 'The Beachhouse' by the kids. Adjacent to it is Stu Phoenix's pride and joy; a small jailhouse where captured perps can be kept for interrogation and processing before being handed over to the city authorities. The Tigers just typically call it The Sin Bin.

Solid and dependable, but also moody and taciturn, Phoenix is a difficult man to get to know well. The difference in age and social status between him and the kids in the Tigers doesn't help much. Some of them used to make fun of him, sometimes even when he was around. Orlenz' doesn't, not after Byeong told him exactly how Phoenix quelled that prison riot, how many lives he saved, and how many prisoners he put in hospital doing it. Orlenz' put the word out among the other Tigers. If any of them still make fun of the big sergeant, they very wisely do it in circumstances where he's never going to find out about it.

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