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Hi all.

I have no informations :)

If its possible so Tiggs can give us some informations for the next weeks of APB Development?
Like a Roadmap for 2017.

My activity in APB is on a very low level at the moment.
And i dont want to close the game, so i hope we can get more informations AND some cool pictures of the new APB Re-Reloaded!

The waiting time up to the Engine Upgrade is very hard.

Please give us some Infos about the progress of the game, thanks :)

Right now the team is still working on PS4 while waiting for the Microsoft to give the go ahead for its release, and once it is (released) the team will shift over to finishing up on the Engine Upgrade for PC.  We're also working on the migration for Innova players which was not expected. 

Knight, do you ever not troll ?

I'd like to see what they'd atleast like to achieve this year.

So far the map looks like this.

* Get approval from Sony (Sony are busy guys, so this step I reckon will take a while, so sit back and make some tea.)

* Port the game for pc w/ new engine.

Edit; after Tiggs post.
You mean Sony ? Ps4?


I thought it was already out on Xbox? You mean Sony?


Yes Sony, I corrected my post.  Long day, sorry for the mix up. 


There's no road map while there's no release on PS4. Doing a road map for now is pointless; you may consider the following as a road map:


1. Get Sony approval on PS4

2. Roadmap Start (Ground zero)

3. Engine Upgrade on PC

4. Bug fixes

5. Better development on APB current features

6. Development of new stuff on APB

?. A New APB website at some point

?. APB Marketing (Campaigns, stuff)


That's the road map i think they would follow, at least it seems reasonable.


If they make a roadmap now, they would be bulding on quicksand. They can't upgrade the old live version, it would be a total waste of human resource. So, once PS4 is out, they will start the engine at full speed.


That's not to far off from what I'm thinking :) 

Hi Tiggs,


I think what many of us desire is for you to share small snip its of information to hold us over rather than, sorry no new news


Many of us have supported the game monetarily and being active in the community. What we want is small bits of information and perhaps screen shots to keep us excited while we wait.


I do realize that your stretched thin and have a small team, but how about a quick screenshot. Perhaps you can say here is a sneak peek at how the Growler will look, before and after, here is how this building will look before and after. Just little quick things that don't take much time


We know you love this game and although it seems like some of us don't, most of us really love this game too. We want to continue to love it while we wait


Thanks for listening Tiggs



When I have information I'll be able to share it. There are no sneak peek pictures to show right now since the team is working on the PS4 and Innova migration.