Admin Tracker - All Points Bulletin

As the current system is set up on the forums it's basically a "quit the forums while you're ahead or live long enough to get banned" scenario, where mods can warn anyone for a million reasons and no matter what you do you'll never get rid of those warnings. Mods aren't even obliged to answer members as to why they get warned, and what's more they're incapable of messaging mods once they get banned. What's worse is the fact that what (certain) mods warn for is basically arbitrary 'cause at this point half of all posts on the forums are against certain rules in the ToS, especially ones put in place to stop "un-productive" posts as well as anti-flame rules.


It's to the point where posting a satirical comment remarking on something being in the wrong sub-forum can get you banned, as happened to my friend just today. Another friend of mine got three warnings at once for a minor offense recently, and was permanently banned from those three warnings. One mod in particular, as far as I can tell, has been basically warning people for anything he can imagine and not responding to their PMs when they try to discuss it with him, but obviously I'm not going to bring up his name.


The worst part is that you can never get rid of warnings, and I'm not just making this up, I know this from good intel, so unless Mod 20 or Tiggs is going to tell me otherwise, I'm pretty sure it's the case. What that means is, as I stated at the start of this thread, someone like me who's been around since 2012 and has over seven thousand posts will never ever get rid of their warnings, and will eventually get enough warnings to get banned because it's virtually impossible to avoid all warnings while actively posting on the forums.



So can someone of authority please consider revising the system, or at least watch over the mod squad and give them better guidelines? 'Cause this is getting ridiculous. And if you're going to take action against this thread, at least have the courtesy to lock it instead of removing it.

The reason for anonymity is to keep the mods safe in game and in real life. It allows them to play their characters in peace without players contacting them about a forum issue.   We have some wingnuts that think it's ok to go after mods and attack them all the can which isn't right. They're volunteers and they don't deserve to have  to deal with any of that while on their own time.   


If you have a problem with a forum action that was taken against your account, contact the Moderator privately and work with them or contact support. The GMs can also see what the warnings or actions that were handed out. 


I'll also take some time this week and go over the moderation queue to see if we have some additional training to do.