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Feedback thread. For anyone that has tried APB on the PS4, how is it so far? Is it better than on the Xbox one, worse?


I knew I might regret trying to predict client performance before real players got into the game. In my defense, the performance was smooth during our testing but it definitely degrades as players start flooding into the districts. We're looking at some server-side tweaks at the moment to help improve it and also have client improvements in the pipe for the next patch.

At 12:30 PM PDT we'll be restarting the PS4 district servers to clear up the performance issues. Estimated downtime 1 minute.  We're lowering the amount of players on each district, this should help performance wise. Currently it's set at 100 and it'll be 80 max after the restart. 

These are helpful replies. Thanks guys.


I'm still not sure where to report bugs, but one thing that happened:


I created a character (enforcer). I played that character for a mission or two. Then I deleted that character. I created 2 news ones. I logged in to the new enforcer and I kept getting a system message saying "(first enforcer name) is not currently logged in" or something similar (you know what the exact wording would be). It was like I was trying to send a whisper to someone offline. It kept spamming that in my chat box every so often until I logged out. I suspect the restarts will clear that up, but not sure what it was trying to do.


I apologize for not having the exact wording. I meant to write it down, but my wife suddenly realized I could play APB on the PS4 also and had... a fit.  ;)



The PS4 bug forum would be best so we can have the team members look at it. 

Of that I have no doubt. I guess I'm just a bit dense (going on 3.5 hours of sleep, so that is possible). I followed the link in the blog post and don't have access. I see where you say I have to access APB from a PS4 to gain access, but I don't know how to let the forum know I have accessed APB from the PS4. I keep telling it, but it won't listen to me. I turned my monitor around to show it... but it doesn't care.


I'd rather be crazy than dumb... it's sad, at times, when I'm both.  :HahaOhNo:


I'm an old man and neither of my kids are home!





Kinda weird that it has 4.5 stars, then.



You need to log out and sign up with your PS4 info.  

We're going to lower down the district totals a bit more to see if it smooths things out even better.