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Hello,im an average APB player,who wants to play with people from EUROPE,but the situation with Innova merging is pretty dumb,because 1.Russians are the worlds #1 worst community ever 2. They ping sucks on EU servers. So i want to ask,is there someone smart,who can fill up a petition,so we could go against Innova merging with us? P.S: Im sitting in social right now,and i see only russians spamming in chat. And if G1 transfers theyre legendary,im pretty sure economy will fall on citadel.

Edited by HerpDerpito, Today, 06:48 AM.

Russian players have been playing on our servers for a long time and still continued to play even after Innova was introduced.   We have no information at this time on how we'll be handling the merge, but classifying and discriminating against others because of where they're from won't be tolerated.