Bonita Benjamin

Arlon Benjamin's daughter, and his best hope for the continuation of Benjamin name and the ideals he's tried to promote throughout his career, both business and criminal. She's everything he hoped for, and everything her brother isn't; smart, conscientious, in tune with her father's thinking, socially progressive, and mindful of the needs of others, realising that money has its uses but that's ultimately only a means to a hopefully more enlightened end.

Or, anyway, that's what she wants her father to think, and the old man buys every line of the story she's been selling him.

Arlon's no fool, but his daughter seems to inhabit some female-shaped blind spot that he's had his whole life. He was brought up in an orphanage; she grew up in a world of wealth and privilege, attending a private college out in Virginia Gardens and an exclusive finishing school in Europe. He lived rough on the streets; she looks down on those streets from the fiftieth floor windows of corporate boardrooms in the Needles. He had to work - and fight - hard for everything he's ever achieved; she was given it all on a silver platter, wrapped up in hand-woven silk bow from one of the many Shianxi boutiques where she has carte blanche credit.

So what did the old man think was going to happen? His world isn't hers, and she hasn't been formed by the same experiences he has been.

Don't get her wrong; she loves her father and respects what he's trying to do, but it's never going to work. At least, not the way he wants it to.

He's right about one thing, though. The old order in San Paro is crumbling, and something's got to be there to take its place. He's preaching street revolution and self empowerment - like anyone really gives a shit about that kind of tie-dye philosophy stuff anymore? - but she's talking market placement and brand recognition. The SPPD are an irrelevance, due to crash and burn in a municipal funding crisis coming right round the corner any day now (or sooner, if the civic disobedience campaign - the one covertly financed by her father, at the suggestion of his new friend Mr. Waskawi advocating non-payment of city taxes, really starts taking off) but it's the Praetorians that get her attention. Justin Teng can flash that six-figure smile in as many primetime infomercials as he wants, but all Teela Benjamin sees is San Paro Old Money circling the wagons and doing what Old Money does best, which is looking after its own interests.

Bonita's friends at that private college out in Virginia Gardens and at that fancy European finishing school? They used to laugh at her, call her daughter of the Red Hill garbage recycling king. They see her now, cruising down Silver in an electric blue sports car with a phalanx of heavy-armed and ovestruck G-King gangbangers, and they don't dare say shit.

Shifting power centres. Market placement. Brand recognition. Getting the G-Kings name established, and making sure that the Benjamin family business is there at the transition of power from Old Money to New.

Daughter to the Red Hill garbage king, or genuine San Paro gangster princess - which would you rather be?

Unlocks Contact


Standing required: 0

No Unlocks for this level.

Standing required: 17,550

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Pearl-stud Wristband (R) Clothing $650 0
Dollar Earring (R) Clothing $850 0
Snakeskin Leggings Clothing $450 0
Crossed Studded Belts Clothing $1,990 0
Leather Jacket Clothing $1,990 0
Low-ride Leather Belt Clothing $290 0
Crossed Belts Clothing $1,990 0
Colby PMG 28: TROJAN X-III Weapons $17,926 30

Standing required: 17,550

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Clotting Agent III Modifications $60,000 40
Happy Landings 3 Modifications $60,000 40

Standing required: 18,525

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
JG-843: Firecracker EX-II Weapons $18,270 30

Standing required: 19,500

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
"Salamander Slander" X-Shado Sheath Clothing $115 0
"Salamander Slander" G Crown Scarf Clothing $45 0
"Salamander Slander" Salamander Skin Clothing $50 0
"Salamander Slander" Ballet iz 4 Grls Flats Clothing $90 0
"Salamander Slander" Pink X-Toryan Glove (L) Clothing $20 0
"Salamander Slander" Pink X-Toryan Glove (R) Clothing $20 0
"Salamander Slander" X-Pygg UC Beanie Clothing $40 0
"Salamander Slander" BluChek VIP Band Clothing $15 0
"Salamander Slander" Purple Tagged Dogs Clothing $17 0
"Salamander Slander" Punkopalyptica Band Clothing $1 0
"Salamander Slander" Key 2 My... Piercing Clothing $40 0
"Salamander Slander" Collar Clothing $40 0
"Salamander Slander" Top Clothing $65 0
"Salamander Slander" SuitLegs Clothing $65 0
"Salamander Slander" Hazardous Curves Bottom Clothing $215 0
"Salamander Slander" Hazardous Curves Top Clothing $165 0
"Hornet" Retroosh Sheath Clothing $115 0
"Hornet" Gold Stud Belt Clothing $12 0
"Hornet" Goggles Clothing $240 0
"Hornet" Zoosh Skate Shoes Clothing $90 0
"Hornet" X-Toryan Studded Glove (R) Clothing $20 0
"Hornet" No-Bull Ring Clothing $15 0
"Hornet" Gold Chain Clothing $19 0
"Hornet" Punkopalypse Cuff Clothing $19 0
"Hornet" Punkopalypse Wristwatch Clothing $19 0
"Hornet" Zoosh Logo T Clothing $25 0
"Hornet" GutterStar Shirt Clothing $65 0
"Hornet" Javez Streetgrinders Clothing $65 0
Toucan Symbols $0 0
Urban Jungle Eve Symbols $0 0
Toucan Unlocks $0 0
Urban Jungle Eve Unlocks $0 0

Standing required: 20,475

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
N-HVR 762c "Akula V3" Weapons $19,500 30

Standing required: 20,475

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Checkered Wristband (R) Clothing $290 0
Oval-frame Glasses Clothing $1,350 0
Cross Earring (L) Clothing $190 0
Cross Earring (R) Clothing $190 0
Punk Rock Belt Clothing $1,290 0
Skull Buckle Belt Clothing $590 0
Oval-frame Glasses Clothing $2,500 0
Cross Earring (L) Clothing $190 0
Cross Earring (R) Clothing $190 0

Standing required: 21,450

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Obeya CR762.3 "Artic Blaze Mk-III" Weapons $18,900 30

Standing required: 21,450

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
SHAW 556 III "Lion" Weapons $19,500 30

Standing required: 23,400

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
N-TEC 5c "Kasatka V3" Weapons $18,526 30
Level Activity

I'm thinking of switching my pistol for an SMG. I'm just worried that I might not have the firepower needed to get from the club to the hotel and back again in one piece. Can you demo an SMG for me? Just kill 5 Enforcers with an SMG.

Kill 5 Enforcers with Sub Machine Guns.

Biography: Geography (Part 1)

"A parcel of many different-coloured and different-tongued rogues and thieves" is how one far-flung 18th century traveller from more civilised climes once described the city that still stands at the point where the Nantego and Makoda rivers meet and flow into the sea.

San Paro's early history is muddled - especially when it's dependant on who is writing the history books - but it's generally agreed that the (delete-as-applicable) trading post/pirate base that the city would grow from was founded by (ditto) intrepid merchant traders/opportunistic sea marauders who had travelled across the Pacific to find the safe anchorage of Nantego Bay and the attendant rich pickings of the various trade routes that intersected there.

Many nationalities helped build the city. The Chinese, Koreans, English, Dutch and Spanish all established trading posts in the bay. In the centuries that followed, various wars and trading alliances between these peoples saw these trading posts begin to merge together, forming the beginnings of the city. Some were swallowed up entirely, as one trading group disposed of a weaker rival.

It was the Europeans who emerged the final victors - their superior firepower and all-conquering spirit of manifest destiny enough to establish them as the city's dominant power players for the next several hundred years. The Koreans hung on where others fell away, and have always managed to deftly negotiate a continuing seat for themselves at the top table, as the city changed hands various times between various new colonial masters.

Colonial overlords came and went, each leaving behind something of itself in the San Paro gene pool, but the Spanish lasted long enough to at least leave behind the name of San Paro, and the British (and later, after them, the Americans) were around long enough to ensure that English remains the official linga franca of this most polyglot of cities. Korean and Spanish are also widely spoken throughout the city, although a traditionally Anglo-dominated city bureaucracy has always blocked any serious attempt to put ether of them on the same equal official footing as English.

The Koreans, happy to go along with any superficial accommodations as long as they continue to control a significant portion of the city's wealth, don't press the point. The Latinos, now mostly forming part of the city's burgeoning underclass, aren't in a position to do much of anything about it.

As a free port and major Pacific trade hub, San Paro is used to the flotsam and jetsam of shifts in the global financial and employment markets washing up on its shores. Some have prospered. Others have not. Welcome to the unofficial San Paro City Lottery. Race has never been a major issue in San Paro, where so many cultures have always come together to trade. Here, it's wealth and celebrity that define your status, not the colour of your skin or the language your grandparents spoke.

Havalynd is all about business and serious money, and serious money, in San Paro, means Anglos and Asians. They've stamped their skyscrapers down on top of the remnants of the early trading port that used to exist there, redrawing the maps in the same way that they've tried to rewrite the history books to prove they've always been there. Gresty, a public housing enclave carved out by well-intentioned but doomed-to-failure zoning policies of the Social Progressive Party in the 1970s and 80s, hangs on by its fingernails, its mixed community of poor Africans, Anglos, Asians and Latinos banding together to give the collective finger to their social superiors.

Midtown is a 100% melting pot, the hotspot where all sections of San Paro meet and mix, with everyone grabbing a piece of whatever they can get. Everyone's got a foothold; no-one has full purchase. The Asians - Chinese, Japanese and lower-class Korean - have a stranglehold on the Denkiba area and its electronics retail trade. The Projects around Green Street, a dumping ground for the problems social services couldn't deal with or shift out to the city's outer fringes, are predominantly African and Latino, and are an ever-dependable recruitment pool for gangs like Red Rain. The middle class San Parians who can't afford the jump to safer parts of the city cluster together in the areas around John Holland University and the SPPD's Keep headquarters, seeking reassuring shelter in the shadow of these crumbling civic edifices.

The Waterfront was the original point of entry to San Paro for much of its immigrant population. A lot of them prospered and moved on. Some didn't, and still form the pockets of impoverished resentment in Netherport and around the Yard Stretch. Now the descendants of other more prosperous immigrants are returning to the area, re-colonising it to gaze down from their luxury converted warehouse apartments at the wharfs and jetties where their great grandparents first stepped ashore. The wealthy and quietly conservative enclave of Prentiss continues to glower suspiciously down at this unwelcome social mobility. Fame and money open most doors in San Paro, but the membership rolls of Prentiss's country clubs and golf ranges remain barred to many outsiders.

Biography: Macchina Calabria Ltd

Macchina Calabria Ltd (MCL)

Macchina Calabria Ltd (or MCL) is an Italian automobile manufacturer, formerly marketed under the "Spirito Italia" brand name. MCL's main offices are located in the Esposizione Universale Roma (EUR) in Rome, and the company is the third largest car Manufacturer in Europe. While their well made and affordable cars have made significant inroads into the world automobile markets, the company has suffered a series of minor scandals in recent years. While accusations of price fixing and labour racketeering appear largely unfounded, in 2003, the Italian government arrested Raffaele Guardo Laconti, the head of MCL, and charged him with embezzling 150 million Euros (200 million USD). However, succeeded by his chairman, Bernardo Vizzini, the brand popularity of MCL appears largely untainted. In the U.S. MCL Marine is a joint venture with Aquator Corp that produces motors for boats and other maritime equipment.

Mika Wong Report: PRAETORIANS


Op-ed piece by Mikko Wong - Staff Writer, San Paro Standard (article unpublished)

It's possible this article might never appear in print, and that none of you will ever read it. It's possible I'll get canned about five minutes after I turn it into my editor. Hell, it's even possible I'll end up in some Midtown alley tonight getting a forcible lesson in the newly rewritten rules regarding freedom of speech in this city, courtesy of a couple of guys wearing ski-masks and calling each other 'Mr Black' and 'Mr Brown'.

And you know what? I don't give a shit. I really don't.

I woke up this morning, and there was a squad of stormtroopers guarding the entrance to my condo block. I got to the Standard building, and there was a couple of guys with shiny jackboots and even shinier automatic rifles checking staff IDs and staring at women's asses, mine included. I'm looking out the window of my office right now, and I see more of the same type doing lazy drive-by patrols along Empire Boulevard in the kind of heavy-duty RV you'd normally associate with invading Poland.

Better get used to it, San Paro. The Praetorians have landed.

They're here to protect the lives and property of the citizenry of San Paro, but - hey, wait a minute - don't we already pay taxes for a police department to do that? Yeah, but the SPPD's withering on the vine and hampered by those pesky little things we used to call due process and constitutional rights, the People That Matter tell us, so it's time for private enterprise to step into the gap and contribute its share to the public good.

Pro bono, they call it, with large-caliber attitude.

So we're getting a new city-wide security force, there to protect and serve, organised and subsidized by corporate Havalynd's own Masters of the Universe and all for less than we already pay for our garbage to be collected every week. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Think about it, people. Was this what Mayor Derren - our very own Attila the Nun - wanted when she first thought up her half-assed bill that handed law enforcement rights over to every asshole out there with a gun and a grudge against the kids down the block who throw garbage into his front yard?

Goobers with guns are bad enough, but now we're looking to protection from the same corporate cocksuckers who landed us in this mess in the first place?

Don't believe me? So who do you think manufactures that automatic pistol that some teenage mutant psycho used to blow away the guy behind the counter at your local seven-eleven the other night? How do you think these weapons get onto the streets in the first place?

The black market? Riiiiiight.

Those big business tax breaks that were paid for out of the city budget and ended up cutting off the SPPD's funding at the knees? No prizes for seeing who benefited there, or who lobbied hard for them in the first place.

The neighbourhood where you grew up is completely screwed because the local factory got closed down and all the jobs got shipped out to someplace where the daily wage won't cover the cost of a ten-minute San Paro taxi ride, and the kid who used to bag your groceries is trying to break down your front door with a baseball bat to steal your widescreen TV, because that's the basis of the local economy now? Where do you think the budgetary decision that kick-started that particular little chain of cause-and-effect first happened?

The more I look at it, the more this column looks like a letter of resignation, so - fuck it - let's get down and dirty with a little naming and shaming, shall we?

Justin Teng. Looks great in those public service announcements where he's promising how from now you're going to be able to make the daily school run without getting shot at, or those "We don't start trouble - BUT WE SURE AS HELL STAND READY TO STOP IT!" recruitment ads for the Praetorians. Got himself a line of nice suits, and some even nicer dental work. Seems like a swell guy, right?

Justin Teng's the pointman for the consortium of Havalynd heavy hitters that are bankrolling the Praetorians. Justin Teng earned something in excess of $64 million last year from his various stock options alone, and pays someone to squeeze the toothpaste onto his toothbrush every morning before he gets up.

So ask yourself this - just how much of a shit do you think Justin Teng and his colleagues really give about you and your loved ones, about your friends, neighbours and workmates; about what happens out in the Yard, or Midtown, or Red Hill, or whatever quasi-Third World - from their elevated viewpoint - craphole you happen to live in?

Ask yourself that, and then ask yourself why people like that would be so interested in putting armed stooges under private enterprise command on every street corner in the city. And then start to worry when you come to the same conclusion as me.

The SPPD may be far from perfect, but at least it's publicly accountable. The Praetorians, on the other hand...

They're not a private-funded public service, people. They're a coup d'etat waiting in the corporate wings, for when San Paro city machine really starts to break down.

Item Category
Gothic Uppercase Font Set Font Sheet
DanceHipHop Emote DanceHipHop Emote
Taunt Emote Taunt Emote
Epinephrine x2 Consumable
Med-Spray x2 Consumable
Boom Box x2 Consumable
Large Supply Box x2 Consumable
Mobile Cover x2 Consumable
Satchel Charge x2 Consumable
Level Subject
2 Respect due


Thanks for taking care of that thing. All we're looking for is a little respect, and that's the kind of shit I have to put up with?

Know what they used to call me at that fancy school pops sent me to? The Garbage Princess of Red Hill, cause of pop's recycling plants.

Caught up with some of those little bitches not so long ago, me and some Gs. Took them down to one of pop's places and made them eat some of that fucking garbage.

Now who's the Garbage Princess, bitches?


4 Bringing you up to speed

Hey, it's Bonita.

I guess you did okay, so you can stick around for now. You're at a different level here, so you'd better understand that we operate to a different standard. The skate and tats stuff is cute and brings in the recruits, but you seriously think I want to be seen having lunch at Mode with any of those people?

Before my family came along, the G-Kings' ambitions stretched about as far as being in control of the New Cross Skatepark on a Saturday night. The stakes are kinda higher now.



6 I scratched your back.


Had dinner with pops the other day, at some place you're never going to be able to afford. He was asking about you. I told him what I thought, but he still seemed interested. ;-)

He's a great man. He just needs fewer fuck-ups and snakes like Harmon and Grayson around him, and more people like you and me. People who want to get shit done and leave the save-the-world crap to others.

Hooking up with him is a major chance for you, so you'd better not fuck it up.

You owe me. Big-time.


8 Beware the greasy Grayson


You met that greasy little snake Grayson Fell yet, or is that treat still to come?

Greasy little snake - I said that part already, right? - thinks he's in line to take over if anything ever happens to my dad. Doesn't he know he's got the wrong surname for that job? The G-Kings are strictly part of the Benjamin family business portfolio.

Or maybe he thinks Harmon's got a chance, with Grayson pulling the strings in the background. What a fucking joke!

Grayson's got his uses, but he's not the only one who can cut deals.

Stick around.


10 You met Harmon yet?


You met my brother Harmon? If you haven't, try the nearest drunk tank or needle-exchange clinic. Or the dumpsters in the alleys behind Restaurant Row. He used to eat out of them, back when he was away "finding himself".

What a loser. And he wonders why no-one takes him seriously?

Pop's given him one last chance by putting him in charge of operations on the Waterfront. Wonder how long it'll take big brother to fuck things up there?

Oh well, at least me and my people will be there to pick up the pieces, right?

Stay in touch,