Seung Bloodrose

Jeung was always the first kid into anything new on the scene. First to dye his hair, first to get a lip piercing, first to get into (and then out of, as others picked up on the trend) a series of increasingly bewilderingly-named Euro dance trends.

Cousin Seung was always the second. Always second to his more glamorous, more daring relative. Always.

The way Seung tells it, it was him that saw the opportunity lying there and came up with the idea of putting the Blood Roses together, but it was Jeung who lifted the idea and ran with it, his status on the Waterfront club scene ensuring that it was him and not Seung who would be at the centre of the organisation. Seung was relegated to his familiar role as lieutenant and back-up man to Cousin Jeung. And then even that wasn't secure for him, as the rise and rise of Charlotte Bloodrose began. Jeung and Seung were blood-kin - the kind of blood that the Blood Roses were supposed to be all about - and had known each other all their lives. Seung had been loyal to Jeung all that time and now Jeung was starting to take advice from that little piece of scheming Virginia Gardens new money trash?

Shunted further into the sidelines while Jeung - and now Charlotte too - basked in the limelight of the Blood Roses' growing achievements, Cousin Seung's resentment grew.

It was the Lindochem courier heist that brought everything to a head. $30 million in bearer bonds being transported in an armoured van from Silverfield to Havalynd, a sweetener to the company from another corporate suitor in the proposed sell-off of one of their developing world subsidiary operations. It was Tyron Sennet who first picked up rumours of the deal. It was Byron Bloodrose who hacked the courier company's systems and scoped out the details of the time and route. It was Michael Simeone who found a broker in Europe who guaranteed that he would be able to sell the bonds back to their owners for as much as thirty cents on the dollar. Jeung and Charlotte would be leading the heist crew, with everything timed and planned to the usual Blood Roses perfect precision.

It was a trap. Justin Teng's pet ex-military strike team were waiting for them at the ambush point. Byron had picked up whispers about the op on the Praetorians' communications net, and managed to get a last-second warning to Jeung and Charlotte. They got out in time. Four other Blood Roses, including a school friend of Charlotte's, didn't.

Charlotte got mad. Said Seung had tipped off the Praetorians, hoping they would do what he didn't have the guts to do himself. Jeung wasn't sure, but it was only a matter of time before Charlotte sweet-talked him round to having Seung killed. Michael Simeone interceded, vetoing the idea - no wasteful internal warfare, particularly since there was no proof against Seung . Tyron Sennet stepped in and decided that it would be better for all concerned if Seung wasn't around. He was moved over to Havalynd, and given what he had always wanted; a budget, and a remit to start up Blood Roses operations in a territory of his own.

Did Seung set Jeung and Charlotte up to be killed by the Praetorians? How much did Simeone and Sennet know about what was going on, and just how unhappy would they be to see the fiery and unpredictable Jeung replaced by the far more malleable and controllable Seung? To know the answers to these questions, watch the kind of moves Seung is starting to out together down there in Havalynd.

Unlocks Contact



No Unlocks for this level.


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Bullet Cuff and Bands (R) Clothing $249 0
Midriff Web Holster Clothing $550 0
Earpiece Clothing $850 0
Knife Sheath (Thigh, R) Clothing $350 0
Dog Tags Clothing $250 0
Bulletproof Vest Clothing $3,000 0
Combats Clothing $250 0
Bullet Hip Belt Clothing $1,500 0
Bullet Bracelet (L) Clothing $1,990 0
Earpiece Clothing $850 0
Knife Sheath (Thigh, L) Clothing $350 0
Dog Tags Clothing $250 0
Bulletproof Vest Clothing $3,000 0
Webbing Vest Clothing $550 0
Combats Clothing $450 0
Bullet Hip Belt Clothing $1,500 0
OCA-EW 626.2 "Silverado" Weapons $12,000 30


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Kevlar Implants 2 Modifications $20,000 30


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
NFAS-12b "Red Star V2" Weapons $11,850 30


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
"Blood Angel" Waste em Waist Holster Clothing $140 0
"Blood Angel" Bug Eyes Glasses Clothing $39 0
"Blood Angel" Sinfany Shoes Clothing $90 0
"Blood Angel" Hoodie Clothing $50 0
"Blood Angel" Flamingo T-Shirt Clothing $25 0
"Blood Angel" Micro Maison Mercure Clothing $50 0
"Blood Angel" Climbing Roses (L) Clothing $25 0
"Blood Angel" Climbing Roses (R) Clothing $25 0
"Blood Angel" Forbidden Fruit Bra Clothing $15 0
"Blood Angel" Forbidden Fruit Panties Clothing $21 0
"Anarchy" Blood Red Belt Clothing $35 0
"Anarchy" Bomber Jacket Clothing $125 0
"Anarchy" Red Shift Shoes Clothing $90 0
"Anarchy" Rakshasa Baseball Cap Clothing $90 0
"Anarchy" Carbon Fiber Nose Ring Clothing $15 0
"Anarchy" Seung's Beard Piercing Clothing $25 0
"Anarchy" Carbon Fiber Earring (L) Clothing $20 0
"Anarchy" Carbon Fiber Earring (R) Clothing $20 0
"Anarchy" Eliza Bathory T-shirt Clothing $25 0
"Anarchy" Eliza Bathory Combats Clothing $70 0
The San Paro Pirate Symbols $0 0
Horse Gallop Symbols $0 0
The San Paro Pirate Unlocks $0 0
Horse Gallop Unlocks $0 0
ACT 44 Weapons $3,376 0


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
DMR-SD II "Assassin 5Zero R2" Weapons $12,000 30


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
STAR 556 II "Mantis" Weapons $11,250 30


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
OBIR.2 "Desert Storm Mk-II" Weapons $11,626 30


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
ALIG 762 "Commando 76Two R2" Weapons $12,600 30


Unlocks the following items: Category Cost Rating Faction
Joker SR15 Carbine: Gunrunner EX Weapons $11,626 30
Level Activity

It's kind of a thing for us to kill Enforcers. So how about you get the fuck out there, kill 3 Enforcers with your secondary weapon and then give yourself a nice pat on the back for doing such a good job...

Kill 3 enemies with your secondary.

Media: The Bankside Voice

Since the 1960s, the voice of San Paro's alternative underground and ultra-liberal fringe, based around the boho scene that once flourished in the Bankside district of Midtown. You name it, and the Voice has campaigned for it if it's in any way anti-establishment, and campaigned against it if it smacked of maintaining the status quo. The Voice has earned its battle scars, but has also grown up with its readership, moving from young angry and rebellious upstart to comfortably middle-aged rebel with a platinum credit card. Aware of the problem, and grabbing something from the shit-stirring spirit of his youth, original founding editor and now millionaire publisher Jenna Marcos kicked off the biggest controversy among the readership in the newspaper's history when she ran a publisher's open mission statement piece that turned people's perceptions of the paper on its head. When she founded the Voice, Marcos stated, her aim was to always offer an alternative to the norm. Back then, the anti-norm was rebellion and counter-culture opposition. Now, she argued, the norm in San Paro is criminality in all forms, from corporate crime in the boardrooms of Havalynd to street corner drug deals and gangbanger drive-bys in the slums of Montebank. Crime has become the ipse facto social norm in San Paro, and respect for the rule of law and the lives and property of our fellow citizens a dangerous and radical act of rebellion. Therefore, in keeping with the newspaper's founding principles, she was throwing the full weight of the Voice behind the Jane Derren and the CSA vigilante policy.

The move provoked outrage. Lifelong readers cancelled their subscriptions by the thousand. Half the staff walked out. Star columnist Terence Piper ran a piece condemning the policy, and accusing Marcos of being a sell-out and Derren's new pet poodle. Marcos, true to her belief in absolute free speech, ran the piece unedited.

And then something strange happened. Circulation figures fell dramatically, as widely predicted&&and then started picking up again. A lot of traditional Voice readers deserted it in droves, but new ones appeared to take their place. Not the squares that bought the Standard and believed every corporate-sponsored word they heard on 3N, but young ordinary San Paroites who picked up on what Marcos was saying. The 'vigilante vibe', Marcos started to call it, and she could see it spreading out into the culture of the city. Into its art, its media, its music and its fashion. It was all about people power. Ordinary citizens taking responsibility for their lives and trying to make their world a better place. Shit, wasn't that what he'd been fighting for since the 1960s? Marcos hadn't felt a buzz like this since the Voice's earliest days, and it got her excited to be running the mag again. When the establishment's as decadent as it is in san Paro, then order is the new rebellion. And you read it here first in the Voice.

Biography: Dolton


Dolton has been a mainstay of the American auto industry for decades, producing an extensive range of mainstream cars and trucks. While the company was one of the first major automobile manufacturers in the world, it has not always managed to stay at the forefront of automobile design. Long seen as untouchable in the automobile industry, by the late 1970s Dolton was consistently behind foreign competitors in sales, being seen as old fashioned and 'out of touch'. However, changes in market perception in the mid 1980s and inroads into new commercial markets led to a dramatic revitalization of Dolton's line-up - with the company once again bringing groundbreaking automobiles to the American market, in terms of luxury, reliability and overall comfort. By 2006, Dolton's assembly lines were using the largest amount of cutting-edge automaking technology in America and the company was catapulted to record profits. Today, Dolton has reclaimed its position as one of the world's largest exporters of automobiles.

Item Category
Gothic Lowercase Font Set Font Sheet
Fart Emote Fart Emote
Flirt Emote Flirt Emote
Insult Emote Insult Emote
Epinephrine x2 Consumable
Med-Spray x2 Consumable
Boom Box x2 Consumable
Large Supply Box x2 Consumable
Mobile Cover x2 Consumable
Satchel Charge x2 Consumable
Subject Unlock Level
Are you sure you are supposed to be here?

I've been checking into you, and can't see what you've done wrong to be sent to me. I usually only get all the rejects, but so far you seem capable enough.

Has my oh-so-beloved cousin Jeung actually made a mistake in sending you here, or am I supposed to think so, and he's really playing some deeper game?

I'll keep using you for the moment, and see which way the blade falls.


Please pass this on to your 'friends'

Are you one of cousin Jeung's spies? I'm still not sure. Maybe you could remind him that - no matter how many times he says otherwise - it was me who came up with the idea for the Blood Roses, and him who stole it.

Or maybe you work for Charlotte? Then tell her she's flattering herself if she thinks I'm the only Rose who hates her enough to have helped the Praetorians set up that ambush on her.

That should give her something to think about.

I'm still watching you. I'll find out the truth soon enough.


How's life with the gruesome twosome?

How are things at the Waterfront?

It's not that I'm forbidden to return. It's just that I have this concern that one of the Furies may accidentally shoot me in the head one night in the Rimbaud Room or the VIP lounge at Banshee.

Such tragic accidents do seem to befall those who displease Jeung and Charlotte.

Still, it's amusing following their antics from here. Does Charlotte still want to be the next Sofia? (I hear the demo tracks she made with Suji were terrible.) Does Jeung still chase after every magazine cover photo-shoot he can get?

They really do deserve each other.



I know you don't work for Jeung. How? Let's say he isn't the only one with spies.

So he did make a mistake sending you to me. The same mistake he made in sending me here, too.

The Waterfront has its prizes, but it's nothing compared to Havalynd . The competition is fiercer, though. Ghetto-trash G-Kings on one side, Praetorians on the other.

(And what opposition does Jeung have, in comparison? A gang of frat-boys - who he still hasn't been able to deal with.)

I created the Blood Roses. The new organization I'm building here will be even stronger.


The power behind the throne

Good news. I've been talking with Tyron Sennet, and we both share the same high opinion of your abilities.

If you know who Tyron is, then you also know about cousin Jeung's embarrassing little secret; that he doesn't actually control the Roses.

Poor Jeung. He might have stolen the idea for the Blood Roses from me, but he was never bright enough to hold onto it. Him and Charlotte are like movie stars; beautiful but dumb, reading out words from someone else's script, acting out their roles at someone else's direction.

Tyron Sennet is the director, but even he's not in charge. His employer, Michael Simeone, is the money bankrolling this whole production.