N-HVR 243 'Scout' Nol - All Points Bulletin

N-HVR 243 'Scout' Nol

Made to Scout specifications, the HVR-243 uses a lower caliber round in a much lighter and smaller version of the weapon. While this adversely affects its stopping power, it helps recoil and allows for unrestricted movement.

Time to Kill 1.75 sec
Shots to Kill 2
Health Damage 550
Stamina Damage 300
Hard Damage 66.00
Dropoff Range 90m
Min Damage Range 100m
Max Range 100m
Minimum Damage % 60%
Equip Time 0.60 sec
Fire Interval 1.750 sec
Reload Time 2.30 sec
Accuracy Radius at 10m 54cm
Per Shot Modifier 2
Shot Modifier Cap 4
Recovery Delay 0.50
Recovery Per Second 6
Crouch Modifier 0.40
Walk Modifier 3
Run Modifier 3
Sprint Modifier 2
Jump Modifier 8
Marksman Modifier 0.03
In Vehicle Modifier 1
Marksman FoV 16:9 45
Marksman FoV 4:3 45
Movement Speed
Crouched Speed 90 cm/s
Walk Speed 139 cm/s
Marksman Speed 139 cm/s
Run Speed 412.50 cm/s
Sprint Speed 600 cm/s
Ammo Capacity 25
Magazine Capacity 5