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Packer Ceresco 'Newbie'

Designed by Grobar from Patriot, this Packer Ceresco was created for the Noob Mobile contest. It features a cool sunset livery and a mobile spawn point. The Cersco is a great starter vehicle too  good speed, good strength and good handling. Dependable and a great all-rounder, the Cersco will get you, and your team, where you need to be.

Max Health 1,250
Max Speed 19.50 m/s
Max Reverse Speed 12 m/s
Drive Type FWD
Cargo Capacity 25
Seats 4
Ramming Multiplier 5.0
Collision Multiplier 0.600000023842
Max Health Damage 2,000
Max Stamina Damage 600
Max Hard Damage 972.00
Max Damage Range 550 cm
Range 850 cm