Criminal - All Points Bulletin


The Criminals are part of the ever-present criminal fraternity. It's always been here, but this is a new breed, with new ideals.

The mercurial Luke Waskawi has become a rallying point, and although internecine war still rages - gang battling gang - there is now also movement towards systematically battling the status quo and overturning what many see as the oppressive regime of the incumbent political party: the Conservative Unionists, as embodied in Mayor Derren, her hard-line policies, and the hated City Security Act. Worse still are her Enforcers, a rag-tag body of vigilantes now opposing every criminal move.

Like the other members of your august fraternity, you've likely come highly recommended as a gang member, career criminal, civil activist, or similar.

You've decided to now move beyond mere aimless pleasures and petty crime. A servant of business-like opportunism and the 'fast buck', you work for any organization that'll pay: organizations like the G-Kings, or the Blood Roses. They provide you with lucrative jobs and coordinate the execution of those jobs as required.

You take advantage of criminal opportunities, money-making schemes, and general mayhem, while furthering your own needs and those of your Faction. Rewards are paid automatically. Vehicles, weapons and equipment are at your disposal, but must be purchased with your own funds. How you choose to look is your own affair. At all times, you must be ready to use lethal force against Enforcement operatives - and sometimes other criminals - depending on the needs of your employers. There is no such thing as a reliable truce.

San Paro is at war. You don't need authority - you have the power to take what you need.