Valentine's Week Massacre - All Points Bulletin

Valentine's Week Massacre

Killing players with any of the Valentine Primary Weapons. Unlocks Valentine death themes, love-heart customizable sunglasses and gifts a special pink edition Colby M1922 'Chopper' along with a themed Police-Hat (useable by both factions) for a limited duration. It also unlocks the STAR 556 'Love-Gun' for purchase through contacts, so you can use it after the event is complete, along with the 'Casanova' Title and a Valentine's themed weapon skin for use on all skinnable weapons.

Valid Weapons:

Joker SR15 'Casanova'

Obeya CR762 'Heartbreaker'

Colby CSG-20 'Speed-Dater'

N-HVR 243 'Cupid's Arrow'

STAR 556 'Love-Gun'

STAR 556 'Love-Gun' R&D III

Colby M-1922 'Chopper'

Colby M-1922 'Big Chopper'

Unlock Emails