True story: there was this kid from out of the Gresty projects. Henry Luing. Bright kid. Everyone liked him. He knew the Gs - ran with them when he was younger - but then moved on. That's not supposed to happen, but no-one much minded. People liked Henry, knew he was going to find a way out of Gresty without needing the gangs.

Henry had a kid sister. Little squirt. Didn't talk much. 'Introverted' said someone who had actually graduated from high school. 'Fucked up a little in the head', said everyone else that hadn't. People left her alone, though, out of respect for Henry.

Kid Sister liked to go play video games in the back room of the grocery store across the street from where they ended up building the skatepark. That was Barbarian territory, back then. One day some Barbarian kids from Barbarian territory caught her down there, beat the shit out of her. Kid Sister comes home crying, face all covered in blood and snot. Henry gets mad, goes down to the store to get some reconstitution.

Some of the older Barbarian crew are there, though, waiting for him. Ambush time. End story: they take Henry up to the roof of one of the project buildings and throw him off. Kid Sister's secretly followed Henry down there, and sees the whole thing.

She goes off. Comes back with a shotgun - no-one still knows where the fuck she got it. Catches them drinking beer and getting high with whatever money they took from Henry's wallet, and she gives it to them hardcore. Both barrels. The full Double-B treatment.

Kid was ten years old. Fuckin' gun was bigger than she was.

That was a few years ago. Kid Sister had a name once, but now everyone just calls her Double-B. People still leave her alone, maybe still out of respect for Henry, but mostly because she just scares the living shit out of them. There's an old child welfare report on her lying forgotten in some filing cabinet in the City Social Services building. The word 'sociopathic' appears in it. No-one ever did anything about it. Maybe they hoped that life on the streets would take care of the problem for them.

The G-Kings took her in, but she roams lone wolf mostly, keeping to herself. Even Zombie keeps his distance. She makes people nervous. She seems happy enough, prowling around the fringes, scoping out the new arrivals and - well - doing how knows the fuck what else out there.

The G-Kings are a tight crew. If you've got the nerve, though, talking to Double-B might be a good way. If she doesn't kill you or creep you out, the rest of the Gs might figure, you must have something going for you.


Standing required: 0

No Unlocks for this level.

Standing required: 200

No Unlocks for this level.

Standing required: 300

No Unlocks for this level.

Standing required: 1,000

No Unlocks for this level.

Standing required: 1,500

No Unlocks for this level.

Level Activity

I keep getting brought in to do all this baby sitting. Mobile Spawners and field Suppliers won't deliver themselves, you know? Go complete a mission and you'll get a reward. Doesn't matter if you win or lose, just so long as you finish.

Complete 1 Mission.

Biography: Corporations

Corporation is perception. That's why some corporations are so visible. Hungry? There's a TastyBurger on every corner. Thirsty? Why not pick up a refreshing can of Boomer or Agent Orange, with their new improved flavours? Horny? The third series of 'Prison Farm' starts tonight at 8pm on Pattern 3. Or maybe 'In the Flesh' on WP Unleashed, or 'My Daughter's Keeper' on Daybreak. You have choice; the illusion of choice.

Modern life is a complicated business. But you're animals; you like food and warmth, security and sex. They sit in high towers and they study you, like lab-rats. They are chemists and physicists, expert in the science of suppression.

Is the world making you nervous? Then don't think about it. Distraction is a part of the game. You don't want genocide or famine. You want misery on a scale you can understand, that's non-fatal, that's happening to someone else.

Don't worry about payment. They've arranged that too. All you have to do is turn up on your hamster wheel, same time every morning, try not to get shot on the way in. AnsaCredit, Best Global, one of them will handle the details.

These are the names you'll hear, but there are corporations that would rather not be visible at all. Argo Systems, DDS, Stonewell. Their market isn't you. Defence accounted for nearly 40% of the national budget. Tax dollars fed into a voracious machine. Not just tax dollars. If the gangs want weapons, they can have them. That mess on the ground is made of money; let the whole place burn. Granger can pick up the contracts, build it all again with more tax dollars. No, you've never heard of them, but you're paying their rent, and they fashion the bullets that will end your lives.

And if you do get shot, they've got drugs. Don't worry, it's all paid for. Tax dollars through the health programs, prescription payments from you. Take your medicine, trace it back; Lindochem, Daitoda, more quiet ones, hiding in high towers.

You want to hear the news. Put it on; it's always the same. The government every bit as obedient as the people, so there are good guys and bad guys; the whole pantomime rolls on into forever.

Predators, they only turn on one another when there's not enough food. But there's always enough food; pliant and self-replicating, and with nowhere to run.

Not predators. They look after you, feed you, clothe you, entertain you.

All masks, all part of the game. A game that predates civilisation, predates humanity. And the one thing that makes this game uniquely human; they hunt their own. You are the prey. Coming ready or not.

Biography: Colby Security & Safety

Colby (Colby Security & Safety)

Founded in 1850, Colby Security and Safety is a company that revolutionised firearms manufacture during a period of major expansion into the American Midwest. General Randolf Carter Colby's repeating revolver became a byword of reliability and much of what people associate with the 'cowboy western' owes a lot to his compact hand guns. A range of 'buffalo rifles' soon followed along with a famous free-standing gatling gun, so advanced in its time, that Colby was forced to sell all rights to the American government lest details of this 'devastating weapon of war' found its way to foreign powers, but received in return a call to Congress and exclusive rights to manufacture. Colby went on to supply the American army with most of its weaponry and firearms for the next forty years, amassing a huge personal fortune, before branching out into foreign markets. The business prospered until the end of the Cold War in the 1990s, when a flood of black-book, ex Soviet weaponry led to a slump in the munitions markets. By 1995, Darryl Finzano, the CEO of Colby Munitions, was forced to close various Colby plants including the 'New Cross' ammunition production line in San Paro's, E Havalynd. Production delays and labour problems led to falling quality and several key contracts were re-assigned to competitors (notably Obeya). Today, Colby is fighting to regain its commercial footing, though the SPPD remains one of Colby's largest customers in San Paro.

Biography: Luke Waskawi (Part 3)

Played like a fool. A patsy. A puppet, to be used and then eliminated. It was the last time Luke Waskawi would ever play such a role again.

There was a trial, of course, but the result was a foregone conclusion. His age protected him from the prosecution's demands for the death penalty, so he served the first few years of his life sentence in a variety of youth institutions. These institutions were little more than state-funded gladiator academies, every one of them, training an almost feral and atavistic generation of young criminals. On the day of his eighteenth birthday, he was transferred to an adult prison. In the juvenile facilities, Waskawi was a curiosity, the teenage political assassin, his intelligence testing almost off the scale. In adult prison, he became just another lifer to be locked up and forgotten.

That suited Luke Waskawi just fine. The deaths of his father and of John Derren had set him on this path, but his years in prison -years which he quietly, calmly put to almost unimaginably patient good use - was to be the making of him.

He disappeared into the system. He absorbed himself into it, becoming part of it. His powers of manipulation and subtle coercion came to their full realisation. He attracted followers and bodyguards to himself, first for self-protection, and then later to project his own power out into the rest of the prison. He immersed himself in knowledge, consuming entire prison libraries. He quickly took over the smuggling pipelines into the prison, making himself the beginnings of a small fortune. Through outside intermediaries, he used the money to play the stock markets, making himself the beginnings of a far larger fortune. In everything he did, he was guided by one thing; Luke Waskawi had seen the future, and knew that his destiny was to help bring that future about.

San Paro was doomed, was too diseased to be allowed to survive. Its police and political and business establishments were hopelessly corrupt, totally failing the people they purported to serve. Its criminal establishment - the old men who had set Waskawi to kill Derren - were also part of the problem. Constantly fighting among themselves, thinking - like the corporates - of only how much more they could bleed out of the city and its people - they too were part of San Paro's stagnant status quo. He wasn't concerned too much about them, though; in the juvenile institutions, he had seen at first hand the new generation of street criminals who would soon supplant these old men, with their tired old ideas.

Luke Waskawi still believed in the ideals of his father - that San Paro should be a place fit for decent people to live in - but he knew that no crusading would ever achieve this task. The damage ran too deep. To change, the city, its institutions - its police, its government, its criminal and business oligarchies - would have to be completely swept away and replaced with something else. Something far better. Luke Waskawi believed that he was the man to deliver that future.

San Paro changed for the far worse in the years he was in prison, just as he knew it would. The political establishment, thrown into turmoil by John Derren's death, fought over the scraps of his power, failing to deliver on any of its many high-minded promises to the electorate. Thirly hung grimly onto power in the police commissioner's office, moving from one paymaster to another, offering his loyalty to anyone who could provide the money and power needed to stave off the many threats of official investigation into the decades of police corruption that he had presided over. The corporates grew and grew in power, favouring whatever faction in the city's criminal and political power structures most suited the balance sheets at that particular moment. The same corporates who backed the owners of the Dyler power plant and funded Derren's campaign - and who probably funded Vincent Waskawi's murder - happily sat down and broke bread with the same criminals who had been their enemies in the power plant strike. The corporates maintained an attitude of detached interest to the power struggles going on elsewhere in the city. They thought that, no matter what happened, they would survive. Luke Waskawi knew better. Their time was coming. It might just take slightly longer to arrive than the eventual fates of the political and criminal establishments.

The criminal establishment was the first to go, just as Waskawi knew it would be. They could not compete with this new frightening generation of criminals that the city's economic and social problems had given rise to. The old men always claimed to own the streets, but they were too busy feuding and plotting against each other to pay any attention to what was actually happening on those streets. Frightened and confused by this sudden change in the city's criminal landscape, the survivors retreated to brood and plot behind the safety of walls of their mansions in The Concession.

The new owners of the city streets were disorganised and disjointed, just as Waskawi knew they would be. They fought all comers; police, each other and old criminal establishment. They were fearless and violent; they were uncaring and totally amoral. Most of them would never realise it, but they were the means by which Luke Waskawi would change San Paro forever and - he intended - for the better.

Item Category
Chicken Emote Chicken Emote
DanceComical Emote DanceComical Emote
Decals Sheet 1 Decals Sheet
Epinephrine x2 Consumable
Med-Spray x2 Consumable
Boom Box x2 Consumable
Large Supply Box x2 Consumable
Mobile Cover x2 Consumable
Satchel Charge x2 Consumable
Level Subject
2 FW: Who to talk to...

Arlon asked me to give you stuff to read. Don't think you'll need it but take a look.

Your new buddy,



FW: Who to talk to...


As a new guy on the ground, I should let you know how things work around here. The 'Kings may look like a raggedy bunch of punks, but that was a long time ago. Nowadays we're big league, so we've had to get organised.

First you'll be working with Double-B, who'll show you the ropes and get you started with some gear. From then on, talk to Veronika if you want to get new weapons or modifications for yourself. If vehicles are your thing, talk to our girl Terri in Waterfront - there is a Bloodrose in Havalynd that deals in Vehicles; but don't deal with her - those posers don't deserve you.

You want to put your own weapons together, you're going to have to prove you're worthy. Cap enough enforcers with a weapon and we'll sell you one that you can mod to your own requirements (See the 'Roles' tab of the Character Info Screen [J] to see your current progress)


3 Modifications and You

If you're going to be roaming the streets, you're going to need to gear up, so lets talk modifications.

Modifications are items that offer benefits to your character at a cost in other areas, allowing you to specialize in various roles. To get you started, there's a Field Supplier attached to this mail. Once you've retrieved it, (click the paperclip), you can equip it by entering your inventory, going to the character tab, and double clicking on the empty character slot (or clicking once and pressing change).

Activating the Field Supplier (the default key is '5') lets you resupply ammo to yourself and nearby teammates, or even change your weapon selection. Be careful though, it takes a little while to deploy and undeploy, and you are helpless while you have it out.

Each modification has a type, listed at the top of the description, and you can only have one modification of each type equipped at a time. The Field Supplier is an 'Activated Modification', so cannot be used at the same time as any other Activated Modification.

That's enough small-talk, get out there and smoke some cops for me (Remember to go Ready [K] to start your next mission)...


Arlon Benjamin

4 FW: Gang Warfare

FW: Gang Warfare; Working as a team.

Hi again,

Working with your crew is an important part of survival in San Paro, and you definately want to join a group if you're going to survive. When you enter Financial or Waterfront, you will be asked if you want to join a group. You can also look for open groups by using the Friends and Groups Menu (Press U or access it through the Escape Menu).

Stick together with your team and try not to run in alone, it'll just get you killed. This counts double for vehicles, as players not driving can hang out of the window (press any movement key) and shoot from the combat position, perfect for vehicle chases. Careful not to kill your teammates though, as it will severely reduce any rewards you receive.

Weapon loadout is important. All guns (including the STAR you are using now) have ideal situations in which they excel. When in a group, try and compliment each others loadouts with a mixture of long and short range weapons. You can change your weapons at any Joker Ammo machine, Mailbox or Contact.

5 FW: Getting some extra cash.

So you tired of running errands for contacts for a while and want to make some money? You may want to go on a crime spree. You can mug people on the street (press F) or ram certain shops (highlighted in yellow when you mouse over them) in order to gain items which can be dropped off at any contact to get you some cash. Keep an eye out for expensive shops (Electronics and Jewellery) and upper class people, as they'll have the most expensive gear.

The cash gained from these activities is dirty however, and must be laundered before you can use it yourself. Drop it off at the Money Launderer (highlighted on the HUD once you have accrued enough dirty cash) to add it to the stash. You get a multiplier to this amount based on your notoriety, and you lose all your heat from dropping off the cash, so try and get a lot of cash before dropping it off.

Word of warning though, Enforcers have been authorised to take you down if they catch you committing a crime. They can take any dirty cash you have on you and drop it off as evidence, which means all your crime has been for naught. Make sure to keep an eye out for them when doing crimes, or have a couple of buddies for backup if they try anything.


Arlon Benjamin