Rapier SS4 "APB" - All Points Bulletin

Rapier SS4 "APB"

A Rapier with a custom 'APB' paint job. Lets be honest, this is bound to confuse the Enforcers; after B-Taft produced their APB design, we figured it would be fun to rip one of our own. Oh dear, who's who?

Max Health 900
Max Speed 23 m/s (25 m/s)
Max Reverse Speed 12 m/s
Drive Type RWD
Cargo Capacity 5 (2)
Seats 2
Ramming Multiplier 2.5 (1.75)
Collision Multiplier 0.75
Max Health Damage 1,400
Max Stamina Damage 600
Max Hard Damage 680.40
Max Damage Range 450 cm
Range 750 cm