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The new hacks that have been roaming the Streets of San Paro enable the said cheaters to be able to shoot you whilst aiming at someone else and/or just shooting the ground or sky. As hilarious as it is to watch, I'm curious why I haven't seen anyone I've reported for this on ffbans yet. Are they getting a magic carpet ride out of FF's sights or what?

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Report them to support, and by report I don't mean send an email with the Subject: Cheater and the body as ban them now. I mean give us full details.  Sending a end match screenshot doesn't help either.  


Just take a few moments, and actually type out the details of who you're reporting, what's going on and if you have a short video, send it along. If you send a long video please let us know at what times we should skip to, this helps us get right to the point.