HoHoHoPGL - All Points Bulletin


This Festive Grenade launcher allows you to spread a little cheer in a parabolic arc over the skies of San Paro. The snowballs are formed from the frozen tears of people that were upset over the Shotgun changes.

Only usable during the Christmas Event.

Time to Kill 1 sec
Shots to Kill 1
Explosive Projectile
Max Health Damage 1,000
Max Stamina Damage 500
Max Hard Damage 630.0
Max Damage Radius 2m
Radius 7.5m
Speed 23.5 m/s
Fuse Delay 5 sec
Equip Time 1.30 sec
Fire Interval 0.050 sec
Reload Time 3.60 sec
Wind-up Time 1.0 sec
Accuracy Radius at 10m 5cm
Per Shot Modifier 0.30
Shot Modifier Cap 2
Recovery Delay 0.40
Recovery Per Second 2
Crouch Modifier 1
Walk Modifier 1.20
Run Modifier 2.50
Sprint Modifier 1.50
Jump Modifier 2
Marksman Modifier 0.60
In Vehicle Modifier 1
Marksman FoV 16:9 50
Marksman FoV 4:3 50
Movement Speed
Crouched Speed 90 cm/s
Walk Speed 139 cm/s
Marksman Speed 139 cm/s
Run Speed 412.50 cm/s
Sprint Speed 600 cm/s
Ammo Capacity 24
Magazine Capacity 6