Mikro JC14 "New-Cross" - All Points Bulletin

Mikro JC14 "New-Cross"

New Cross Skate Park: the most disappointing skate park in the world? Probably. But it stands as a memorial to the war that is raging every day in the streets of SP. And now the soldiers fighting it have what they need to get the job done. This is urban warfare, "Gorilla" style.

Max Health 900
Max Speed 19.50 m/s (21.50 m/s)
Max Reverse Speed 13 m/s
Drive Type AWD
Cargo Capacity 4 (1)
Seats 2
Ramming Multiplier 2.5 (1.75)
Collision Multiplier 0.75
Max Health Damage 1,400
Max Stamina Damage 600
Max Hard Damage 680.40
Max Damage Range 450 cm
Range 750 cm