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We've posted a blog post regarding the issues from over the weekend. Click here to review the blog post. 

no news, no info about the easter event...


There are still technical issues with getting this patch out.  The team has been focusing on the console server issues over the holiday weekend and they're now working on mitigating attacks on console. If they can't fix the issues by Wednesday, we will not have the Easter event this year. 

So, the PC players are going to get short changed because of network connectivity issues on the consoles? I mean, the consoles are already plagued with terrible framerates, inconsistent crashes and stuttery performance where the game can grind to a halt for a second or so during firefights, I'm sure the lag won't even be noticed on top of all that.


I understand you want to keep the consoles still appealing, but that was lost the moment you released the xbone version the way it was and tried to palm it off as a "soft launch". No-one who will pick up the game will care about that and will review what they can get their hands on. Plus, there is absolutely no information telling players who start the game on the consoles that it's in "soft launch" and will assume it's a full release. The first impressions mean everything, go look at other examples. As a result, the playerbases on both consoles equals roughly that, or less than, the playerbase on Citadel on PC.


Why are the PC players still getting shafted again in favour of the consoles, which are clearly nowhere near a good state?

Why are we prioritised lower than a platform u guys decided to venture into but screwed up


We have contract obligations to adhere too with the PS4 launch which is still in soft launch. While we'll still have obligations to Koch after the soft launch, we'll be able to start focusing on other efforts regarding PC. 


No offensive to anyone, but how are these blog posts? Blog posts are long and have pictures and updates containing new patch notes, and new content. Tiggs you could have just made a simple pinned topic. 


It was released as a blog post because many of the console players do not visit the forums. Having it as a blog post allows us to get the link out to the players easier over Twitter and with in-game broadcasts. 


Is the soft launch guaranteed to be 30 days only since the day it was "released"? As in, once we hit April 31st, will the ps4 be considered officially released?


Nothing is guaranteed, but yes it should be 30 days. 



Tiggs, just one question, is Tech Mech still with the company? If so, after all the NDA nonsense is over with, can you please ask him to come to the forum and get him to  tell us the future/state of the game with a roadmap? I haven't given up on APB and still have hope and look forward to one day playing in a new map lol, and hope Asylum is completed one day , this game still have life in it, please don't mess up.  Cheers!


I also have something to share soon, waterfront and fin has areas that are locked and i think opening them up if you guys do plan on expanding those districts, the video i am working on , it could be helpful. so check that out before the end of the month. plan to get back working on that video tomorrow. 


Yes, TechMech is the CEO. No, there will not be a road map given, I've stated this a few times.   We'll let you know what's next but nothing further and beyond. Team members change, priorities change, and it leads to having upset players when road maps aren't followed.   

Oi, Tiggs.... since this was posted in the PC forum and is still pinned - will we get any updated information, or will it just be unpinned and die?


We patched the PS4 yesterday and have a hotfix going out today for a crash issue.  We've posted about this in our PS4 forum and all new information will be in the designated forum.