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So not too long ago a friend of mine got banned out of nowhere for supposedly cheating. Contacted support a few times and got nothing but your usual copy-paste replies. He's also banned on the forums apparently so I'm speaking for him.


Exactly how are you supposed to appeal a ban when support is 99% bots? I've played with the dude for 5 years he definitely hasn't ever cheated on APB he just randomly logged in a few weeks back and was perma-banned. Is there a real person I can contact to explain the situation? He tried contacting Tiggs but her PMs are full or something on the forums.


Also, it's NOT me. I know the whole "hey my friend got banned totally not me can unban pls" thing seems weird but it's definitely not me if anybody thinks that I can post screens of my account intact if needed.


I know this will probably get locked and "pls contact support" real quick but just seeing if we can get some actual help by some miracle.

I assume you are talking about tiggs  right now. You did a right thing to do grab her attention right now. She will come here and give you the reply of


"Forums cant help you in the case of ban appeal. Your friend will have to write to We will investigate the ban by then. Now I am closing this thread"


There you go.. You got hold of a person from support.


Dicer gets a cookie today.  Your friend needs to contact support and if he's contacted support multiple times and receiving the same reply each time, it was investigated and the ban will remain.