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Play Station 4 Update, click here to read the blog post. 

This is nice to hear, but how could all of this have been missed in testing? This is the same problems the XBox has had since it was "soft launched" there and they still struggle with the problems. It isn't like these are little stutters that happen on a rare occasion, this is constant MASSIVE stuttering, making even firing a gun almost impossible at times.


I want to have a bit of faith here, but nothing but faith and faith alone leads me to believe this can possibly be fixed. I am honestly amazed this passed Playstation standards to be released. I like this game, but right now it is a total mess.It's one thing to release a game with minor glitches and hiccups, but this is basically non-functional.


A problem that is gonna popup very quickly is console players have very little patience and I have a feeling by the time a patch is released that even partially fixes issues, the players will be long gone. I know people are interested in the game, heck last night there was more people on the USA  PS4 server than there was on the USA  PC server. 


There is no way these issues weren't known before releasing this. You guys REALLY should have waited til it at least ran semi-decent. What you guys did was release a disaster and think you can patch it up later. The problem with that logic is by the time it's patched up, the PS4 players will have moved on to the next F2P thing they see on the PSN. 


You guys really missed a golden opportunity here. The playerbase for the console is here, but for how long? Probably not long enough for the patching to fix it. They certainly wont stick around and wait for patches that won't be live til 2,3,4 months down the road. Console patching from what i understand isnt like PC patching, there is more red tape, which means even longer patch cycles.


People aren't going to wait a month or whatever just to play this game in a somewhat playable state, they will just delete off the harddive. PS4 doesnt exactly have a huge HDD and most people just get rid of stuff they dont plan to play. It isnt like a PC where you have a ton of HDD space.And trust me, once they remove it from their HDD's they wont ever look back at this game.


This wasn't seen in testing. There is a big difference in numbers when Sony or Microsoft tests and actual players jump on to a server.  We don't get to choose the release / launch, it's chosen for us. 



softlaunch is over
So is the game still playable on ps4 or is it closed till full release?


The Soft-aunch is over in 30 days. 


"Play Station"





I really gotta ask even though I hate the idea of doing this.


Shouldn't it be "PlayStation 4" not "Play Station 4"?


Yes, I fixed it where I could. Spell check ftw!