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Be Happy Everyone! Now we'll have as many news as we had before NDA!


ye, rite boi!!!

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People will never stop caring. This game is a gem, but it seriously needs new content to draw back any sort of player base.


Yes, we all agree new content is needed (Devs and players). 


Well, I mean she could just make a quick post while dropping a deuce or something.


JK, there's probably not much to say anyways, some people are working on improving Xbone and PS4, and others are working on the Innova merge.






Here's my quick post:  


We're waiting on a patch to pass cert for PS4 so we can hopefully move on to other tasks. While waiting on that patch, we have some working on the Innova migration, a few others are out of the office on a much needed vacation, and the remaining are working on other tasks including working on the PC version.  



Because its owners don't care. When you fire all passionate people from your team, and all that is left is a money hunger, you deserve nothing better.
I'm not talking about actually successful producers and businessmen who know who to hire, but a torso of a studio that used to stand behind its name.
There sure are many who fail, but before it happens, at least they try their best.


We do care and the team is very passionate about the game.  Don't speak for us, we're all here working hard with a very small team.  


I work in Sundays frequently. Don't think life at work is 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday only.


Sundays is pretty much the only day I take off but if there is an emergency I do work. 


Needlessly? It's their own fault for ignoring every question regarding that topic and proceeding their "no communication is so much communication that we're getting sick of it" strategy. I've asked about it over a month ago in the little Q&A and so have many others after me in the follow up threads.


How can you still blame the community for graving after any straw of information while blatantly being disregarded by this company? 


I posted many times what we were working on  (PS4 launch), and that we wouldn't commit to posting anything long term anymore. We're damned if we do, and damned if we don't.