Balkan Varzuga Rally XS - All Points Bulletin

Balkan Varzuga Rally XS

A fragile yet maneuverable vehicle, both light and agile. Ophelia Customs have tweaked the handling for this special IGN version to be tweaked for racing, switching the drive to a front-wheel variant which emphasises speed and manueverability. Suspension has also been raised and tweaked to provide a smooth ride over any conditions.

Max Health 900
Max Speed 21 m/s
Max Reverse Speed 15 m/s
Drive Type FWD
Cargo Capacity 4
Seats 2
Ramming Multiplier 2.5
Collision Multiplier 0.75
Max Health Damage 1,400
Max Stamina Damage 600
Max Hard Damage 680.40
Max Damage Range 450 cm
Range 750 cm