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Release date: March 31, 2017


Your welcome.



If it doesn't come out on the 31st, I'm gonna cry.



EDIT: For all that've asked... Source: Was from a blog from PlayStation showing upcoming releases. Blog post soon?


Hopefully G1 confirms, and this will be the last user created post asking about the PS4 release. This is big news because now they can finalize the Engine Upgrade.

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Sorry for the delay in responding to all this, as I was waiting for clearances to share more info. I can now confirm that Sony and our publisher have indeed lined up the game to go live, and since the launch announcements are handled by the publisher, we will be making a blog post with more details at launch time later this week. The current plan is to go live as a "soft-launch" with some initial promotions, and then gradually increasing exposure and marketing around the game. 
The various updates and fixes that were built for Xbox One have been incorporated into the PS4 build from the start, which will benefit the PS4 players. Expect more information shortly on the blog just around launch time. 

I'm going to respond to a few questions in this thread but like Tiggs said, we can't officially announce anything.  :whistle:

Out of interest, will the day/night cycle be on this version of the game? Or is that still omitted for reasons not explained or specified.


I just hope this means we'll still get it on the PC, along with the music studio, which won't be on the consoles.


The day/night cycle is not enabled on either console due to performance concerns with the frame rate. We're hoping to enable it again soon.

Will there be any character transfers?


No, unfortunately we can't transfer characters from the PC environment to the consoles. They are distinct games and environments with their own servers, databases, marketplaces, and we have terms and limitations imposed by both Sony and Microsoft for integrating with their platform.

I'm curious if there's any ps4 pro optimizations...


All new PS4 titles have to pass certification on the PS4 Pro for release including APB. Given the improved hardware of the Pro, the game performs much better and we support the native 4K resolution. 

What will happen first:
Innova merge or Engine Upgrade?


Innova Merge will be next in line. The engine upgrade still needs work. 

I would imagine one of the issues they addressed on consoles is framerate. We'll see on the 31st, I have pretty high hopes for this.

Congrats to everyone at Reloaded for finally finishing up the console ports and for clearing the way for the engine upgrade.


The PS4 version of the game contains all of the optimizations that were made to the XB1 since its launch. I will leave out any console performance comparisons but the PS4 frame rate is very playable and the visuals look good.

is the PS4 version running the new engine?


Yes, both consoles run the latest engine.

Why are you skipping my question about music studio? Have you made it working on new engine?


It remains disabled on both consoles. My understanding is that it was cut due to project time constraints and could be brought back in the future. There's nothing inherently problematic with bringing it over to the new engine.

But what about database with custom outfit and symbols that was made by players on old engine. Will it be transfered on new engine or we will need to remake it after upgrade. I know there can be a problem with that due to different system of customization that different engines use


Let's please keep this thread on topic as it's already been pretty crazy. The goal with an engine upgrade on PC would always be to maintain everyone's existing customizations.

Come on... Just do the upgrade already. I don't want another reason to delay the thing.



Merge should not take a while if they will work on it every day.



The migration is being worked on by different people that would work on the upgrade. 


please don't skip the fairfight issue....


There have been no other false positives with Fair Fight. There were checks done on many accounts on Monday from over the last few weeks that I was away. 

Whoa, I saw a PS4 user viewing this thread... how is that possible?  It had the "(PS4)" before the name.  Are there PS4 forums open already?  If there is and someone knows how to access them, please tell me how to move over there.  I'm tired of all the PC people poopoo'ing all over my console excitement, lol. 


PS4 logins to the forums have been setup for a long time but you need to login to the game before it will let you in...

They already bailed faster than the Flash can run again.

Sorry, but dipping not even an hour after assuring "some" answers and not even hearing from them over the last 24 hours is just as bad as no communication if not worse.

Just another disappointment for all the people that feel ignored after having their hopes up a tiny bit - again!



We're pretty busy working and getting ready for the PS4 release. 

I tried to keep up with this thread, but with all the silliness it was difficult. I probably missed it (or it's probably that obvious), but we're going to need to pay extra for PlayStation Plus to access APB on the PS4, right?


No, you do not need PS Plus to play APB on the PS4. It's a F2P title just like on PC. PS Plus members gain premium account status as a benefit of their subscription. The one exception is that players in Germany must purchase the game for €.50 due to their local laws and they receive access to the game and 199 G1C for the purchase. 

Wait, if you don't need PS+ to play and it also gives you premium, why doesn't Xbox work in a similar way?


Sony and Microsoft each have their own terms and conditions for titles on their console.