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With kids from the class that the Tigers come from, cars are a whole rite of passage in themselves. Whether it's that beat-up old '89 Bishada sportster you worked weekends in one of your parents' restaurants for a year to pay for, or that little Han Compact Nouveau that your dad bought you as a reward for getting into college, it's all about the car.

For some kids, though, it's more than that. That's why Chiza started stealing cars when she was thirteen.

She always had a wild streak - racked up more time in detention than any kid at school - but stealing cars was just something she did for kicks, never for profit. Her family owned a chain of grocery stores across the city, so what did she need money for? Sometimes, after she'd boosted a really cool ride and drove it around town for a while, she'd even take it back and leave it parked where she'd found it. A great car is a thing of beauty, and - in Chiza's book - anyone who knew how to look after one properly deserved to have it returned to them in the same condition it was in when she borrowed it.

Most of all, though, she liked stealing cars from criminals. These ones, she didn't return. She'd drive them around for a while - she kept them in a lock-up garage in Yard Stretch, for appearance's sake driving there every day in the piece of shit Gryslor her parents had bought her - then sell them to a chop shop and give the money away to friends or to charity. Sometimes, she'd go hotrodding in them, heading over to the street racing circuit in Trasket.

One night, she fucked up, accepted a challenge that must have been a set-up from the start, and lost her car to the Rollers. The Rollers offered her a deal; she could keep the car, but only if she went to work for them, stealing cars to order until she'd given them back what the car was worth. She knew it was sucker-deal; the Rollers would never let her back out of it again. Lots of nice cars parked in those driveways in Prentiss; Rollers couldn't go into a place like that to boost them, but a nice girl like her could.

Chiza didn't know what to do. A couple of dozen counts of GTA wouldn't look so hot on her college applications. She hung out a lot with Orlenz' and Darryl. She and Orlenz' used to date, but it was never anything serious. Orlenz' knew what to do, and he wasn't going to let some bunch of Trasket trash do this to one of his friends. The next time Chiza rendezvoused with the Rollers, Orlenz' and some of the others were waiting. Orlenz' in the trunk of the car, with a couple of pistols, and Nora and Chung-hee up on a rooftop with hunting rifles. When the shooting was over, they were left looking at three dead Rollers and two burning cars - Nora and Chung-hee still argue over which one of them it was that scored the bulls-eye on the gas tank. They all went back to Prentiss on a high. No-one realised it at the time, but that was the night the Prentiss Tigers were born.

Chiza owed Orlenz'. When Orlenz' started putting the Tigers together, he didn't even have to ask. Chiza was one of the first to come aboard.

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