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So my old account that got PB'd isn't unbanned. I messaged support and it just gave me the "Someone has been using 3rd party tools etc..". 





My main's name was Haroid (capital i) on Colby and it was not FF'd.



I care because it had a lot of money spent on it and I would just like to know what's going on with the account and why it wasn't unbanned.



We have many ways for cheat detection and have had many ways through the years. If your account is still banned, it's not because it was only PunkBuster banned. Other bans will kick in that may have happened at the same time.  We see this happen often, where there are multiple levels of a ban on an account (cheating, scamming, ect). If one is removed the others will remain.  Regardless the forums can't help you with this, you know this, they know this and I know this. You post here in hopes that your ban will get released.  Nope, it's going to stay and everyone knows this :)


Happy Holidays, you've gotten a response and the thread closed.