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Spring has sprung in the US and with that we have exciting news! We’re happy to announce that the APB Reloaded PlayStation 4 soft launch starts during the next 24 hours. The US launch occurs at 8 AM PDT March 31, with most of the other regions launching at midnight their time.  


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Do you need ps+ to actually play?


No, you do not need PS Plus to play APB on the PS4. It's a F2P title just like on PC. PS Plus members gain premium account status as a benefit of their subscription. The one exception is that players in Germany must purchase the game for €.50 due to their local laws and they receive access to the game and 199 G1C for the purchase. 

Is this Soft Launch region restricted? Because I am currently trying to look for it in the Indian PS4 Store and I am not able to find it.



To be honest, I'm not certain of all the Countries that it's being released to at this time.  I wasn't given that information and I'm trying to find out but it seems like everyone has gone home from the Deepsilver side.   We'd love to hear from the regions that are able to enter the game. We do see players online. 

At 12:30 PM PDT we'll be restarting the PS4 district servers to clear up the performance issues. Estimated downtime 1 minute.  We're lowering the amount of players on each district, this should help performance wise. Currently it's set at 100 and it'll be 80 max after the restart.