June 21, 2019 - to

New Items
Controlled Aim FnMod_Weapon_ControlledAim_Armas
Unlock: Controlled Aim Unlock_FnMod_Weapon_ControlledAim_Armas
Alien Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_Riot_Alien
Anti-Vax Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_Riot_AntiVax
Chemtrails Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_Riot_Chemtrails
Crop Circle Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_Riot_CropCircle
Flat Earth Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_Riot_FlatEarth
Illuminati Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_Riot_Illuminati
Lizard People Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_Riot_LizardPeople
Moonlanding Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_Riot_Moonlanding
Planet X Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_Riot_PlanetX
UFO Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_Riot_UFO
Short Circuit - Blue Unlock_WeaponSkin_HiTechBlue
Short Circuit - Green Unlock_WeaponSkin_HiTechGreen
Short Circuit - Red Unlock_WeaponSkin_HiTechRed
Redhill Institute of Tech Unlock_WeaponSkin_RedHill
Yakuza Unlock_WeaponSkin_Yakuza
None Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_COBR-A_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_FAR_Slot3_5Day
Unlock: NTEC-7c Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-7_Compact_Slot2_ArmasJB
Unlock: NTEC-7c Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-7_Compact_Slot3
Unlock: NTEC-7c Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-7_Compact_Slot3_Armas
None Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_STAR-LCR_PR3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_LMG_AMG-Compact_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_LMG_Fanatic_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_LMG_NSSW_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_Rifle_FFA_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_Rifle_SACR-Scope_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_Rifle_SBSR_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_SMG_Apoc-Plague_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_SMG_CAP40-C_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_SMG_Fanatic_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_Shotgun_Apoc-War_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_Shotgun_DOW_Stock_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_Shotgun_Shredder_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_Apoc-Death_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_PSR-Brake_Slot3_5Day
None Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_SBSR_Slot3_5Day
COBR-A "Venom" Weapon_AssaultRifle_COBR-A_Slot3_5Day
FAR 'Vanguard' Weapon_AssaultRifle_FAR_Slot3_5Day
NTEC-7c 'New Glory' Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-7_Compact_Slot2_ArmasJB
NTEC-7c Dvah Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-7_Compact_Slot3
NTEC-7c Dvah Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-7_Compact_Slot3_Armas
STAR 556 'LCR' "Old Glory" Weapon_AssaultRifle_STAR-LCR_PR3_5Day
AMG-556 'Stheno' Weapon_LMG_AMG-Compact_Slot3_5Day
S1-TIC 'Rabid' Weapon_LMG_Fanatic_Slot3_5Day
N-SSW 74 Weapon_LMG_NSSW_Slot3_5Day
FFA 5.56 Weapon_Rifle_FFA_Slot3_5Day
STAC 10 - Scope Weapon_Rifle_SACR-Scope_Slot3_5Day
SBSR 'Coroner' Weapon_Rifle_SBSR_Slot3_5Day
H-9 'Curse' Weapon_SMG_Apoc-Plague_Slot3_5Day
Obeya CAP40-C Weapon_SMG_CAP40-C_Slot3_5Day
S1-NA 'Manic' Weapon_SMG_Fanatic_Slot3_5Day
SG-21 'Strife' Weapon_Shotgun_Apoc-War_Slot3_5Day
DOW Stock Weapon_Shotgun_DOW_Stock_Slot3_5Day
Shredder SB Weapon_Shotgun_Shredder_Slot3_5Day
S-247 'Oblivion' Weapon_SniperRifle_Apoc-Death_Slot3_5Day
PSR 'Harrier' Weapon_SniperRifle_PSR-Brake_Slot3_5Day
SBSR 'IRS' Weapon_SniperRifle_SBSR_Slot3_5Day

April 19, 2019 - to

New Items
Mr Tokes Unlock_Primitive_Decal_420_Character_Decal
Smoking Skull Unlock_Primitive_Decal_420_SmokingSkull_Decal
Blunt Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_Blunt
Bong Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_Bong
Mr Tokes Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_Character
Clock Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_Clock
Devils Lettuce Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_DevilsLettuce
Joint Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_Joint
Ganga Leaf Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_LeafSimple
Marijuana Leaf Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_MarijuanaLeaf
THC Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_Molecule
Leaf Pattern Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_Pattern
Pipe Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_Pipe
Smoking Skull Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_SkullSmoke
Sunglasses Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_Sunglasses
Wizard Pipe Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_WizardPipe
Mary Jane Unlock_Primitive_Vinyl_420_Woman
Conspiracy Hacker Unlock_Title_ConspiracyHacker
Battle Hopper Unlock_Title_EventEaster_Battlehopper
Big Rooster Unlock_Title_EventEaster_BigRooster
Eggstravagant Unlock_Title_EventEaster_Eggstravagant
Hot Chick Unlock_Title_EventEaster_HotChick
RedHill Black Hat Unlock_Title_RedHillBlackHat
RedHill Black Hat Unlock_Title_RedHillBlackHat_Criminal
RedHill White Hat Unlock_Title_RedHillWhiteHat
RedHill White Hat Unlock_Title_RedHillWhiteHat_Enforcer

Feb. 22, 2019 - to

New Items
Leaf Blaster Unlock_Title_AutumnAssault_LeafBlaster
Unlock: Macchina Calabria 227 - Alienware Edition Unlock_Vehicle_Car_A_Utility2DrCoupe_slot3_Alienware
Macchina Calabria 227 - Alienware Vehicle_Car_A_Utility2DrCoupe_slot3_Alienware

Dec. 29, 2018 - to

Nov. 25, 2018 - to

Nov. 9, 2018 - to

Nov. 3, 2018 - to

Oct. 31, 2018 - to

Weapon Changes Attribute Old New
STAR 556 'LCR' PR1 fPerShotModifier 0.525 0.6
STAR 556 'LCR' PR1 fFireInterval 0.27 0.3
New Items
250 Joker Tickets RewardPackage_250JT
Angry Owl Unlock_Primitive_AngryOwl
Biohazard Unlock_Primitive_Biohazard
Bird Skull Unlock_Primitive_BirdSkull
Candy Unlock_Primitive_Candy
Cat 1 Unlock_Primitive_Cat1
Cat 2 Unlock_Primitive_Cat2
Cat Skull 1 Unlock_Primitive_CatSkull1
Cat Skull 2 Unlock_Primitive_CatSkull2
Crow Unlock_Primitive_Crow
Necrocite Gang Unlock_Primitive_Decal_Necrocite_Gang
Necrocite Logo Unlock_Primitive_Decal_Necrocite_Logo
Undedox Gang Unlock_Primitive_Decal_Undedox_Gang
Undedox Logo Unlock_Primitive_Decal_Undedox_Logo
Zombicine Gang Unlock_Primitive_Decal_Zombicine_Gang
Zombicine Logo Unlock_Primitive_Decal_Zombicine_Logo
Happy Owl Unlock_Primitive_HappyOwl
Horse Unlock_Primitive_Horse
Jack-o-Lantern 1 Unlock_Primitive_JackoLantern1
Jack-o-Lantern 2 Unlock_Primitive_JackoLantern2
Necrocite Unlock_Primitive_Necrocite
Pirate Skull Unlock_Primitive_PirateSkull
Pumpkin Unlock_Primitive_Pumpkin
Rat Unlock_Primitive_Rat
Scales Unlock_Primitive_Scales
Scythe Unlock_Primitive_Scythe
Tombstone Unlock_Primitive_Tombstone
Undedox Unlock_Primitive_Undedox
Wing 1 Unlock_Primitive_Wing1
Wing 2 Unlock_Primitive_Wing2
Witch Hat Unlock_Primitive_WitchHat
Zombicine Unlock_Primitive_Zombicine
250 Joker Tickets Unlock_RewardPackage_250JT
Contagious Unlock_Title_EventHalloween_Contagious
Infected Unlock_Title_EventHalloween_Infected
Halloween Necrocite Unlock_WeaponSkin_EventHalloween_EpidemicNecrocite
Halloween Undedox Unlock_WeaponSkin_EventHalloween_EpidemicUndedox
Halloween Zombicine Unlock_WeaponSkin_EventHalloween_EpidemicZombicine
Modifier Changes Attribute Old New
Sticky Fingers None None None
Sticky Fingers None None None

Oct. 5, 2018 - to

New Items
Bandolier 50 FnMod_Weapon_Bandolier50
None Unlock_FnMod_Weapon_Bandolier50
None Unlock_Weapon_Explosive_AAEPD_GG
None Unlock_Weapon_Explosive_EOL-Conc_GG
None Unlock_Weapon_Explosive_EOL-Frag_GG
None Unlock_Weapon_Explosive_EOL-Perc_GG
None Unlock_Weapon_Explosive_OPGL_GG
None Unlock_Weapon_Explosive_OSMAW_GG
None Unlock_Weapon_Grenade_Physical_Brick_GG
None Unlock_Weapon_LMG_Fanatic_PR3_GG
None Unlock_Weapon_Rifle_Oscar_PR3_GG
None Unlock_Weapon_Shotgun_Apoc-War_PR2_GG
None Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_Apoc_Death_PR3_GG
AAEPD Weapon_Explosive_AAEPD_GG
EOL 'Deep Impact' Weapon_Explosive_EOL-Conc_GG
EOL 'Kickback' Weapon_Explosive_EOL-Frag_GG
EOL 'The Hammer' Weapon_Explosive_EOL-Perc_GG
O-PGL 79R Weapon_Explosive_OPGL_GG
OSMAW Weapon_Explosive_OSMAW_GG
Half-Brick Weapon_Grenade_Physical_Brick_GG
S1-TIC 'Rabid' Weapon_LMG_Fanatic_PR3_GG
OSCAR Weapon_Rifle_Oscar_PR3_GG
SG-21 'Strife' Weapon_Shotgun_Apoc-War_PR2_GG
S-247 'Oblivion' Weapon_SniperRifle_Apoc_Death_PR3_GG

Sept. 19, 2018 - to

Weapon Changes Attribute Old New
Colby CSG-20 fFireInterval 0.68 0.77
Shotgun_CSG-TestB fFireInterval 0.68 0.77
JG-840 fFireInterval 0.68 0.73
Shredder SB fFireInterval 0.37 0.42
Apocalypse_War fHealthDamage 80 55
Colby CSG-20 fHealthDamage 70 40
Shotgun_CSG-TestB fHealthDamage 70 40
DOW Base fHealthDamage 80 60
JG-840 fHealthDamage 140 85
Shredder SB fHealthDamage 100 65
AssaultRifle_NTEC-TestA fJumpModifier 15 21
Apocalypse_War fMinDamageRange 750 1000
Apocalypse_War fPerRayDamageScale 0.926 0.979
Colby CSG-20 fPerRayDamageScale 0.9 0.97
Shotgun_CSG-TestB fPerRayDamageScale 0.9 0.97
DOW Base fPerRayDamageScale 0.86 0.9
JG-840 fPerRayDamageScale 0.82 0.95
Shredder SB fPerRayDamageScale 0.835 0.9
Apocalypse_War fRampDistance 750 1500
Colby CSG-20 fRampDistance 750 1000
Shotgun_CSG-TestA fRampDistance 750 1000
Shotgun_CSG-TestB fRampDistance 750 1000
Colby CSG-20 fRaySpreadAtTenMetres 85 75
Shotgun_CSG-TestA fRaySpreadAtTenMetres 85 75

Sept. 6, 2018 -

Sept. 5, 2018 - to

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Aug. 14, 2018 -

Aug. 10, 2018 - to

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July 8, 2018 -

June 23, 2018 -

June 16, 2018 -

June 1, 2018 -

May 25, 2018 -

May 19, 2018 -

May 18, 2018 -

Nov. 26, 2017 -

Nov. 3, 2017 -

  - Changed the number of related items to 100 to reduce loadtimes for some item categories.
  - Fixed wrong fixed width on mobile pages.
  - Removed unlockable items from Roles. Wrong items were shown and they'll come back soon fixed.

Oct. 26, 2017 - to

  - Updated database version from to
  - Added 'Russian Only' indicator to item pages.
  - Added the Halloween Horseman Event to the event page.
  - Added 178 new items from recent patches. Click to show table.

Heavy Barrel 1FnMod_Weapon_HeavyBarrel1_RUS
Muzzle Brake (Horizontal)FnMod_Weapon_MuzzleBrake_Horizontal_RUS
Unlock: Damping 1Unlock_FnMod_Weapon_HeavyBarrel1_RUS
4game TrailblazerUnlock_Title_4gameTrailblazer_RUS
Authority Unlock_Title_Authority _RUS
Bane of MafiaUnlock_Title_Baneofmafia_RUS
Best of the BestUnlock_Title_BestoftheBest_RUS
Crystal VoiceUnlock_Title_CrystalVoice_RUS
DJ Radio RC Unlock_Title_DJRadioRC _RUS
District menaceUnlock_Title_Districtmenace_RUS
Early BirdUnlock_Title_EarlyBird_RUS
Dead Man WalkingUnlock_Title_EventHalloween_DeadManWalking
Halloween SpiritUnlock_Title_EventHalloween_Halloween_Spirit
I am LegendUnlock_Title_EventHalloween_IAmLegend
Soul CollectorUnlock_Title_EventHalloween_SoulCollector
Survivor EliteUnlock_Title_EventHalloween_SurvivorElite
Football legendUnlock_Title_Footballlegend_RUS
Ideal offenderUnlock_Title_Idealoffender_RUS
Innova TrailblazerUnlock_Title_InnovaTrailblazer_RUS
Invisible manUnlock_Title_Invisibleman_RUS
King of the hillUnlock_Title_Kingofthehill_RUS
Mayor of San ParoUnlock_Title_MayorofSanParo_RUS
Menace of San ParoUnlock_Title_MenaceofSanParo_RUS
RC Music BossUnlock_Title_RCMusicBoss_RUS
RC SenseiUnlock_Title_RCSensei_RUS
RC Team Unlock_Title_RCTeam _RUS
Super DJUnlock_Title_SuperDJ_RUS
Winner of Ladder 2014 Unlock_Title_WinnerofLadder2014 _RUS
Winner of Ladder 2015 Unlock_Title_WinnerofLadder2015 _RUS
Winner of Tournament 2013 Unlock_Title_WinnerofTournament2013 _RUS
Unlock: ATAC 424 PR3Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_ATAC-Watchman_PR3b_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Joker CR-5 PR3Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_CR5_PR3_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Joker CR-5Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_CR5_Slot3_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Scoped N-TEC 5Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Scope_Joker_RUS
Unlock: Premium - Assault Rifle Preset 1Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Scope_PR1_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Scoped N-TEC 5 JT1Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Scope_PR1_Joker_RUS
Unlock: Scoped N-TEC 5 RT1Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Scope_PR1_RT_RUS
Unlock: Premium - Assault Rifle Preset 2Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Scope_PR2_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Scoped N-TEC 5 NolUnlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Scope_Slot1_Armas_RUS
Unlock: N-TEC 7 'Ursus'Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC7_Slot2_RUSJB
Unlock: N-TEC 5 PR3Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC_PR3_Slot3_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Premium - Tactical Assault Rifle Preset 1Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_STAR-LCR_PR1_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Premium - Tactical Assault Rifle Preset 2Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_STAR-LCR_PR2_Armas_RUS
Unlock: STAR 556 PR3Unlock_Weapon_AssaultRifle_STAR_PR3_Armas_RUS
Unlock: ALIG 762 PR3Unlock_Weapon_LMG_ALIG762_PR3a_Armas_RUS
Unlock: N-SSW 74 PR3Unlock_Weapon_LMG_NSSW_PR3_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Premium - Magnum Preset 1Unlock_Weapon_Pistol_ACT44-GM_PR1a_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Premium - Magnum Preset 2Unlock_Weapon_Pistol_ACT44-GM_PR1b_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Colby CommanderUnlock_Weapon_Pistol_ColbyCommander_PR1_RUS
Unlock: Obeya FBW-SDUnlock_Weapon_Pistol_FBW-SD_Joker_RUS
Unlock: FFA 'BullShark'Unlock_Weapon_Rifle_FFA_Slot3_RUSJB
Unlock: Obeya CAP40.2 'Sergeant'Unlock_Weapon_SMG_CAP40_Slot2_RUSJB
Unlock: OCA-EW 626 'Whisper'Unlock_Weapon_SMG_OCA-Whisper_PR1_Joker_RUS
Unlock: OCA-626 'Whisper' RT1Unlock_Weapon_SMG_OCA-Whisper_PR1_RT_RUS
Unlock: Premium - 'Whisper' Sub Machine Gun Preset 1Unlock_Weapon_SMG_OCA-Whisper_PR2_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Premium - 'Whisper' Sub Machine Gun Preset 2Unlock_Weapon_SMG_OCA-Whisper_PR3_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Premium - 'Whisper' Sub Machine Gun Preset 2Unlock_Weapon_SMG_OCA-Whisper_Slot1_Armas_RUS
Unlock: OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' JT1Unlock_Weapon_SMG_OCA-Whisper_Slot1_Joker_RUS
Unlock: Colby PMG 28 PR3Unlock_Weapon_SMG_PMG_PR3_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Colby CSG-20Unlock_Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_Joker_RUS
Unlock: Premium - Shotgun Preset 1Unlock_Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_PR1_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Colby CSG-20 PR1Unlock_Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_PR1_Joker_RUS
Unlock: Colby CSG-20 RT1Unlock_Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_PR1_RT_RUS
Unlock: Colby CSG-20 PR3Unlock_Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_PR2_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Colby CSG-20 Mk2Unlock_Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_Slot1_Armas_RUS
Unlock: JG- 1140 'Knock-Knock'Unlock_Weapon_Shotgun_JG-Stock_PR3_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Joker TAS20 - StockUnlock_Weapon_Shotgun_TAS20-Stock_PR2_Armas_RUS
Unlock: DMR-AV PR1Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_DMR-AV_PR1_RUS
Unlock: DMR-AV PR2Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_DMR-AV_PR2_RUS
Unlock: Agrotech DMR-AV PR3Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_DMR-AV_PR3_Armas_RUS
Unlock: N-HVR 243 SD PR1Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243-SD_PR1_RUS
Unlock: N-HVR 243 SD PR2Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243-SD_PR2_RUS
Unlock: N-HVR 243 SD PR3Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243-SD_PR3_RUS
Unlock: N-HVR 243 'Scout'Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243_Joker_RUS
Unlock: Premium - Sniper Rifle Preset 1Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243_PR1_Armas_RUS
Unlock: N-HVR 243 Scout RT1Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243_PR1_RT_RUS
Unlock: Premium - Sniper Rifle Preset 2Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243_PR2_Armas_RUS
Unlock: N-HVR 762 NolUnlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243_Slot1_Armas_RUS
Unlock: N-HVR 243 'Scout'Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243_Slot1_Joker_RUS
Unlock: N-HVR 762 Silenced NolUnlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR762-SD_Slot2_Armas_RUS
Unlock: N-HVR 762 PR3aUnlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR762_PR3a_Armas_RUS
Unlock: N-HVR 762 PR3bUnlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR762_PR3b_Armas_RUS
Pathfinder SD PR3Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_Pathfinder-SD_PR3_Armas_RUS
Pathfinder PR3Unlock_Weapon_SniperRifle_Pathfinder_PR3_Armas_RUS
Unlock: Premium - Tactical Assault Rifle Preset 1Unlock_Weapon_Test_AssaultRifle_STAR_Preset_FN1_RUS
Unlock: Premium - Tactical Assault Rifle Preset 2Unlock_Weapon_Test_AssaultRifle_STAR_Preset_FN2_RUS
Unlock: Premium - Sniper Rifle Preset 1Unlock_Weapon_Test_SniperRifle_Preset_FN1_RUS
Unlock: Premium - Sniper Rifle Preset 2Unlock_Weapon_Test_SniperRifle_Preset_FN2_RUS
ATAC 424 PR3Weapon_AssaultRifle_ATAC-Watchman_PR3b_Armas_RUS
Joker CR-5 PR3Weapon_AssaultRifle_CR5_PR3_Armas_RUS
Joker CR-5Weapon_AssaultRifle_CR5_Slot3_Armas_RUS
Scoped N-TEC 5Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Scope_Joker_RUS
Scoped N-TEC 5 PR1Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Scope_PR1_Armas_RUS
Scoped N-TEC 5 JT1Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Scope_PR1_Joker_RUS
Scoped N-TEC 5 RT1Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Scope_PR1_RT_RUS
Scoped N-TEC 5 PR2Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Scope_PR2_Armas_RUS
Scoped N-TEC 5 NolWeapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Scope_Slot1_Armas_RUS
N-TEC 7 'Ursus'Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC7_Slot2_RUSJB
N-TEC 5 PR3Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC_PR3_Slot3_Armas_RUS
STAR 556 'LCR' PR1Weapon_AssaultRifle_STAR-LCR_PR1_Armas_RUS
STAR 556 'LCR' PR2Weapon_AssaultRifle_STAR-LCR_PR2_Armas_RUS
STAR 556 PR3Weapon_AssaultRifle_STAR_PR3_Armas_RUS
ALIG 762 PR3Weapon_LMG_ALIG762_PR3a_Armas_RUS
N-SSW 74 PR3Weapon_LMG_NSSW_PR3_Armas_RUS
ACT 44 GM PR1Weapon_Pistol_ACT44-GM_PR1a_Armas_RUS
ACT 44 GM PR2Weapon_Pistol_ACT44-GM_PR1b_Armas_RUS
Colby CommanderWeapon_Pistol_ColbyCommander_PR1_RUS
Obeya FBW-SDWeapon_Pistol_FBW-SD_Joker_RUS
Obeya FBW - SDWeapon_Pistol_FBW-SD_PR1_Armas_RUS
Obeya FBW - SDWeapon_Pistol_FBW-SD_PR1a_Armas_RUS
FFA 'BullShark'Weapon_Rifle_FFA_Slot3_RUSJB
Obeya CAP40 'Sergeant'Weapon_SMG_CAP40_Slot2_RUSJB
OCA-EW 626 'Whisper'Weapon_SMG_OCA-Whisper_PR1_Joker_RUS
OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' RT1Weapon_SMG_OCA-Whisper_PR1_RT_RUS
OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' PR1Weapon_SMG_OCA-Whisper_PR2_Armas_RUS
OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' PR2Weapon_SMG_OCA-Whisper_PR3_Armas_RUS
OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' NFCP 1Weapon_SMG_OCA-Whisper_Slot1_Armas_RUS
OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' JT1Weapon_SMG_OCA-Whisper_Slot1_Joker_RUS
Colby PMG 28 PR3Weapon_SMG_PMG_PR3_Armas_RUS
Colby CSG-20Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_Joker_RUS
Colby CSG-20 PR1Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_PR1_Armas_RUS
Colby CSG-20 JT1Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_PR1_Joker_RUS
Colby CSG-20 RT1Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_PR1_RT_RUS
Colby CSG-20 PR3Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_PR2_Armas_RUS
Colby CSG-20 Mk2Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_Slot1_Armas_RUS
JG-1140 'Knock-Knock'Weapon_Shotgun_JG-Stock_PR3_Armas_RUS
Joker TAS20 - StockWeapon_Shotgun_TAS20-Stock_PR2_Armas_RUS
Agrotech DMR-AV PR1Weapon_SniperRifle_DMR-AV_PR1_RUS
Agrotech DMR-AV PR2Weapon_SniperRifle_DMR-AV_PR2_RUS
Agrotech DMR-AV PR3Weapon_SniperRifle_DMR-AV_PR3_Armas_RUS
N-HVR 243-SD PR1Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243-SD_PR1_RUS
N-HVR 243-SD PR2Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243-SD_PR2_RUS
N-HVR 243-SD PR3Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243-SD_PR3_RUS
N-HVR 243 'Scout'Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243_Joker_RUS
N-HVR 243 'Scout' PR1Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243_PR1_Armas_RUS
N-HVR 243 'Scout' RT1Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243_PR1_RT_RUS
N-HVR 243 'Scout' PR2Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243_PR2_Armas_RUS
N-HVR 243 'Scout' NolWeapon_SniperRifle_HVR243_Slot1_Armas_RUS
N-HVR 243 'Scout' JT1Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR243_Slot1_Joker_RUS
N-HVR 762-SD PR1Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR762-SD_PR2_Armas_RUS
N-HVR 762-SD PR2Weapon_SniperRifle_HVR762-SD_PR3_Armas_RUS
N-HVR 762-SD NolWeapon_SniperRifle_HVR762-SD_Slot2_Armas_RUS
N-HVR 762 PR3aWeapon_SniperRifle_HVR762_PR3a_Armas_RUS
N-HVR 762 PR3bWeapon_SniperRifle_HVR762_PR3b_Armas_RUS
Pathfinder SD PR3Weapon_SniperRifle_Pathfinder-SD_PR3_Armas_RUS
Pathfinder PR3Weapon_SniperRifle_Pathfinder_PR3_Armas_RUS
STAR 556 'LCR' PR1Weapon_Test_AssaultRifle_STAR_Preset_FN1_RUS
STAR 556 'LCR' PR2Weapon_Test_AssaultRifle_STAR_Preset_FN2_RUS
N-HVR 243 Scout PR1Weapon_Test_SniperRifle_Preset_FN1_RUS
N-HVR 243 Scout PR2Weapon_Test_SniperRifle_Preset_FN2_RUS
  - Changed the icon for missing item pictures.

Sept. 3, 2017 -

  - Changed column order on item detail pages.
  - Changed related e-mails style on contact pages.
  - Changed standing and rewards style on contact pages.
  - Fixed missing and wrongly displayed unlocks for contacts.
  - Fixed the Back-Button on tracker posts not working.
  - Fixed categories not sorting correctly.

Aug. 5, 2017 -

  - Added Disqus! You can now have discussion about ingame items on APB:Database (Vault).
  - Added milestones to roles and achievements.
  - Added some missing role and weapon icons.
  - Added loading animation to iframes (Admin Tracker).
  - Added dynamic search bar to Missions and Daily Activities page.
  - Added Weapon / Vehicle Builder.
  - Changed base design of APB:Database. (fully responsive)
  - Fixed some role pages showing an 404-page.
  - Fixed Ammo and Other values missing on weapons with explosive ammo.
  - Fixed Contacts page not having a default faction selected.
  - Fixed ammo and magazine capacity rounding up instead of rounding down. Last I heard shooting parts of bullets is not possible...
  - Improved search function slightly.
  - Improved HTML and CSS code.
  - Upgraded to Bootstrap 4.

June 4, 2017 -

  - Changed the design of the Changes page slightly.
  - Changed some background code for an upcoming feature.
  - Legendary items now show Tradeable as Legendary instead of just "Yes".

April 24, 2017 -

  - Added the option to hide Mod Squad posts to the tracker.
  - Added tooltips to images.
  - Added standing thresholds and unlocks to contact pages.
  - Added unlock mails body content.
  - Added description to Unlock Items page.
  - Added unlock item to Unlock Items page.
  - Changed the way how TTK/STK is calculated.
  - Changed accuracy table values to show two decimals instead of one.
  - Fixed some weapons which returned an 'Server Error 500'-site.
  - Fixed Byeong Lee being in the T3 of Criminals - G-Kings.
  - Fixed Grayson Fell missing on the Contacts page.
  - Fixed organisation specialists being listed in the wrong organisations.

March 21, 2017 -

  - Fixed the even more broken TTK for burst fire weapons. Calculation should be right now...
  - Removed descriptions which only contain 'None'.

March 11, 2017 -

  - Moved APB Vault and APB Database to a new server. Performance should be much better now. ;)
  - Added Contacts page.
  - Added Modification values to vehicle pages. Example: Vegas G20-04 'Bluemax'
  - Added 'All' option to categories.
  - Added Related items to item detail pages.
  - Changed the design slightly on some sites.
  - Fixed some broken Consumable pages.
  - Fixed the first tab not opening automatically.
  - Fixed sub- and infracategories being selectable even if there are no options to select.
  - Improved TTK/STK calculation for burst fire weapons.
  - Improved search function.
  - Removed some DNT - Do Not Translate entries.
  - And A LOT of background stuff...

Feb. 26, 2017 - to

  - Updated database to client version
  - Removed the Valentine's Day Event from the event page.

Feb. 19, 2017 -

  - Added more missing icons.
  - Fixed daily activity tabs not opening.
  - Fixed Heavy Barrel effects not showing on weapon pages.
  - Missing icons will now show a default icon instead of a broken image.

Feb. 8, 2017 -

  - Added weapons which drop from the Valentines Gift box to the Event page.
  - Removed Anarchy Event random weapon spawns.

Feb. 5, 2017 - to

  - Updated database to client version
  - Added more missing Weapon Icons.
  - Added through FnMods changed values to preset weapon pages. Example: N-TEC 5c 'Kasatka V3'
  - Improved the search function.
  New Items:

Donald Trump Mask (F)
Donald Trump Mask (M)
Unlock: Donald Trump Mask (F)
Unlock: Donald Trump Mask (M)
DNT - TEST DO NOT USE - Unlock: Mechanics Test Weapon
Valentines Gift box
DNT - TEST DO NOT USE - Mechanics Testing Weapon

Jan. 27, 2017 -

  - Added 'Status' page to the website footer.
  - Added 'Event' page to Other tab for the Anarchy Event. Currently only showing the random Weapon combinations.
  - Added 'Commands' to Other tab. Shows you which chat commands are available.
  - Added related Instancetypes to District pages.
  - Added related Unlock Emails to Contact pages.
  - Changed the appearance of related items. These are now shown as tabs. (If displayed incorrectly, please clear your browsercache)
  - Fixed Equipment Upgrade pages showing a 404 - Page.
  - Removed some unused / testing items from various pages.
  - Unfinished sites will now show a WIP - Work In Progress page.
Sorry for current delayed updates. Really busy with school stuff right now.

Jan. 1, 2017 -

  - Added 'Other' tab and page. Contains some interesting information, check it out.
  - Added 'Heat Levels' page.
  - Added Rulesets and Instancetypes to Districts page.
  - Added Contacts to District and Organisation pages.
  - Changed some URLs. (Achievements, Roles)
  - Improved TTK/TTS calculation.
  - Removed the snoweffect.

Dec. 25, 2016 - to

  - Database Update to client version
  - Fixed modifications pages not working.
New Items:

CASE - Handle
Santa's Backpack
Tin Foil Hat
Santa's Jacket
Santa's Backpack
Tin Foil Hat
Santa's Jacket
Abominable Yeti
Frost Troll
Ice Cold
On Fire
Snow Angel
Secret Santa Gift Box
CASE 'The Bolo' NFCP 3

Dec. 18, 2016 - to

  - Database Update to client version
  - Added Halloween 2016 reward items.
  - Added 'A November Together' Event reward titles.
  - Changed the snow effect a bit.
  - Fixed description of some pages showing weird symbols.
  - Fixed some of the clothing item pages not working.
  - Fixed some icons not displaying correctly.

Dec. 11, 2016 -

  - Added some . (Snoweffect)
  - Added description and more values to Consumable Items.
  - Added description for Capacity items.
  - Added description for Package items.
  - Added description for Equipment Upgrades.
  - Added Missions page and description for each mission/stage.
  - Added more icons.
  - Added Medals page.
  - Added Ammunition Types page.
  - Added Radius, Speed, Pin Pull Time, Throw Time values to grenades and rocket launchers.
  - Added Time and Stun to kill.
  - Added Modfications to vehicle-pages.
  - Changed CSS-Padding on some pages.
  - Fixed some issues with displaynames.
  - Fixed even more CSS bugs...
  - Fixed more problems with the ttk and stk calculation.

Nov. 24, 2016 -

  - Added 3D-Viewer for testing. (Currently only for the Growl)
  - Added sub- and infracategories to items page.
  - Fixed the layout of some pages.
  - Fixed missing date in the Admin / Mod Tracker RSS-Feed.

Nov. 22, 2016 -

  - Added main categories to items page.
  - Changed the Admin / Mod Tracker RSS-Feed URL!
  - Fixed the Admin / Mod Tracker RSS-Feed.

Nov. 19, 2016 -

  - Switched to Django Web Framework 1.10.fuck php
  - Added Threat Level / Rating Levels page.
  - Added Districts page.
  - Added Roles page.
  - Added more values on item info pages.
  - Added page selection on items table.
  - Added support for all item detail pages.
  - Added values for vehicle detail pages.
  - Added values for modification detail pages.
  - Added most item icons. (Still missing a lot new ones)
  - Added modifications to weapon pages.
  - Changed URL structure.
  - Improved database data.
  - Improved search function.
  - Improved some background tasks.
  - Fixed some CSS problems.
  - Fixed some bugs with the tracker pages.
  - Fixed the weapon pages timing out for weapons with explosive ammo.
  - Fixed wrong time-to-kill values for burst-fire / explosive weapons on weapon pages.

Sept. 16, 2016 -

  - Added: Faction Indicator on the search page.

Sept. 10, 2016 -

  - Added: Weapon pages. (Use Search)

Sept. 3, 2016 -

  - Added: All items available in the game.
  - Added: Search function.
  - Fixed: CSS colors do not apply for Edge, Internet Explorer, Android (default browser) users.

Sept. 1, 2016 -

  - Added: Achievements