Suji comes out of the Tokyo youth tribe scene, where music, clubbing, fashion, technology capitalism and crime all run together into one amorphous culture-shifting mass. The youth cult chroniclers try to hang convenient names on it - Nu-Bushido, Ronin Style - but the scene's rules change faster than anyone outside of it can possibly keep track of, and only the kids on the inside can really tell you what it's all about.

Suji was a DJ on the scene, making a name for himself in the clubs of the Shibuya district and then hanging out after-hours on the fringes of the bushido gangster scene that revolved around there. Suji liked gangsters, and gangsters liked Suji. They fed off each other, one providing the other with club scene kudos, and the other reciprocating with the kind of criminal chic that fed into the sounds Suji played.

The club scene is international, and Suji was one of the Ronin Style sound's chief exponents. A fawning profile piece in Effigy magazine led to guest spot invites at from some of San Paro's hottest clubs. Suji liked San Paro, and decided to hang around, but the big money party scene happening down in Havalynd bored him. What he was looking for was only to be found at street level. The Havalynd party circuit pays well, but on his nights off he was hanging out at the nascent warehouse scene down at the Waterfront.

It's there he hooks up with Jeung Bloodrose. Jeung knows the Shibuya club scene. Jeung digs Ronin Style, and lifted plenty of ideas from it - the look, the technology, the attitude - when he created the Blood Roses. Suji digs what Jeung's trying to do, and comes onboard, acting as part style advisor, part partner-in-crime. He quits the residency gigs in Havalynd and opens up his own club there - Gaijin - with Jeung bankrolling it as a silent and secret partner. Gaijin is part listening post, and part recruiting station, as well as being a profitable concern in its own right. Havalynd is enemy territory - G-Kings territory - but the club gives the Blood Roses a secret foothold in the place, and - Jeung hopes - a base for them to operate from as they start expanding out into the rest of the city. In the meantime, Suji keeps an eye on who's coming through the door. Lots of people want to be Ronin Style gangsters. Suji sorts out the wheat from the chaff. Likely candidates are tested, and the best of them are sent down to the Waterfront for Jeung's approval or are held in reserve in Havalynd; foot soldiers, for the intended expansion plan.

Neither Michael Simeone nor Tyron Sennet known anything about Jeung's involvement with Gaijin or the covert recruitment policy that Jeung and Suji are operating there.

Or, at least, that's maybe what Simeone and Sennet want Jeung to think.

Unlocks Contact


Standing required: 0

No Unlocks for this level

Standing required: 4,125

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Cosenza Boston Ray Unlocks $0 0
Cosenza Rokk Mistral Unlocks $0 0
Cosenza Brivio Laconnex Unlocks $0 0
Cosenza Renzo LK4 (Chr) Unlocks $0 0
T-25 Djinn 217 (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Montane Spin Elite (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Montane Spin Elite (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Montane Spin Elite (Chr) Unlocks $0 0
Montane Voi Euphoria (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Montane Voi Euphoria (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Montane Voi Euphoria (Chr) Unlocks $0 0
Montane Djinn 217 (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Spin Elite (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Spin Elite (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Spin Elite (Chr) Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Voi Euphoria (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Voi Euphoria (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Voi Euphoria (Chr) Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Djinn 217 (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Veo Boston Ray Unlocks $0 0
Veo Rokk Mistral Unlocks $0 0
Veo Brivio Laconnex Unlocks $0 0
Veo Renzo LK4 (Chr) Unlocks $0 0

Standing required: 4,125

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Mobile Spawn Point Modifications $1,500 0
Veo ES-21 "Tsumi" Vehicles $2,000 20

Standing required: 4,950

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Montane Baroque Push Bars Unlocks $0 0
Montane Digby Grille Guard Unlocks $0 0
Montane MAXA Rear Bar Unlocks $0 0
Montane D. Hoop (Sides) Unlocks $0 0
Montane D. Hoop (Tirewells) Unlocks $0 0
Montane Kora Running Board Unlocks $0 0
Montane Celoko Side Steps Unlocks $0 0
Montane Digby Rock Rails Unlocks $0 0
Montane Piper Classic Quad Unlocks $0 0
Montane Piper Opus 152 Duo Unlocks $0 0
Veo 2-Antenna Array Unlocks $0 0
Veo 3-Antenna Array Unlocks $0 0
Veo UD Center Guard Unlocks $0 0
Veo Taxi Light Unlocks $0 0

Standing required: 5,775

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
"Villainess" Warrior Scarf Belt Clothing $55 0
"Villainess" Love or Nothing Shoes Clothing $55 0
"Villainess" Birth Lower Armband Clothing $10 0
"Villainess" Pearl Wristband Clothing $17 0
"Villainess" Shirt Clothing $25 0
"Villainess" Terri Beaters Clothing $70 0
"Graveyard Shift" Blood Rose Boots Clothing $70 0
"Graveyard Shift" Eliza Burglar Hat Clothing $25 0
"Graveyard Shift" Red Bullet Bracelet Clothing $15 0
"Graveyard Shift" Standard Issue BR Chain Clothing $15 0
"Graveyard Shift" NuPunk Bracelet Clothing $40 0
"Graveyard Shift" T Clothing $10 0
"Graveyard Shift" Mercure Baggy Jeans Clothing $40 0
Acid Rain Symbols $0 0
Legless Symbols $0 0
Acid Rain Unlocks $0 0
Legless Unlocks $0 0

Standing required: 6,600

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Dolton Fresno Vehicles $30,000 20

Standing required: 7,425

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Cosenza Mikan Super (Chr) Unlocks $0 0
Cosenza Mikan Super (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Cosenza Mikan Super (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Cosenza Race Indus (Chr) Unlocks $0 0
Cosenza Race Indus (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Cosenza Race Indus (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Cosenza Renzo LK4 (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Cosenza Renzo LK4 (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Montane Advanz Rid3 (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Montane Advanz Rid3 (Chr) Unlocks $0 0
Montane Djinn 217 (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Montane Djinn 217 (Chr) Unlocks $0 0
Montane Advanz Rid3 (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Advanz Rid3 (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Advanz Rid3 (Chr) Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Djinn 217 (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Djinn 217 (Chr) Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Advanz Rid3 (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Veo Mikan Super (Chr) Unlocks $0 0
Veo Mikan Super (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Veo Mikan Super (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Veo Race Indus (Chr) Unlocks $0 0
Veo Race Indus (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Veo Race Indus (Sil) Unlocks $0 0
Veo Renzo LK4 (Blk) Unlocks $0 0
Veo Renzo LK4 (Sil) Unlocks $0 0

Standing required: 8,250

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Cosenza GT1 "Changeling" Vehicles $2,000 20

Standing required: 8,250

No Unlocks for this level

Standing required: 9,075

Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Sentinel Digby Grille Guard Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Baroque Push Bars Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Baroque Side Steps Unlocks $0 0
Sentinel Kora Running Board Unlocks $0 0
Charge Cisco Vehicles $40,000 20
Level Activity

You ever see a clown car? No? Get a vehicle with Mobile Spawn Point and have 3 players spawn in your vehicle. See? It's a clown car.

Have 3 players spawn in your vehicle.

R. O. A. R.
Biography: Advertising

San Paro likes violence. It also likes sex, glamour and celebrity. Put all those things together, and you've got the still-exploding growth market of the San Paro advertising industry, where virtually anything goes. Models in ads for products as diverse as soft drinks, designer clothes, cellphones and sports cars, pose as heisters, as street gang members, as getaway drivers, as hitmen, as urban guerrillas. Criminal - or 'Urban Edge', as they prefer to euphemistically call it in the cocktail bars and private networking clubs where San Paro's ad, PR and fashion industry style-makers gather - was definitely in.

Now, the passing of the CSA and the appearance of the Enforcers on the city streets has only upped the ante, opening up a whole new demographic to be exploited; one that had previously been resistant to the use of the Urban Edge look in advertising. Vigilante Vibe/Enforcement Cool (the style-makers are still split on what to call the new phenomenon) is also in, sending san Paro's image consultants and advertising agencies into a frenzy of activity as they try to capture the new mood of the times. There was a lot of doubt and initial resistance to the idea that the Enforcement ethos would capture the imaginations (and, more importantly, the spending power) of those vital areas of the youth demographic, but the first glimpse of that now iconic Effigy cover featuring LaRocha, or of Mirri Kent's Prentiss Tigers presentation, and the opinion makers were scrambling to reverse their previous scepticism.

Enforcement Cool was now here to stay on the San Paro cultural landscape.

Since then, there's been a realignment of the city's advertising ethos, as agencies and clients - all keen to jump on one of the two style bandwagons - have had to choose which side of the Crime/Enforcement divide they want to stand on. Many choose to stay neutral (after all, everyone, Criminal and Enforcer alike, drinks soda and eats Tastyburgers) but there's money and street cred to be made in aligning your products with one faction or the other, although there's obviously problems with doing this too explicitly, in the case of the Criminal Faction. Some of the larger agencies, with access to the best legal representation, have already taken the plunge. They use middle men, and smaller sub-agencies to give them plausible deniability, but the end results are the same. They're paying wanted criminals to advertise their clients' products. Yo-Dawg was the face of Tyler Beer in their controversial 'Fully Loaded' campaign. The G-Kings' Zombie advertises XS Chill and Zoosh. The latest Bishada ad campaign featured the new-model Bishada decked out in Blood Roses colours and with Jeung & Charlotte Bloodrose posing alongside it. The Mayor's Office accused those responsible for all this of glamorizing crime and wanted felons. The agencies claimed it was a freedom of speech and artistic expression matter, and profits were more than high enough to allow them to throw enough money at the lawyers to keep the issue tied up in litigation for a long time yet.

Meanwhile, some of the smaller agencies, unable to afford that level of legal firepower, and priced out of the chase to sign up the hottest and most expensive criminal icons, have had to make do with using stand-ins and lookalikes, for which there's now something of a flourishing market. One San Paro model agency has four Charlotte Bloodrose lookalikes on its books, although the most in-demand of them was recently killed in what the SPPD are calling a case of mistaken identity assassination.

Elsewhere, some enterprising companies, avoiding the controversy of criminal celebrity, have already found their own 'mascot' characters to represent them in the public's imagination. The most well-known of these is the Tastyburger Bandit, who only robs Tastyburger outlets, only takes the burgers and never any money, and has never yet been known to use violence in any of the robberies. What was initially for Tastyburger just another unwelcome stick-up artist targeting their businesses soon became a visionary marketing opportunity when they realised that more customers were coming to their restaurants specific ally in the hope of seeing the Bandit in action - particularly with his new trick of gunpoint-ordering the staff to give out free burgers to everyone in the place - and, with some Tastyburger corporate stealth-marketing behind him, the Bandit quickly became another San Paro cult figure. (Rumours persist, however, that the original Bandit was killed while robbing a Tastyburger outlet in Trasket, shotgun-blasted to death by an over-zealous night shift manager, and that the current masked Bandit is in fact an actor hired by the company to keep the gimmick and legend alive. These rumours always elicit a strict 'no comment' from Tastyburger's press office...)

Biography: Packer Automotive

Packer Automotive

Alvin Kelley founded Packer Automotive in 1928 from Frisco Casting and Hue-Copeland Agricultural. Initially the company controlled foundries and auto parts businesses, but began automobile manufacture for domestic consumption in 1933. Packer's road vehicles were slow starters in comparison to their agricultural equipment (such as the "Packer 8 Corn Picker", which became a byword for reliability in the American mid west). However, practical design and exemplary engineering have meant Packer vehicles have been consistently exported around the world since the 1950s. Though a consistent performer, the company does have a history of labour disputes. In 2001, Packer workers - members of United Conglomerate Workers - downed tools in dispute over wages and conditions. Packer's Silverfield plant in San Paro was hit along with the rest. The strike lasted four years; one of the longest running labour disputes in San Paro's history. With scab workers running the assembly lines, the quality of Packer's automobiles suffered and the company almost collapsed over night. However, President Lillian Mendoza's dramatic "U Plan" and a 2005 merger with the Navaho Motor Company, created a leaner and more dynamic company. Surviving to fight another day, Packer continues to create some of the world's best utility and four wheel drive vehicles, including its iconic compact pickup trucks.

Item Category
Scratch Font Set Font Sheet
Dance80s Emote Dance80s Emote
DanceAirguitar Emote DanceAirguitar Emote
DanceBallet Emote DanceBallet Emote
Epinephrine x2 Consumable
Med-Spray x2 Consumable
Boom Box x2 Consumable
Large Supply Box x2 Consumable
Mobile Cover x2 Consumable
Satchel Charge x2 Consumable
Level Subject
2 Konnichiwa

Good to have you with us. Sorry if you've been looking for me recently and I haven't been around. Gaijin has become a big success in Havalynd, and my financial backers and I have been in discussions about opening up another club elsewhere in the city.

And what's good for Gaijin is good for the Blood Roses, although it's best I don't say too much about that at present.



4 Looks like we have both been busy. Mad times.

Back in Tokyo, people think I am crazy for coming here. How can I explain it to them?

A city where you can become a celebrity by robbing burger restaurants. Where you can watch a cable TV show featuring a masked man live-dissecting stray animals. Where you can buy a pack of hollow-point ammunition at any corner store.

Where there are more gun battles happening in the streets than there are TV news crews to cover them all. Where criminals, and not fashion models or rock stars, are the style icons to follow.

How could anyone know all this, and not want to come here?


6 Wife swap?

What do you think of Havalynd? I make my money here, but it's the Waterfront scene I belong to. Or put it this way; Havalynd is my boring but rich heiress wife, and Waterfront is the crazy little groupie I screw as often as I can. Wakarimasu? ^_^

If you don't already, you should go down to the Waterfront sometime. I'm DJing the wrap party at the Rimbaud Room for the new Crispin Q commercial for Jean Zasou. Most of the Roses - or all the ones that matter, anyway - will be there.

Feel free to drop by.


8 Good times!


Didn't see you at the party, but I heard you were there. Crispin was asking me if I would do a Ronin-style soundtrack for his next movie, but he probably forgot all about it as soon as the absinthe wore off.

Jeung was asking about you. That's either a good or a bad thing, depending on who you talk to. I get on with Jeung very well, although I appreciate he is sometimes difficult to deal with.

He's at his worst in combination with Charlotte. That's love, perhaps.


10 Confidential

You probably know by now that Jeung is my silent business partner in Gaijin. Since you've been so useful, there's no need to keep you in the dark any longer.

The club makes good money, but that's not its true purpose. We're recruiting new Blood Roses through it, potential new gang members who match the style and attitude we're looking for.

And Blood Roses loyal first and foremost to Jeung, and not those above him. Blood Roses such as you, I hope.

Keep this to yourself. Things are definitely happening, but all in the background. We'll let you know if we ever need you to help on this.