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Guys be aware.Under no circumstances do not buy items outside the armas marketplace items such as Key To the city premium and stuff like that.All the purchases you make,make it directly via armas because,sure the items will be useble u will have fun with em a couple of months but afterwards they will block you for chargeback even tought you paid the price the seller asked for.This is not a joke,any sponsored sites had this items all were working but since yesterday night everyone who bought it is gettting hes account suspended.Even with proofs there is nothing you can do.So therefore be carefull ,yeas they are cheaper but not safer(they work;did it myself and now I gotta bare the consequences).

same here like person upper than me :/ G1 have problem with those sellers on outside than MarketPlace.
G1 don't control this which means that they're loosing resource in money. In order to balance they're punishing us now.

Sometimes I think that G1 want to close this game but maybe it's my imagination....


We don't have a problem until the keys are chargebacked, then we have to take action. When players contact us about purchasing on third party sites, we specifically tell them that they are doing so at their own risk.  


In this case the keys were purchased from Steam and sold elsewhere on the internet. The original purchaser filed a chargeback with their credit card company and that means we'll block the keys.  We suggest to those contacting support to reach out to where you purchased the key, and let them know what happened. They may refund you the purchase and go after the person that initiated the chargeback.    

Yes, you'll retain the KTTC pack on your account if you choose to pay the $40.00   You need to purchase the $40.00 of G1C using a Paysafe card or Karma Koin, and submit a ticket to support with the new G1 account information.  We'll then verify the account, remove the G1C and unblock your banned account. These tickets are priority to get you back in the game, we're trying to keep your wait time down.  

What about removing the pack from the account? Not everyone is able to drop 40$ (Including me) at this moment



Removing the pack isn't an option sorry. 

Well, last question, is this only going to be for a limited time? To buy G1C on a new account and stuff? I dont think i can get that much money in the next couple months..


We'll keep it at that option for those that need time in saving up money.  

I'm taking a break from answering some tickets, and i'll respond to a few posts.  



May I ask why you're you not able to remove the kttc pack? I don't know how your system works but you don't seem to have any problems removing guns after refund for example.


We can remove one or two items from an account, we're unable to remove big packs from accounts. This is why when you purchase the bigger packs on Armas it clearly states that no refunds or exchanges are available. 


Same thing happened to me, I spend 100 + $ on this account

But i got banned, Because trade a weapon for a key to city pack in 2015,  and they ban me after 2 years today 

i gave them proof but they continues telling me to spend 40 $ to active account again, 



My some questions to Support -

1)  we are not aware from where trader get codes, as u said its from other place not marketplace, its your responsibility , how can codes go out side marketplace without your permission ?? just tell me, if everything is under your control, its u people that gave promo codes to other sites


2) we gave proof to you its not our fault , but u banned us and asking for 40 $ to active account again , you can simple remove packs from our account, why u not doing that??


3) why its takes 2 years to detect this fraud ??




                Guys is simple and straight , they purposefully did this, they not removing packs, they not support us  they want for 40 $ from us,


i requested to people related to this issue, not to pay 40 $ to them, they just forcing us to spend money more and more, this can be repeated again and again


by them



When you purchase codes from a third party this is the risk you take. You're responsible for the codes you place on your account. Steam only notified us recently of the charge-backs, they do not provide us the information on who initiated the charge-back (privacy laws) they only provide us with the keys that are involved.  Due to this we've removed all of the bigger packs from Steam so that players and the company does not have to deal with this down the road. This doesn't mean other keys out there are safe on third party sites, we have no way of knowing which keys a chargeback will be initiated on until well after it's happened with Steam. 


We've been suggesting to those contacting support to reach out to PayPal, Ebay, G2A, Kinguin, and other sites and let them know that their purchase had a chargeback. A few people have already let us know they received their money back.




I can understand from the Company's perspective that people are getting it cheaper for nothing and they want to have full control over their prices, but there's a few gaps that need to be filled here:


1. Are all the purchases made that were cheaper from a source that did a chargeback on ALL the keys he bought?


1.5. If not, then didn't you already get the money from the re-seller for full price anyway?


I know this is extra effort, but is it possible to let those who paid for the kttc pack for cheaper than on ARMAS from a reseller who bought it from you for full price to be pardoned? I mean, you already got the money from the reseller, why should the reseller's customer also pay full price? That's essentially asking for double the asking price on ARMAS



Again, if all the affected people bought their KTTC pack from a re-seller who charged back, then I can understand, otherwise you're asking double the price for the item.


This has nothing to do with players getting the items cheaper elsewhere. Purchasing from a third party has its risks associated with it. It's like buying something off the street verse a store, you don't know what you're getting.   


As I stated above, Steam contacts us with the keys that had charge-backs initiated on them. We then block the keys, if a key is associated to an account the account is blocked.   We didn't receive the money, which is why the keys are expended or accounts are blocked.  So no, sorry we're not offering pardons, we're offering 50% off. 

Unable or not doing anymore? Because I clearly remember friends refunding Kits+Clothing packs.

Also how comes you didn't get any money from 8+ months old codes?



Unable to.  Because the codes had charge-backs on them. 

Those that are claiming "I'm a victim" and Tiggs lied, you folks weren't gifted the item through our store mechanics. You went to a third party site like Ebay, G2A, Kinguin and purchased the item, taking all risks associated with doing that. 


If you purchased from a third party site, contact them and let them know what happened. Many of the sites are refunding your money.  Some are requiring extra information from us, feel free to reach out to support and we'll assist you. 


If you have any other questions or comments about this, feel free to contact support.