Admin Tracker - All Points Bulletin

We're investigating some bans that have occurred during the Christmas Event (starting Wednesday and ending Sunday) for a false ban potential.  Once we have more information, we'll post an update to this thread. 

Slightly worrying that the confirmed false bans are more frequent all the sudden


It doesn't take us over a year like PunkBuster to investigate. I know it may be concerning, but we're constantly monitoring FairFight and making changes to it and with the new event we want to make sure that nothing is causing a problem.  It could be nothing at all, but we're looking into it to be sure. 

Oh thougjt you said ff was flawless? If your getting false bans all of a sudden them you guys changed something?
Thought the rule in life was if its not broken dont try to fix it??? You are messing peoples game time up and you think a pidy forum appolagy is suficcient of been labeled scum of pc gamig???


We knew going automated would have the possibility for false positives and mentioned it in some threads.  Would you rather us not disclose when we're looking into the possibility of a problem? This could turn out to be nothing at all and the bans remain.   If they get the bans reversed and return to the game that should be enough for others to realize that they weren't cheating.   There is always going to be a catch 22, players wanted automation and we implemented it. 

There has been unusual bans like this, since the start of November. Do you think the same algorithm or rule set that caused these bans during the Christmas event would've caused bans like this before the event happened?


No, we've been monitoring during this time. We would have spotted something already for that long ago. 

On good faith, we're removing the bans that are related to one rule set while it's investigated further.  This does not mean the person wasn't cheating and it doesn't mean they were. It means exactly as stated, while we're investigating we're removing the bans with a particular rule-set and the rule-set will remain disabled until the investigation is complete (the rule-set was disabled Saturday).  We'll be emailing those that the ban was lifted from the accounts. 


This isn't a call for everyone to email support about their ban. We know who is related to the rule set and it's only for particular bans from Wednesday through Sunday. 

You think these were the only false bans that happened lol ?


Yes, at this time we do. We've not seen any other indications of rule-set issues.  



EDIT: Any ETA on this? :v


The bans were already reversed and emails are going out now.   



There are 63 accounts involved with the ban reversal.  

Yep i think there's a false ban too in November. I just feel bad for them.


Feel free to list some names (with server) in one post and i'll look in on those if I can get time.  I'm stating "IF" only because we've already gone through and checked on November and there were no discrepancies and I'm pretty busy juggling 100 other tasks right now :P 

iPadz from HAN,

He got banned around november, not sure when. He already send tix support but getting copy paste reply.


So it's purely selfish reasons and nothing to do with others. 



"FairFight : you are being watched by an admin"
I play like a bronze when I see this message... Why? Because you can to be fairfight without cheat on this game \o/


If you're being watched, there is a good reason for it. 


Pretty sure there have been discrepancies since the system was implemented; my 2c anyways...


You're allowed your .02 and we're constantly monitoring to make sure we see discrepancies. 

Which explains why my friend (who was one of the 63 unbanned) sent in a ticket about his ban and got the auto response from support saying he was still banned. It really shows how much you look into these ban tickets.


I want to believe it, but it's hard to when all the information and actions I see are so inconsistent. 


Because at the time support didn't have the information on the accounts that would have the bans reversed.