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People getting DC for no reason but consoles are the priority...
Im still in "love" with the game, but appears that g1 doesnt care about they player base where its better. I know they are trying to get more people to play the game by betting on consoles, i think its good, but they should had bet more on PC...

We've been monitoring Citadel and saw the population drop. 

are you working on a fix for the server?


We're identifying the issue first to see if it's network or DDOS related. Once they've identified the problem they'll decide the plan of action. 

The servers are coming back into service. 

Still down tiggs..


We know, we're working on it. 

We're still working with our provider to get things sorted out. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Tiggs can you inform your team if multiple ppl have lag and we are asking to the support they dontpoint to us ( Players ISP) But look at the ISP of the game world??



Maybe you can detect a way faster dropping connections like yesterday and the day before :-)


When there isn't a server wide issue and reports are sent to our support department, they're investigated and the Network guys work with Support to see where the issues are.  Majority of the time it's due to players IPs.  We get reports from players where they're hitting their routers at high ms or you can see that the first few hops are very high ms rate.  When it's a provider issue, we ask the player to contact their provider and we will also contact our main provider with the report. 

The EU servers are back in service. Thanks for your patience. 

So, I don't need to send the tracert to support because problem is solved?


If support asked for one, please send it to them.