Admin Tracker - All Points Bulletin

From now until April 19th 7:00 UTC, all G1C purchases made with PayPal* will receive an additional 25% G1C bonus instantly! 
During the PayPal instant bonus sale, the Armas store will also have savings of up to 50% off from today and lasting until April 19th 7:00 UTC. Just think of all of the cool stuff you can get with all of those extra credits and discounts! 
* Any PayPal payments initiated through third-party sites such as Steam, and Amazon, are NOT eligible for the bonus. Only direct PayPal payments qualify. 

Aww cool, but what about the Easter Event Tiggs? Are we still gonna get that? Me and my fwends were kinda excited for that event.  :bunny:


There are some technical issues that we're working to solve so that we can get you the Easter update.