NCR-762 'Anubis' Adeen - All Points Bulletin

NCR-762 'Anubis' Adeen

The Nekrova Competition Rifle is a slow-firing, high-caliber weapon designed for sharp-shooting events, but ultimately canned due to high production costs. It has since found a home amongst the rich and powerful with the 'Anubis', a custom design resplendent in lacquered cherry-wood and brass plating.

Time to Kill 1.54 sec
Shots to Kill 3
Health Damage 375
Stamina Damage 100
Hard Damage 67.50
Dropoff Range 75m
Min Damage Range 95m
Max Range 100m
Minimum Damage % 60%
Equip Time 0.75 sec
Fire Interval 0.770 sec
Reload Time 2.10 sec
Accuracy Radius at 10m 19cm
Per Shot Modifier 1
Shot Modifier Cap 1.65
Recovery Delay 0.70
Recovery Per Second 6
Crouch Modifier 1
Walk Modifier 1
Run Modifier 4 (5.50)
Sprint Modifier 1.10
Jump Modifier 8
Marksman Modifier 0.20 (0.05)
In Vehicle Modifier 1.20
Marksman FoV 16:9 40
Marksman FoV 4:3 40
Movement Speed
Crouched Speed 90 cm/s
Walk Speed 139 cm/s
Marksman Speed 139 cm/s
Run Speed 412.50 cm/s
Sprint Speed 600 cm/s
Ammo Capacity 45
Magazine Capacity 9