Praetorians - All Points Bulletin


A well-organized and well-equipped CSA organization paid for, supplied by, and answerable to, various wealthy San Parian citizens and corporate sponsors. They are a private enterprise, picking up where an undermanned and under-funded police force leaves off.

Praetorian personnel come from three main backgrounds: ex-military (mercenary, pragmatic, often former Special Forces), ex-cops (doing the job they used to do, but for better money), and civilian recruits (generally well-intentioned do-gooders).

Smooth and expensive PR projects an image of benign professionalism and civic-minded comradeship, but there are internal tensions about what the Praetorians are really about - are they serving the public good, or protecting the interests and property of the Havalynd corporations who bankroll them?

Founder Justin Teng makes little secret of his intention that the organization will one day replace the city's ailing police force, an idea that is still the cause of considerable controversy.

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