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Please post your name suggestions for the new Innova server that we'll migrate accounts to. 



Not me saying, Tiggs already stated that they're going to send them to their own server because of weapons. "Nekrova" will be kinda unique, with their own kind of modded weapons...


Or, Russians could decide, you know... :


1. Have all their weapons transfered, but they will be sent to their own Vodka Server




2. Get transfered to Citadel, but have all their modified innova freebie items deleted



Pick your poison.



Hold on, they'll get their own server but i never stated #2. 


You create for us (Russian players) a separate server, we are very grateful to you for it!
But we do not want to play on the new server!
Russian server (pioneer) for a long time dying, and we have long been successfully established themselves on the European server (Citadel)!
Therefore, we do not need a new server!
From this we can assume the new server will not be popular with Russian players!
And your idea may be a failure, and you can lose energy and money on it!
Or are you going to create a temporary server? In order to adapt the base data for the characters of the citadel?
Sorry for my bad English, I use Google translator.


Sorry, this really isn't open for debate.  Innova will be moved to a new server and all of the items from Innova are locked to that server.  

Thank you to everyone that offered name suggestions!