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Its an old topic but i decided to write it down..cuz i saw somethn before an hour.

Let me say what happened:

I was looking through and i used to read the rage shared between players and i spend around 10 mins of time everyday. So i got curious and decided to look at players from R 200 - R 255 who got banned till christmas.

What i saw :

I saw players from R200- R 255 are being banned in some sorta pattern.

Normal ban

When u look at the time of each ban u ll see the time window between each ban is on an average of 3-4 days. And rarely there is a time period of 6-7 days (really rare). So during christmas i saw this.

false ban wave 1: December 2016

Almost 15+ bans happened in 1 day.

So g1 says there were false positives and lets say we believe it.

And lets move back to another case u never heard of

false ban wave 2: 28 september 2016

15+ bans in 1 day this is a false ban wave as well? You guys dint talk about it?

So the ban pattern is as follows

R200-255 : 3-4 days time interval; ban limit 3-4 max and weekly break once a month

R150-200 : 5 days time interval on average ; ban limit 4-5 max and weekly break twice a month.

So i have stopped with all this..dint wanna go to lower rank bans.

I have some questions which i'd love to ask

1. September month had 45 bans in R 200+ , october had 51 bans,
November had 58 bans, december had 45 bans.

So heres my doubt on 28-9-2016 ff went nuts and banned 15+ players on 1 day and it wasnt considered a false positive and justice was refused to those guys b'cos there was no person who wrote on forums but you started to investigate the december bans.
So.. Ff had false positives since september 2016 and you have noticed it during december ban wave.

2. So the pattern as i mentioned above is to make us believe ff works in a couple of days right? Why dont you ban all those so-called cheaters in a single day? Why the interval of 3-4 days time and is it to keep the money flowing into the game?

3. Ff is slow or g1 changed the settings of ff to make bans in time period of 3-4 days like said in here?

Look under " can i control it?"

Still got lots of questions...Feel free to share ur opinions on it.. Dont make it a troll post please

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When you see 15+ bans happen in a row, that is typically me cleaning out queued up bans that are old.   This happens due to an account flagged but the account does not get logged in again after it's flagged.  Right now we have over 50 and I will be cleaning those out soon.