Cisco Z180 "Ophelia" - All Points Bulletin

Cisco Z180 "Ophelia"

A Cisco with an 'Ophelia Customs' paint job. Ophelia is famous for her cutting edge auto customization, as well as being somewhat of a pin-up. Some of her most recent work has been for Elite, and the Praetorians are a big fan.

Max Health 980
Max Speed 22.50 m/s (23.03 m/s)
Max Reverse Speed 12 m/s
Drive Type AWD
Cargo Capacity 5 (2)
Seats 2
Ramming Multiplier 2.5
Collision Multiplier 0.75
Max Health Damage 1,400
Max Stamina Damage 600
Max Hard Damage 680.40
Max Damage Range 450 cm
Range 750 cm