Packer Vengador V141A4 - All Points Bulletin

Packer Vengador V141A4

The Vengador gives the Vaquero a bold new look, fresh from the forefront of the urban battlefield where pin-point precision in driving is rewarded. Use it like a scalpel rather than a broadsword and youll be reward with handling and acceleration every other vehicle can only dream of.

Max Health 950
Max Speed 19.50 m/s
Max Reverse Speed 15 m/s
Drive Type AWD
Cargo Capacity 4
Seats 2
Ramming Multiplier 2.5
Collision Multiplier 0.449999988079
Max Health Damage 1,400
Max Stamina Damage 600
Max Hard Damage 680.40
Max Damage Range 450 cm
Range 750 cm